Dorian gray 7


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Dorian gray 7

  1. 1. Integrantes: Visir Federico,Novo Santiago,Rojas axel,Venturini German,Alvarez NicolasMateria: inglesprofesora: Beatriz Vaccaro
  2. 2. The picture of Dorian GrayChapter one:Basil and Lord Henry were goodfriends. They had studied atOxford University together theywere both about thirty years old.Basil was a well-known artist.Lord Henry, did not work at all.He was a rich man. He spent hismoney on expensive food andclothes, and on valuable booksand paintings.
  3. 3. CHAPTER 2:The young man was sitting at the piano when Basil andHarry came into the studio.Harry looked at dorian gray. Dorian was about twenty yearsold. He was very beautiful. His hair was blond, his face waspale and his eyes were bright blue.Harry and Dorian went out into the garden. Dorian wasthinking about the things Harry had said. He must doeverithing he wants to do. He must find out about life andpeople. He must not warry about what other people think.
  4. 4. Chapter 3:Basil finished dorians`portrait.Dorian looked at it. At first, he was pleased then heremember what Harry had said in the garden. He wasyoung and beautiful now, but soon he would be old andugly.Harry wanted to buy the portrait. Basil replied that thepicture belonged to Dorian.Dorian didn t like the picture because it would always beyoung and he would not be very nice for ever, he wouldbe old. Dorian hated the picture.Dorian didnt let basil destroy the painting. The threefriends drank. Then harry invited Dorian To go to thetheatre.
  5. 5. Chapter 4:Harry wanted to know all about Dorian s family.Dorian`s granfather was Lord Kelso, a very rich old man. Dorian`s motherwas Lord Kelso`s daughter a beautiful lady. Called Margaret. She ran awayfrom home with a soldier .But she did not have a happy life.Dorian`s father, the soldier, was killed before Dorian was born. LadyMargaret died before dorian was a year old. So Dorian was an orphan.And he knew that Dorian was going to be very rich. Soon Dorian would betwenty-one then he would have all Lord Kelso`s money.
  6. 6. Chapter 5:Sibyl was happy to act.Sibyl lived with her mother and brother James in London.His mother Didn`t want Sibyl to marry to Dorian.James was going away to Australia.Sibyl and James went for a walk in Hyde park and Jamesdidn`t want the young man to hurt her sister.
  7. 7. Chapter 6:The same evening Harry, Basil and Dorian went to thetheatre.Inside the theatre, it was very hot and the lights werebright. There was an orchestra, playing some musicvery badly.Sibyl Vane was very lovely, but she acted very badly.That night she was a terrible actress.Some people left the theatre.Dorian told Sibyl that she love you because you wereclever and exciting.Now you are boring and stupid.Dorian left the theatre and sibyl lay an the floorcrying.
  8. 8. Chapter 7Dorian left Sibyl and the theatre and walked along thehall through the library.He looked the portrait. It was diferent, looked unkindand cruel. Dorian looked in the mirror he was abeatiful young man. Dorian remembered his wishalways be young. He had been cruel and the picturelooked at him. He was sorry for the picture, anddecided to be kind to Sibyl and to marry her.Dorian covered the picture with a cloth and decidednot to open it.
  9. 9. Chapter 8:Dorian believed that Harry was a bad influence on himand wanted to forget Harry`s words.He talked to Harry for the last time and said that hewas cruel to Sibyl. He learn more about himself.Harry told him that Sibyl is dead. She had drunk somepoison.Dorian decided to enjoy his life and to do evething hewanted to do.
  10. 10. Chapter: 9Basil visited Dorian and talked that sibyl killed herself with poison for love.Basil wanted to see the Dorian `s portrait to show the picture in a gallery inParis.Dorian didn`t leave see the picture and ordered a servants to put it in a room inthe attic closed with a key.
  11. 11. Chapter 10 y 11:Dorian`s carácter began to change years passed andDorian remained young beatiful but people said badthings shout him. He became rug rich person theimage of his portrait continued deteriorathing Basilvisited Dorian before leaving for a 6 months stay inParis.He wanted to know why he had lost all his friends.When Dorian shouwed Basil his portrait, his soul.Dorian cuaght a knife and started Basil repeatibe.
  12. 12. Chapter 12Basil mentioned that he was going to leave for sixmonths in Paris.He told Dorian about, the terrible rumors that werebling spread about Dorian`s conduct. Dorian baughedat him and promised to show him His soul.
  13. 13. Chapter 13Dorian led Basil to the attic and showed him thehideaus portrait, it had monthing of it former beauty.Basil aiked Dorian to Kneed and pray for forgiveneisbut Dorian suzed a knife and slted Basil repeatery.
  14. 14. Chapter 14:Dorian received at his house. They all enjoyedshosting. One day Dorian saw James Vane`s whitejace watching him througth a windows. He felt soscared that the fainted.One day Dorian and his quest were shosting they shotat a here but it happened to be a man. It was James,band Dorian felt rifer.
  15. 15. Chapter 15:Dorian had two conversation with he claiimel. He wanted tobe two good person. They talked about Alan cambell. Basil`sdisapearance. Dorian felt awful. He went to the attic to look athis portrait and saw no chance so he decided to destroy it. Hecought a knife and destroyed it. When the seruznts enteredthey found the portrait of their master.And the bony of and old dead man on the floor. Theyexamined his hands and recognised Dorian for his rings.