True stories booklet - Allianz Global Assistance 2010 Annual Report


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Customer experiences with Allianz Global Assistance.

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True stories booklet - Allianz Global Assistance 2010 Annual Report

  1. 1. Helping peoplemore than everin 2010How can we help?
  2. 2. key figures2010 Figures TURNOVER NET PROFIT in million euros in million euros 2010 1,892 2010 67.2 2009 1,673 2009 56.0 2008 1,597 2008 62.6 COMBINED RATIO TOTAL STAFF in percentage number of people 2010 95.8 2010 10,783 2009 95.9 2009 10,231 2008 94.9 2008 9,817 STAFF TURNOVER TURNOVER per zone by lines of business per zone 1% 25% 22% 64% 38% 46% 13% 62% 13% 16% Americas Travel Americas Asia Pacific Health Life & Home Asia Pacific EMEA Auto EMEA Corporate, other & consolidation
  3. 3. 2010 Milestones Awards RatingsBelgium Allianz Global Assistance getsSuper Hero wins prize at BT Expo top ratingsA member from the marketing team did AM Best Europe Rating Services Ltd,a Super Hero job handing out flyers at the issued an A “Excellent” credit rating.7th annual Brussels Travel Expo inviting We also won a high rating (AA-) fromparticipants for a game. For his efforts, he Standard & Poor’s.won an indoor skydiving tour! The Belgiantravel industry website, Pagtour, awardedour business unit the prize for the most Innovationattractive booth.CanadaOur Canadian entity has distinguished Australia The Netherlandsitself as an employer of choice after being Nissan Australia signs on HelpMeselected as a Top 15 Employer in the The MyNissan iPhone Our Dutch businessWaterloo area by Mediacorp Canada Inc. app is an innovative, unit launched HelpMe, reassuring addition for a Smartphone app thatThe Netherlands the Nissan owners, and allows customers to requestFeather Award allows customers to trigger roadside assistance in real-A national travel magazine awarded its an assistance call with time or when they needannual innovation Feather Award for our the touch of a button. It also provides an medical assistance abroad.Dutch entity diverse range of assistance electronic logbook, vehicle tips, parkingservices. meter and service reminders and a handyGolden Shields trip planner that indicates locations ofFor the second time it won 2 Golden gas stations, public parking areas and theShields insurance awards, which recognise nearest Nissan dealer!uniqueness and outstanding service. France United-KingdomPoland Ensures more online Introduces iPhone appHR Director makes the news and mobile assistance for MINI driversOur Polish Human Resources Director won Our French entity Introduction of MINIthe nation’s “Top HR Manager” Award. introduced applications Assistance, an iPhone appCustomer Friendly Company Certificate for Smartphones and for MINI owners that theyIt also won the Customer Friendly iPhones so now travellers can launch from theirCompany Certificate, a nationwide can take out insurance iPhone. Equipped withprogram conducted by the Management right before take-off! GPS technology, the functions includeObservatory Foundation, which recognises requesting assistance, locating dealers andbest practices to ensure top quality getting
  4. 4. well”, then silence. Thanks to next day, I felt compelled to dial Saving our internal tools, I managed to call the emergency services the customer’s mobile number to see how he was (I had not a life and give them the customer’s location and all details necessary heard anything since contacting the emergency services) and for the ambulance to get there when I heard the elderly man as quickly as possible. They get emotional and thank me forO ne quiet Sunday arrived on site in seven minutes saving his life I felt really proud morning in our service and found an elderly person and my heart filled with joy. This centre we received unconscious in the car. They sort of gratitude is truly emergency call from one revived him, thereby saving hisof our customers. I could only life, and took him to the nearesthear a frail voice in pain on the hospital for medical tests. On myend of the phone: “I don’t feel return to the service centre the How can we help?
  5. 5. for his children. We informed Shark bite him that the surgeon was with his wife and that we would in Mexico report back to him right after we had spoken with the doctor. Thanks to our Mexican medical correspondent, we received aW e received a call detailed report, assessed the from a friend of one hospital’s patient care capacity, of our clients who and decided to repatriate herhad been bitten by a shark and back to Canada. A few days later, r,was about to receive surgery. with her husband at her side,We immediately contacted the the two were flown back via airhospital, identified ourselves ambulance to Canada’s premier rand asked a family member trauma facility. Our customer isto contact us. The patient’s doing well, and he and his wifehusband soon called from are very grateful for the servicesCanada very anxious about we provided!his wife’s condition. He toldus he would fly to Mexico assoon as he had arranged care How can we help?
  6. 6. Never give up!A client of a very valuable business partner called us for our conciergeservices. He wanted two concertstickets for a famous Swiss band.tUnfortunately, the concert hadUbeen sold out for weeks. Webtried to find tickets through thetband’s homepage, the concertbhall’s website and eBay. Alas,hthere were no tickets to befound. It seemed to be missionimpossible. But we still hadn’tthought of one thing! What ifwe got in touch with the band’smanager directly? We called andleft a message, explaining oursituation and that we urgentlyneeded concert tickets for aV.I.P. client. At first there was noresponse but two days later wereceived a phone call from themanager. He informed us thatthere would be an additionalconcert that hadn’t beenpublicised yet. With this insiderinformation we were able toprocure the two coveted tickets!Our client was very impressed byour services and the conciergeteam was proud not to havegiven up!How can we help?
  7. 7. Multiple medical transfers for ill patientA young customer became normally did not cover this ill on a trip to Cuzco, second transfer because the Peru. With the help of hospital in Lima was able to treato local correspondent, she wasour her, the decision was made, foradmitted to hospital and stayeda her own comfort and that of2 days. As her condition did20 her family, to return her to hern improve, more tests werenot country. We approved the costsdone revealing that she hadd of the repatriation. She arrivedpancreatic cancer. We organisedp safely and was immediatelyh transfer to a majorher taken to Brazil’s top medicalhospital in Lima, but even thenh facility. Her father expressed hisimprovement was unsatisfactory.i deep gratitude for our servicesO doctors recommendedOur and the care we provided hisrepatriation to Brazil. On topr daughter.o this, her parents were veryofworried and felt helpless in SãowPaulo. Although the insuranceP How can we help?
  8. 8. We track stolen vehicles too!M y name is Paolo, I am installed in her car. We were able a coordinator and I’d to continuously track it and never like to tell you about lost sight of it. In the meantime,a car theft that was resolved I alerted the police.thanks to Service Pack Auto, 50 minutes after it had beenan Allianz Italia product. Late one stolen, we received news that theafternoon, I received a call from car had been found in a suburba customer informing me that of Naples. The vehicle’s bumperher car had been stolen from was slightly damaged and hada village near Naples. She had a few scratches. Luckily nothingbeen attacked and dragged had been taken. We were reallyout of her car. The first thing happy that this story had a happyI did was to make sure she ending, and our customer waswas okay. Then I had the car even happier!tracked thanks to Service Pack, asatellite tracking system that was How can we help?
  9. 9. Even when you think you’re stranded, we’re never far awayI received a night call from a wheelchair. He tried shouting for give me the information. distressed customer. He had help but the road was deserted. Then I had another idea: contact been driving slowly when However, there was a parked tow our local service provider and puthis car hit a pothole. The right truck on the street, and he was him in conference call with thewheels became stuck and the able to read the phone number customer who described wherecar was immobilised. He was on the bumper. I thought I’d he was. Within 30 minutesalone, in the middle of nowhere, use this information and call our tow truck was there toand because he was unable to their offices; they may give me assist him!walk, he couldn’t tell me his the exact location of the truck.exact location. The pavement Unfortunately, because they hadprevented him from getting his so many trucks, they couldn’t How can we help?
  10. 10. With our help, a customerreturns to his flooded town I n the middle of Brazil, falling down! And because the suffering its worst natural s streets were flooded, there disaster and huge floods, d were no circulating vehicles a cu customer called to inform or any way to get assistance us that his home, automobile t to this customer. In Rio he and the entire street where gathered some funds together he lived had been partially l for a taxi, but it wasn’t enough or totally destroyed. He was t to take him home to check on staying at a friend’s house in stay the situation. We decided to Rio de Janeiro City. He later provide him with a taxi so he learned that his car was still in lear could make the journey. After the garage but that he couldn’t all, we’re here to help people, remove it or ask for mechanical rem anytime, anywhere, in any help because the garage risked situation!
  11. 11. Assistance is just part of how we help. We offer human comfort too!I received a call one stormy father would be thankful that she night. A young woman was wasn’t hurt. She asked if I would crying and in trouble on the call him to explain what hadother end. She had run out of happened, which I did. I told himunits for her cell phone, so I not to worry, that his daughtercalled her back. She told me she was not hurt and that help washad lost control of her car and on the way. He thanked mehit a tree. The car was smoking many times and rushed to whereand she was scared, alone and his daughter was stranded. Afterwithout any money. She said this incident I felt proud to haveshe was a novice driver and that helped a young woman and aher car was new. “My father will new driver who really didn’t havekill me,” she cried. I comforted anyone else to turn to.her and said that we would sendsomeone right away to help.I also reassured her that her How can we help?
  12. 12. Bypass surgery for a cruise customerO ne of our customers fell were made for the operation. took place within 24 hours. Our ill on a cruise to Egypt, It was very successful and after customer and his wife’s return just before returning to a few days in the hospital, we trip was quick and comfortable,Italy. One of the onboard doctors had our customer discharged and they were soon back home.had him urgently transferred and transferred to a hotel, thento the nearest hospital. His wife we organised his return to Italy.contacted us and we quickly Accompanied by the hospital’s How can we help?set the wheels in motion. Our anaesthetist, his repatriationlocal correspondent obtaineda detailed medical report andkept in close touch with his wifeto keep her updated on herhusband’s condition. It turnsout that he needed multipleby-pass heart surgery. Thisinformation was checked andcounter checked by our assistingdoctors, and arrangements
  13. 13. Come again!A collection of humorousassistance stories Caller - “ uld you Co please tell me how to put my car in four- wheel drive to help me out of the snow?” Coordinator - “Sir, I can see from our system that your ca r doesn’t have four- wheel drive!”
  14. 14. A customer called in to ask what a particular warning light meant. He was advised it meant he needed to check the pressure in the tyres, as they may need to be topped up with air. The reply: “Does it need to be special air?” k call from ordinator toocoa plained A co m a customer who was not that his vehr cleordinator ic o moving. Ou stomer whether asked the cuke was released the handbra d the engine and if indee g. “Yes.” “You’re was runnin ice or snow?” not stuck on u pressing the “No.” “Are yopedal?” “I’m not accelerator e tr y. Oh yes that sure…let m n’t realise you was it! I did the accelerator in had to apply c; I thought it just an automati moved!”How can we help ?
  15. 15. 37, rue Taitbout 75009 Paris, France Tel: +33 1 53 25 53 25 Allianz Global Assistance© Allianz Global Assistance - May 2011 - Production: Group Communications - Concept & design : - Texts: Dixit - Photos: Thinkstock, Getty, Allianz Global Assistance, Simon Mooney, Franck Renoir. Printed by IME on 100%  paperfrom sustainably managed forests. ISO 14001 certified production process.