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Application Migrations at Scale


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This session provides an overview of how organizations can migrate workloads to the AWS cloud at scale. We will go through available migration frameworks and best practices with common use case examples during this session.  After migrating the initial workloads, understand how to migrate at scale to the AWS cloud. Hear about real life experiences from the AWS Professional Services team and learn about common use case examples, frameworks, and best practices. Hear about what to avoid when migrating applications at scale to AWS and understand the tools and partner services that can assist you when migrating applications to AWS.

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Application Migrations at Scale

  1. 1. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. 21 July 2017 Application Migration at Scale Michael Braendle, Principal Cloud Architect AWS Professional Services, Hong Kong Macau and Taiwan
  2. 2. What to expect in this session US: share our experience and best practices for performing large-scale migrations  YOU: learn about proven migration patterns, methods and tools that AWS has delivered successfully to hundreds of enterprise customers globally that will help you accelerate migrations, reduce risk and quickly realize value
  3. 3. Data Center Consolidation Digital Transformation Cost Reduction Acquisitions or Divestitures Large scale compute intensive workloads Real-estate decisions Colocation or outsourcing contract changes Agility/Dev Productivity Why enterprises are migrating to the cloud
  4. 4. Security Operational Readiness COTS and Legacy ApplicationsLack of Expertise Ineffective Asset Management Application Complexity Mergers and Acquisitions Custom Projects Maturity Lack of Reusable Resources Manual Perceived Migration Challenges
  5. 5. Customer Experiences Migrated over ~5,500 instances in 9 months, reduced storage costs 50%, compute costs 20%, and sped up provisioning by 10x (4 weeks to 2 days) Migrated 300+ applications in one year for a savings of $14M Migrated data center assets for several divested business units in 6 months Consolidating 56 data centers down to 6, moving 75% of infrastructure to cloud in the process, and re-allocating more than $100M toward key business drivers Migrated 8 of 12 data centers to AWS, improving performance, reliability, and cost
  6. 6. Value Time Foundation Migration Optimization Project  Early Discovery  Proof of Concept  TCO/ROI Analysis  Security & Risk Preparation  Foundational Architecture  Test and Development  Production Application Migration  Operational Integration  Billing Optimization  Mass Migration Portfolio  DataCenter(s) Shutdown  Horizontal Solutions (VDI, Back-up/Archive)  Advanced Operational Patterns (CI/CD)  Fully automated solution stack with tools and service catalogs Cloud Adoption is a Journey
  7. 7. What is your journey?
  8. 8. Decision Gate Decision Gate Migration Journey ASSESS PREPARE EXECUTE
  9. 9. Planning is everything!
  10. 10. AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a simple and agile process to achieve sustainable business value with AWS cloud services This adaptive multi-phased framework is designed for small or large cloud transformations It organizes the planning cycle and aligns the cloud strategy to the business objectives. It guides the cloud adoption process AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) AWS CAF whitepaper:
  11. 11. Use Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) to perform a maturity assessment Use the results to identify gaps in organizational maturity for the cloud adoption Ensure your cloud strategy closely aligns to your business goals to drive business outcomes and value. Assess Your Current Maturity and Strategy AWS CAF whitepaper:
  12. 12. Need to have a good insight of your current IT portfolio and application workloads and on how things are done today. Ensures you have a directional cost validation based on high-level understanding of business value across the application portfolio Building a Business Case
  13. 13. Portfolio Discovery
  14. 14. Disconnected and Incomplete Data Asset Inventories CMDB Tribal Knowledge SLA/OLA App Configuration Data Performance Information Architecture Outcomes Cost Model Migration Patterns Resource Model Migration Plan Gathering Data and Organizing “Discovery & Planning” AWS Application Discovery Service Applications Infrastructure Performance Business Value Portfolio Discovery and Planning
  15. 15. Application Portfolio Assessment Detailed Assessment High Level Portfolio Assessment Not Cloud Now Detailed Cloud Assessment and 6R treatment Strategic Decisions (Based on business priorities and roadmap) Initial Assessment Migration Project Cloud Now
  16. 16. Portfolio Assessment Not Cloud Now Application Inventory Business Priorities Inflight Migrations • Cloud Compatibility • Licensing Model • Compliance • Dependencies  Hardware appliance  Non-x86 workload  Licensing Restrictions  On Premise dependency  Already virtualized x86  Well-defined boundaries  Cloud licensing model  Known dependencies  Horizontally scalable  Leverages services  “12 factor” applications  Vendor cloud image  Microservices architecture  “API- first” design  Built in fault Tolerance  Bundled metrics Eligible Friendly Cloud Native Initial Assessment
  17. 17. Migration Strategies
  18. 18. Comparing Cloud Migration Strategies Time Cost Business Value Retain N/A Retire N/A Re-host Re-platform Re-purchase Refactor Low High MigrationComplexity
  19. 19. Executing Application Migrations
  20. 20. Plan • Prioritized backlog • Application groups • Migration strategy • Success criteria • Ops Integration - Foundations and Landing zone (target zone setup) • Setup Factory (Tools, Teams, Process) • Pilot migration Activate Execute • Application optimization • Process optimization • Operational optimization • Cost optimization Optimize Discover Design Build Integrate Validate Cutover Prioritized Backlog (PLAN) MRP AWS Migration Framework
  21. 21. Discover Design Build Integrate Validate Cutover Execute Agile Application Migration Factory  Application optimization  Process optimization  Operational optimization  Cost optimization Optimize Prioritized Backlog (PLAN)
  22. 22. Migration Factory AWSMigrationProcess AWSCloudAdoptionFramework(CAF) Operate & Optimize Applications Initiation Application Analysis Design Sprint 0 Sprint 2 Sprint 3Sprint 1 Application Portfolio Discovery Application Portfolio Discovery Application Portfolio Discovery Migrate Integrate Validate Application Analysis Design Migrate Integrate Validate Application Analysis Design Migrate Integrate Validate Operate Operate Application Portfolio Discovery Until Complete Application Analysis Until Complete Design Until Complete Migrate Until Complete Integrate Until Complete Validate Until Complete Sprint 4+ Operate Optimize Continuous feedback into the Migration Factory Agile Migration Methodology
  23. 23. Activity-OrientedWorkload-Oriented vs. Foundation & Operations Portfolio Discovery Re-Factor Lift & Shift Migration Innovation Re-Platform Migration Sprint Team #1 Sprint Team #2 Sprint Team #3 Sprint Team #4 Migration Factory Team Model
  24. 24. OPERATIONAL COSTS WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY COST AVOIDANCE OPERATIONAL RESILIENCE BUSINESS AGILITY 98% reduction in P1/P0’s 77% faster to deliver business applications 52% average TCO savings 15 automated bots developed 80% cloud first adoption 15 cloud services created 8 cloud migration parties Improved security posture Rapid experimentation Reduced technical debt 14M YOY Savings Improved Performance Streamlined M&A Activity DevOps in Practice Shift to self-service culture 35% reduction in compute assets (792) 50 Apps decommissioned Success Story $20M Investment 18 Months Focus 300+ Apps Migrated $21M YOY Savings&
  25. 25. Migration Best Practices
  26. 26. #1 AWS Migration Tools AWS Database Migration Service Migrate between on-premises and cloud databases AWS Marketplace 3500+ products over 35 categories help you with migrations and a cloud operating model VM Import / Export Deploy workloads across your infrastructure AWS Server Migration Service Streamlines migration of existing virtualized applications AWS Snowball Simple large- scale data transfer AWS Snowmobile Exabyte-scale data transfer service used to move extremely large amounts AWS Snowball Edge
  27. 27. Hardware – Server, Rack Chassis PDUs, ToR Switches (+Maintenance) Software - OS, Virtualization Licenses (+Maintenance) Facilities Cost Hardware – Storage Disks, SAN/FC Switches Storage Admin costs Network Hardware – LAN Switches, Load Balancer Bandwidth costs Network Admin costs Server Admin / Virtualization Admin4 Space Power Cooling Facilities Cost Space Power Cooling Facilities Cost Space Power Cooling Server Costs Storage Costs Network Costs IT Labor Costs 1 2 3 #2: Analyze the Total Cost of Ownership
  28. 28. #3: Pick your Low Hanging Fruits  Standalone applications are easy to move  New Applications have more documentation and organizational knowledge  Loosely coupled (SOA based integrations) applications are good candidates Watch out for…  16/32 bit, non-x86 systems, multicast clustered systems, engineered systems and applications
  29. 29. #4: Get your hands dirty  Answers tons of questions and build support within organization  Provides vital learning’s & act as valuable point of reference (validation) of what is possible  Identifies gaps and touchpoints  Provides correct estimation of the migration and operational costs Your initial migrations will… “There is no compression algorithm for experience”
  30. 30. #5: Accelerate your migrations  Iterate using sprints to realize value  Invest in people and skills development to accelerate learning  Retire old applications where possible  Celebrate your success
  31. 31. Key Takeaways  Address your Maturity Gaps  Automate, Automate, Automate  Build Migration Playbooks  Bring in your SWAT team  Build a plan around Application Modernization
  32. 32. …Most importantly, engage Partners early! VMWare Cloud on AWS
  33. 33. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Thank you!