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How To Come Up With a Business Idea


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Here are 7 ways that you can use to find your own startup idea. Inspiration and examples of how successful Silicon Valley founders found their innovative ideas. This is a glimpse at the type of video content that we have on

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How To Come Up With a Business Idea

  1. 1. Ever Wondered How Hot Silicon Valley Startups Came Up With Their Ideas
  2. 2. You read about them daily in the news… But how did they find their disruptive ideas? And what can you learn to find your business idea?
  3. 3. Ways We will show you to achieve it 7
  4. 4. So, Tinder let’s start with 1
  5. 5. observed that there areIts founder Sean Rad a lot of greats platforms we already know but to connect with people none to meet new people
  6. 6. He realized that some people are “hunters” who get rejected all the time and others, “the hunted”, constantly feel harassed.
  7. 7. So he came up with an icebreaker idea to each other. No more rejection. No more harassment. connect people anonymously only when both liked
  8. 8. TAKEAWAY Observe Social Interactions Identify friction points and make them go away
  9. 9. Next up: Uber the story behind 2
  10. 10. It all started in Paris, and truly unique taxi service… the city of chic, croissants * *
  11. 11. The founders Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick decided to take these frustrations away with just one click. Uber was born.
  12. 12. TAKEAWAY Spot Inefficiencies Design a product that improves customer experience
  13. 13. Next up: Lending Club the story behind 3
  14. 14. Renaud Laplanche realizedIts French born founder that he paid his bank only got 1,5% on his 18% on his credit card but savings. A whooping 16,5% difference!
  15. 15. So he decided to create a platform to bypass banks and connect directly investors and borrowers so both sides could benefit financially.
  16. 16. TAKEAWAY Get Rid of Middlemen Disrupt industries with a lot of commission schemes
  17. 17. Next up: Rocket Internet the story behind 4
  18. 18. You caught us, Rocket isn’t based in Silicon Valley. copying the best of Silicon Valley. It’s based in Berlin but it’s very famous for
  19. 19. Its founders, the Samwer brothers, created a clone for each Silicon Valley startup and often grew it much faster. Facebook StudiVZvs. Twitter Frazrvs. Airbnb Wimduvs. Groupon CityDealvs. Birchbox Glossyboxvs.
  20. 20. TAKEAWAY Copy and Improve Success is just 1% inspiration and 99% transpiration
  21. 21. Next up: Oculus Rift the story behind 5
  22. 22. was a hardcore gamer whoIts founder Palmer Luckey spent his childhood and wanted a testing out VR sets better quality
  23. 23. He improved upon them over time and revolutionized virtual reality in the 21st century. Oculus Rift was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion.
  24. 24. TAKEAWAY Develop an Expertise Outdo your competition by being the best in your field
  25. 25. Next up: Pinterest the story behind 6
  26. 26. Its founder Ben Silbermann had a passion for collecting stamps, insects and books. He decided to share it online. Pinterest 1.0
  27. 27. TAKEAWAY Find Your Passion Make a business out of what you truly love doing Pinterest 2.0
  28. 28. Finally, Tesla let’s talk about 7
  29. 29. The founder Elon Musk sees a future without gasoline-powered cars, where this 50 lane traffic jam in China will not be as harmful as it is today
  30. 30. So he created Tesla, the ultimate electric sports cars which can accelerate like any great sports cars with zero CO2 emissions.
  31. 31. TAKEAWAY Monitor Future Trends Create businesses in promising, growing industries No wonder Tony Stark was inspired by Elon Musk No wonder Tony Stark was inspired by Elon Musk
  32. 32. What other industries are out there? Here some other global and technology trends worth checking out: robotics, drones, ageing society...
  33. 33. Now, 7 Ways let’s recap these
  34. 34. 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 Monitor Future Trends Copy and Improve Find Your Passion Get Rid of Middlemen Develop an Expertise Spot Inefficiencies Observe Social Interactions 7 Ways to Come Up with Startup Ideas like they do in Silicon Valley ?What’s Yours?Share it with us in the comments!
  35. 35. Want to know more? Startup Xpress: a Fast Track to Become an Entrepreneur Check out our full video course on our website altalane