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Dorian gray 1

  1. 1. ThePicture ofDorian Gray
  2. 2. Two friends were talkingin London. Harry wantedto show Basil´s portraitbut he didn´t wantbecause it was too muchlike him. Then, Harrymet Dorian.
  3. 3. Dorian and Harry were talkingin the garden. Harry saidstrange things; he said thatDorian was beautiful and thatthis beauty won´t be forever.
  4. 4. Basil finished theportrait. When Dorianlooked at the picture, heremembered what Harryhad said. Then, he wassad, because the picturewould never change.Then, Dorian wished tobe young forever, hewould give his soul forthis.
  5. 5. Dorian was an orphan but hewould inherit a fortune. Harrywanted to give his thoughts andideas to Dorian. One day, Doriantold Harry, that he was in lovewith an actress. Her name wasSybil.
  6. 6. Sybil was very happy in love buther mother was not happy becausethey did not have money and if shewas in love, she would not work.The Sybil´s brother wanted toprotect her, he said that if he hurtSybil, he would find him and hewould kill him.
  7. 7. Dorian, Basil and Harry had gone tothe theater. This day Sybil acted verybadly. Then, Dorian went to see herand he said that she killed his lovefor him that she was boring andstupid. Sybil cried.
  8. 8. Dorian looked at the portrait. Thepainting had changed. It lookedunkind and cruel and his face wasbeatiful and young. His wish becametrue.
  9. 9. Harry want to see Dorian. He´s goingto marry Sybil but Harry told himthat she´s dead. That the news wasin all the newspapers. Then, Doriansaid that he was very sad and angryso he decided to do everything hewanted to do.
  10. 10. Basil has visited Dorian because he wanted toshow the portrait. Then, Dorian showed hisportrait and Basil was horrified at the change inDorians portrait. Dorian covered thepainting, looked at the room and kept the key.
  11. 11. Dorian´s character began to change when yearspassed and Dorian was still young and beautiful butpeople said but things about him. He became a veryrich person. The image of his portrait continuedsince the visit of Basil.Basil wanted to know why he had lost all thisfriends and Dorian caught a knife in Basils heart.
  12. 12. Dorian received guests athis house. they all enjoyedshooting. One day Doriansaw James vane´s whiteface watching him thoughta window. He felt soscared that he fainted.Other day, Dorian and hisguesrs were shooting, theyshot at a hare but ithappened to be a man. Itwas James Vane. Dorianfelt safe.
  13. 13. Dorian had a conversationwith Harry. He claimed hewanted to be a goodperson. They talked aboutLilan Campbell and Basil´sdisapearance. He went tothe attic to look at hisportrait and saw nochange. So he decided todestroy it. When theservants entered theroom, they found theportrait of their masterand the body of on olddead man on the floor.They examined his friendsand recognized Dorian.
  14. 14. Students:• Albarellos• Iglesias• Lorenz• Pascual• Ocampo• Veron3 º Standard