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Beastly by Caroline Kubacki

  1. 1. BeastlyBy: Alex Finn Caroline Kubacki Reading-Miss Roche Period 5 May 11, 2012
  2. 2. Alex Finn: Biography Alex Finn was born in Long Island, New York. Her mother oncetold her that she should be an author, so at a young age shestarted sending poems to Highlights and Cricket magazine.Growing up she admired many authors, such as AstridLindgreen, Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.In her college years, she studied opera and later went to lawschool. Alex like to write her manuscripts long hand. She iscurrently living in Palmetto Bay, Florida, with her two daughtersand loving husband.
  3. 3. Summary Witches, curses, and magic were always mythical to KyleKingsbury, but what happens when he realizes its real? KyleKingsbury ruled Tuttle School with his dad’s money and hisperfect looks. What happens when he gets too cocky?Commenting on an ugly girls appearance and tricking her intogoing to the school dance with him may be the end of Kyle’sperfect life. A boy who had the life that everyone wish they hadturns into a horrendous beast. He only has two years to regainhis old self, by the kiss of his true love. Will he be able to breakthe curse?
  4. 4. CharactersMain Characters• Kyle Kingsbury- He is the heartthrob of Tuttle School, with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect body. His dad, a rich newscaster, ignores him and his mother left when he was born. Now living in New York as a bratty rich kid, an evil curse has been casted upon him.• Adrian King- After the horrifying curse has been cast, Kyle realizes how ashamed he is of his past life. He changes his name to Adrian, which means “dark one.” Adrian is the beast of New York, looking for love.• Lindy Owens- Adrian’s love interest, grew up with a horrible father. Lindy went to Tuttle as a scholarship student, and is very smart. After trespassing Adrian’s property, Lindy’s father trades her for his freedom. She now lives with Adrian, but will she be the one?
  5. 5. CharactersMinor Characters• Magda- Magda is both Kyle and Adrian’s maid. She is originally from Mexico, where her family could barely get by. She came to America, leaving her family behind, to find work. Magda is the first one to warn Kyle about his behavior towards others, and stays with him after the curse.• Kendra Hilferty- A witch is what she is, and it is her that casts the spell upon Kyle. She goes to Tuttle as an exchange student, and is beyond freaky looking.• Will- Will is Adrian’s blind tutor. He helps Adrian realize that Lindy is the love of his life. Will also helps Adrian by introducing him to different things, like reading and roses.
  6. 6. PlotIntroduction• Kyle Kingsbury is elected king of the dance court. He is currently dating the most attractive girl in the school, Sloane. He starts to quarrel with an ugly, witchlike girl, named Kendra Hilferty.• During gym class, Kyle decides to play a cruel joke on Kendra, so he asks her to be his date for the dance. She agrees and asks for a simple, white rose corsage. Kyle then asks Sloane to go with him as his real date. She agrees and asks for a purple orchid corsage.• Magda, the Kingsbury maid, only bought Kendra’s white rose. Kyle was mad at Magda, and she said she was afraid for him. This greatly puzzled Kyle, but he ignored her comment. While picking up Sloane, he gave her the white corsage. Sloane was furious at him for not fulfilling her request of the purple orchid.• At the dance, Kyle gave the white corsage to the girl working the ticket booth. She recognized the rose’s beautiful brilliance.• Kyle met Kendra and she cursed him. Kyle didn’t quite get what her words meant that night, until he started to feel changes in himself to the point wear he had to leave the dance.Rising Action• When Kyle returned to his city apartment, he ran to his room. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and screamed in the horror of his new appearance. When he turned around, he saw Kendra sitting on his bed holding a mirror.• Kendra told Kyle of the curse she had cast upon him making him a beast. She also told him that because of the kind act of giving the white rose to the girl at the dance, she was going to give him a second chance. Kyle had to have a girl kiss him, that he loved as well as she loving him. He only had two years to break the curse, and before Kendra left she gave him the mirror claiming it had magical power.
  7. 7. Plot (Continued)Rising Action (continued)• Kyle was in shock, he locked himself in his room for a few days before calling Sloane. He decided that Sloane must love him enough to overlook his appearance. When Sloane came over, with one look she ran screaming from his apartment.• Finally, Kyle’s dad was done with him being locked up in a room. Kyle eventually let him in, and his dad thought this was one of Kyle’s cruel jokes. Slowly, Mr. Kingsbury realized this was not “Little Boy Called Wolf” and that Kyle was stuck like this. He rushed around all over the United State talking to different doctors, who all said that his condition was permanent.• Mr. Kingsbury bought Kyle an apartment in Brooklyn, while he continued to live in Manhattan. Magda moved with Kyle, and Mr. Kingsbury even hired him a blind tutor named Will.• Kyle decided to check out the mirror given to him by Kendra. He got his yearbook, and watched numerous people from his class at Tuttle. They all think he went to a boarding school in London. When he came across the girl from the ticket booth, he learned that her name was Lindy. He also learned of the terrible thinks her father does, and continued to watch her life daily.• Kyle went online and tried to find girls on various dating services, but decided it would be too fake. Then he joined an online chat group, that seemed to be going through the same thing as he, or so he thought.• Finally, he decided that Kyle, which means “pretty one” wasn’t fit to be his name anymore. So, he renamed himself Adrian, which means “dark one” it suited him well.• Will was tired of Kyle moping around all day, so he made Adrian continue his studies. Also, he created a green house with Adrian. Together they found an interest in common.
  8. 8. Plot (ContinuedClimax• One night, Adrian heard something or someone in his rose garden. He knew it wasn’t Will, so he got his baseball bat and went outside to find Lindy’s father. Adrian threatened him, forgetting about his menacing appearance. Lindy’s father made a deal with him, that if Adrian set him free, he would give Adrian his daughter, Lindy, in a week’s time. Adrian spent that week excited that Lindy could break the spell and decorating her numerous rooms. In exactly a week Lindy came.Falling Action• Lindy doesn’t want anything to do with Adrian. One stormy night, Adrian couldn’t sleep, so he went downstairs to watch television. Lindy did the same, and the two of them met each other in person for the first time. She then agreed to continue her studies with Adrian and Will the next morning.• Adrian was very excited that Lindy agreed to do something with him, but was extremely nervous he would be too dumb for her. Despite it being early in the morning, Adrian rushed to Will’s room to find out what the upcoming day’s lesson plans were, so he could do some extra studying in preparation.• After a successful lesson, Lindy was curious about the fifth floor of the apartment. Together they ventured up to the fifth floor, and found beautiful dresses once owned by Ida Dunleavy. Lindy tried on the emerald green sequin one, and Adrian couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than her in that dress.• When winter came, Lindy was tired of being in the same apartment and wanted desperately to go outside. Adrian wok her up in the early hours of the morning with her bags packed, he took her in the car headed for a surprise. They got to the Adrian’s winter house in the late afternoon, and Lindy was amazed. She had never seen real snow, or ever play in the snow.• After a long day of sledding, snowball fights, and creating snowmen and women, Adrian showed Lindy his mirror for the first time. She then told him of her crush on Kyle Kingsbury. They spent about an hour watching different people, until she asked for her dad. The mirror showed that he was greatly ill and in need of some care.• Lindy asked to leave and Adrian granted her wish. He thought she was the one, but now he new he would be a beast forever.
  9. 9. Plot (Continued)Conclusion• Lindy left and Adrian’s two years were coming to an end, but he still hoped she would come back to him in the spring like she promised. He wanted to talk to Kendra, so he called her from the mirror. Adrian asked that if he ever broke the spell, could Will regain his sight and Magda be reunited with her family.• On his last night to break the spell, while watching Lindy through the mirror, he saw that she was screaming for his help against a man with a gun pointed at her. Before he really knew what he was doing, he ran to her drawing attention to himself. He reached her in time to scare away the man, but was sadly shot. Lindy rushed over to him, and tried to save him. Knowing that this was his last chance, he reached up and kissed her. The spell was broken!• Lindy was utterly confused, but was able to comprehend that Kyle and Adrian were the same person with different appearances. While leaving the alley, they found the news team there covering the story about a beast in New York City. They pulled the two aside and asked them for their side of the story, and they told the news team about the man with the gun in the alley.• While returning to the apartment, Kendra was there to congratulate them on breaking the curse. She explained that Will regained his sight once again, and that Magda was really herself in a different form.• Together Adrian and Lindy lived happily after, and once again attended Tuttle. Will was able to get a teaching job at Tuttle as well.
  10. 10. New Vocabulary• Cackling- v. to laugh especially in a harsh or sharp manner – “Behind me, Sloane was cackling.” p. 31• Hallucination- n. perception of objects with no reality usually arising from disorder of the nervous system “Hoping it was a hallucination, a dream.” p. 49• Subversive- adj. obsolete : a cause of overthrow or destruction “ He was subversive, though,” Will said. p.104• Database- n. a usually large collection of data organized especially for rapid search and retrieval (as by a computer) “I’d started to work on a database with all books listed by title, author, and subject, like the real library, but it wasn’t finished yet.” p. 165• Horticulturalist- n. the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants “The horticulturalists, when they develop a new rose variety, they name it.” p. 189
  11. 11. Starring ActorsKyle Kingsbury and Adrian King played by: Zac Efron Lindy Owens played by: Emma Stone
  12. 12. Staring Actors Magda Will Kendra Hilferty Played By: Played By: Played By:Salma Hayek Jake Gyllenhaal Kristen Stewart
  13. 13. Soundtrack Tunes:Beautiful By: Christina AguileraDont look at meEvery day is so wonderful So dont you bring me down todayAnd suddenly its hard to breathe No matter what we doNow and then I get insecure No matter what we doFrom all the pain, feel so ashamed (No matter what we say)I am beautiful no matter what they say No matter what we sayWords cant bring me down (Were the song thats outta tune)I am beautiful in every single way (Full of beautiful mistakes)Yes, words cant bring me down, oh no (And everywhere we go)So dont you bring me down today And everywhere we goTo all your friends youre delirious (The sun will always shine)So consumed in all your doom The sun will always, always shine!Tryin hard to fill the emptiness, the piece is (But tomorrow we might awake on the other side)gone Cause we are beautiful no matter what they sayLeft the puzzle undone, aint that the way it is? Yes, words wont bring us down, oh noCause you are beautiful no matter what they say We are beautiful in every single wayWords cant bring you down, oh no Yes, words cant bring us down, oh noYou are beautiful in every single way So dont you bring me down todayYes, words cant bring you down, oh no Dont you bring me down todayTo all your friends youre delirious Dont you bring me down todaySo consumed in all your doomTryin hard to fill the emptiness, the piece isgoneLeft the puzzle undone, aint that the way it is?Cause you are beautiful no matter what they sayWords cant bring you down, oh noYou are beautiful in every single wayYes, words cant bring you down, oh no
  14. 14. Rating I gave Beastly rating of five out of five stars Beastly by Alex Flinn is a page turner that leaves you at theedge of your seat with suspense. I enjoyed this book because itwas a modern day twist to a classic fairytale. The moral of thisbook is to not judge a book by its cover. It truly is remarkablehow much of a change Kyle and Adrian make. It was great to seeread about Lindy’s life, because it is completely different thanmine. In this book, many other classic books were mentioned,and I liked all the analogies. Beastly is a great book for those whoenjoy a twist to an old tale.