Dorian gray 2


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Dorian gray 2

  1. 1. Camila VallejosMilagros RondanSofía CollazoBrenda SoriaMicaela Gonzalez
  2. 2. There are two friends , Basil and Lord Henry Wotton. Basil was anartist and Harry was a richman.They were both about thirty years old. Basil was painting the bestportrait, and Harry believed the picture had to be exhibited in thegallery in London but basil wouldn´t show the pinture, because itshowed too much of him. Basil had got black hair andstrong, intelligent face, but he was not beautiful. Dorian was aYoung man with blond hair and a pale face. His eyes were brightblue.Dorian was very important in basil´s life, because he was hisinspiration. Then Harry met Dorian gray. He was twenty years oldand he was very beautiful and Young.Harry believed that basil was a bad influence for dorian.
  3. 3. The picture was finished Basil wrote his name in large red letters at theBottom of the picture. Doriam stood in front of the painting .At first, waspleased but he remembered what Harry had said in the garden. He wouldbe old and wrinkled and ugly. No one would want to look at him then. Helaid his head on his arms and cried. Doriam was an orphan and was going to inherit a fortune from his grandfather Lord Kelso.
  4. 4. Sibyl vane lived with her mother, and brother James. He lived inLondon in a small house,James was going away to Australia , he wassixteen years old.At first Sibyl was angry with her brother but she remembered that hewas sixteen years old. He had wener been in love.Harry, Basil and Dorian went to the theatre, inside the theatre, it was veryhot and the lights were bright. There was an orchesta, playing somemusic very badly. She was a very bad actress, most of the people leftthe theatre and went home.
  5. 5. The painting looked different, the face in the painting hadchangad, suddenly Dorian remembered his wish . The picture wasgoing to get older Dorian quickly covered the picture with a cloth andleft the library.Harry wanted to see Dorian but Dorian didnt want to see him .Dorian told harry he´s going to marry sibyl, but Harry told him thatshe was dead. That the news was in the newspaper. Then, Doriansaid that he had killed sibyl. He was very sad and angry he decidedto do every thing he wanted .
  6. 6. Dorian convered the portrait with a piece of cloth,loocked.Theroom and keept.The key Basil was horrifriend at the change inDorian.He blamed.Harry for dorian`s attitude.Dorian character began to change- years passed and Dorian remainedyoung and beautiful but people said bad things about him. he becamea very rich person, the image of his portrait continued deteriorating. Basilvisited. Dorian before leaving for a 6 month stay in Paris. he wanted toknow why he had lost all his friends, Dorian got frorrius and showed basilhis portrait, his soul. when Dorian showed basil the portrait, the paintinghad become hideous, Dorian caught a knife stabbed basil repeatedly.
  7. 7. Basil mentioned that he was going to leave for six months in Paris. Hetold Dorian about the terrible rumors that were being spread aboutDorian´s conduct. Dorian laughed at him and promised to show hissoul. Dorian led Basil to the attic and showed him the hi deous portrait, it had nothing of it fammer beuty Basil asked Dorian to kneel and pray for givenes but dorian seized a knife and stabled Basil repretely.
  8. 8. Dorian received guests at his house. They all enjoyed shotting.One day Dorian saw James vane´s white face watching him through a window. He felt so scared that he fainted. One day Dorian and his guests were shootting.They shot at a hare.But it happened to be a man.It was James Vane.Dorian felt safe.Dorian had a conversation with Harry.He clained he wanted to be good person.theytalked about Alan Campbell and Banl´sdisaperance.Dorian felt awful-portrait and saw nochange.So decided to destroy it.He caught a knifeand destroyed it.When the servants entered theroom.They found the portrait of their master andbody of and old-dead man on the floor.They examined his hands and recognized Dorian forhis rings.