Dorian gray 9


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Dorian gray 9

  1. 1. The picture of Dorian Gray.
  2. 2. Part 1 “ Two friends were good• Basil and Lord Henry ” friends. They were both about thirty years old. Lord Henry was a rich man and Basil was an artist. Basil had painted a portrait but he didn’t want to show it because it showed too much of him . The man in the portrait was Dorian Gray Basil had met Dorian at a Party and they became close friens. Dorian Gray was a young beautiful man
  3. 3. part 2 “a very beautiful young man”• Dorian arrives at Basil’s house. He meets Herny. Inmediately he begins to influense Dorian in a bad way. He told him that he must take care about his beauty because someday he will be old, wrinkled, ugly and he won’t be interesting any more.
  4. 4. part 3 “the picture of dorian gray”.• Basil finished the portrait and when he showed it to Dorian, he was pleased but then he hated it because of what Herny had said to him.• Dorian wished that the could always be young. He also wished that the picture could grow old instead of him and he would give his soul for this.
  5. 5. part 4 “Sibyl vane”.• In this chapter Henry asked some friends about Dorian’s life. He could find out that he was an orphan and that his grandfather had a lot of money, so he got even more interested about Dorian and met him in people’s houses, at art galleries and parties.• One day, Dorian came to Henry‘s house to tell him that he was in love with an actress called Sibyl Vane. He also told him where they had met and that he wanted him to know her, so they were going to meet in the theatre one night with Basil.
  6. 6. part 5 “brother and SiSter”• Sibyl went to his house and talked to her mother about Prince Charming (Dorian). Her mother and brother didn’t want her to see Dorian because they thought that he was a rich young man who was never going to marry Sibyl. Her brother promised that he would kill him like a dog if he ever hurt her.
  7. 7. part 6 “at the theatre”• Harry, Basil and Dorian want to see sibyl’s acting at the theatre. But that night she acted very badly. Some people left the theatre, Harry and Basil didn’t see the play and Dorian was very unhappy and angry because he had said to his friend that sibyl was a wonderful actress, and that night she was terrible. Finally, Dorian and Sibyl broke off.
  8. 8. part 7 “thing are changing”• That night Dorian didn’t go home. He went to sleep when the sun was rising. When he arrived, he saw his portrait and surprisingly the picture had changed because he had been cruel to Sibyl. So he felt frightened and decided to be kind. He also decided not to see Henry Wotton anymore.
  9. 9. part 8 “dorian learnS about himSelf”• Henry went to Dorian’s house, He told him that Sibyl was dead. She had drunk some poison and killed herself. Henry told Dorian about going to the opera that night as if nothing had happened. Dorian decided not to worry about people and said he didn’t want to talk bout Sibyl’s death anymore. Finally, they went to the opera.
  10. 10. part 9 ”SecretS”• The next morning Dorian was having breakfast when Basil arrived. He was worried about him because of Sibyl’s death and Dorian spoke as if he didn’t care.• Basil told him that he wanted to paint him again, but he said no. The Basil tried to see the portrait but Dorian didn’t let him.• When Basil left Dorian’s house, he took
  11. 11. part 10 “two friendS”was going• Seventeen had passed. Dorian home thinking about what had happened in his life and what he had lived and done when suddenly he found Basil. He didn’t want to talk to him but Basil recognized him and told he wanted to talk about something serious. So they went to Dorian’s house and he began saying that people said terrible things about him, but he didn’t believe it because he said that a man’s face showed the evil inside
  12. 12. part 11 “the picture of dorian gray”• They continued arguing. Then Dorian decided to show Basil his portrait. When Basil saw it he felt afraid and he told Dorian that it wasn’t too late, that they had to pray for his soul. But Dorian felt angry and also felt that he hated Basil for painting the portrait, so he took a knife and killed him.• After that, he realized that he was going to be hanged so he decided to get
  13. 13. part 12 “dorian aSkS for help”• The next day Dorian woke upend he couldn’t stop thinking about Basil’s body. So he called Alan Campbell who was a clever scientist to help him to disappear the body. At first, Alan didn’t want to help Dorian but he knew a terrible secret from him so he had to help him. A servant went to his house and brought scientific equipment and finally he did it and told Dorian he didn’t want to see
  14. 14. part 13 “prince charming”• That night he went to a party, found Henry and told him after a time that he fell it so he went out. He took a cab and went to dark a place to smoke opium (a drug the makes people forest). He found one of the people Basil told him that he harmed – Adrian singleton- who was smoking opium. He was coming out of the place when a woman shouted- Prince charming! He began running when suddenly a person takes him by his neck and pointed him with a gun. That person was Sibyl’s brother (James) who was trying to find him to kill him, because of what he had done to his sister. But finally, Dorian could escape. Then James realized that man was his
  15. 15. part 14 “dorian learnS about fear”• A week later, Dorian was at his house in the Country. He was with some quests, Henry and Lady Monmouth. When he went to the kitchen he fainted because he saw a man´s face in the windows for many days he was in his bedroom, and when he finally decided to go out to shot birds and animals with his friends, by accident they killed a man.• Then, a servant came to his room and told is that they couldn´t find out the man´s name. When he went to the farm to see the wanted to see the body he saw James’s so he was relieved
  16. 16. part 15 “a new Start for dorian?”• Dorian claimed that the wanted to be good a person, but Harry remembered and told Dorian that Campbell had committed suicide when Harry left, Dorian went to the attic to look and his portrait he saw there was no change, so he caught a knife and destroyed it.• Dorian’s servant heard a cry and crash . They found a beautiful portrait of D. Gray and on the beauty
  17. 17. Integrantes:• Ay a l a L o u r d e s• Mi c a e l a C h a v e z• Mi c a e l a D e n i s