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Dorian gray 10

  1. 1. The picture of Dorian Gray
  2. 2. Two friends• Basil Hallward was a talented painter. He was in his home with his friend Lord Henry Wotton. They were talking about the new portrait of the painter. Lord Henry told Basil that he should send his portrait to an important art gallery. But Basil refused because he had put too much of himself into the portrait.
  3. 3. A Very Beautiful Young Man• Basil introduced Dorian to Lord Henry Wotton. Dorian was about twenty years old ,and he was very beatiful,his hair was blond, his face was pale and his eyes were brigth blue. Basil didn`t want Lord Henry to talk to Dorian because he changed people and had a bad influence on them. Harry told Dorian that he had to enjoy life while he was young and beatiful.
  4. 4. The Picture of Dorian Gray• Dorian stood in front of the painting. He liked it very much and made a wish. He wanted the picture to grow old instead of him and he would give his soul for this to happen. Basil wanted to destroy the painting with a knife but Dorian stopped him, finally Harry invited Dorian to go to the theatre and he accepted.
  5. 5. Sibyl Vane• Harry asked his friends about Dorian`s life. Dorian’s grandfather was lord Kelso and Dorian Grandmother was Lady Margaret. This woman was married to a soldier but his life was not happy. Dorian parents died, so Dorian was an orphan. Harry talked with Dorian many times in the week. One night Dorian talked with Harry about his love. Dorian`s love was an actress, her name was Sibyl Vane, she was seventeen and was a beautiful young women.
  6. 6. Brother and Sister• This chapter took place in Sibyl`s House when her mother was not happy about her being in love with prince Charming. For her mother the important thing in Sibyl`s life was the acting .Dorian`s Brother was James and at that moment James was going to Australia. One day James and Sibyl were walking in the park when suddenly she saw Dorian in a carriage but James didn`t see him.
  7. 7. At the TheatreHarry, Basil and Dorian went to the theatre in the evening. When the play startedSibyl was very lovely but she didn’t want to act again because she was in love.Dorian left the theatre and sibyl fainted .
  8. 8. Things Are Changing• Sybil Vane told her mother that Dorian,was her Prince Charming. She said she loved Dorian, and he loved her. The mother said that Dorian was a gentleman and she was poor, but Sybil said she was in love with him.
  9. 9. Dorian Learns about Himself• Basil and Lord Henry went to the theater. Dorian said: "When we are happy, were fine, but when we are well, we are not always happy" When Sybil Vane appeared Everyone became silent. She was one of the most beautiful girls that Lord Henry had ever seen, but she was a terrible actress. After half an hour Lord Henry and Basil left. Dorian was angry. The game was over, he spoke to Sybil. He was very cruel, he said that she had kilied his love for her.. After the conversation, he left. When Dorian came home, he was surprised, his portrait had changed and then he thought he had been very cruel to Sybil, he would go to see her, and he would marry her, try to love her again.
  10. 10. Secrets• Dorian woke up, he went to see his picture and it have changed . At this point, he felt sick and ashamed, he did not know what to do, and he sat down and wrote a long letter to Sybil Vane. Lord Henry came. Dorian said he would marry Sybil Vane and Lord Henrys asked about his letter. Dorian had not read his letter that said Sybil Vane was dead, she killed herself in the theater last night. Dorian Gray was devastated.
  11. 11. Two Friends• Dorian covered the portrait with a piece of cloth and locked the room.• The face of the man in the picture was agly and unkind. Its shound the evel in his soul.
  12. 12. The Picture of Dorian Gray• Dorian’s character changed through the years. Dorian remamed young and beatiful but people had lad feelings him.• He became a rich person but his portrait continued with its detenoration.
  13. 13. Dorian Asks for Help• Next day when he woke up• He couldn’t stop thinking about Basil. After breakfast he sent for Alan Cambell a young scientist who used to be his friend.
  14. 14. Prince Charming• Dorian claimed that the wanted to be a good person, but Harry remembered Basil and told Dorian that he could have commented suicide When Harry Dorian went to the attic to look at his portrait. He saw this had not changed so he destroyed it.• Dorian’s servant head a cry and crash. They found a beautiful portrait of Dorian gray on the flour• The body of an old, ugly man was on the floor, they discovered it was D.Gray for his rings.
  15. 15. Students: Lautaro Toranza Juan Nahuel Torres Sebastian VidalCristian Federico TilleriaNicolás Christian Santamria 3º3ª