EyeforTravel - Ancillary Revenue & Partnerships Europe 2009


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Real case studies and expert insight from across the travel industry on how to integrate and drive ancillary revenues.


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EyeforTravel - Ancillary Revenue & Partnerships Europe 2009

  1. 1. A must attend event for all travel companies to realize their revenue potential ancillary Revenue & Partnerships Register before in travel Europe ‘09 27th Feb to 19 - 20 May, business Design centre, London SAVE £200 successfully integrate non-core Products & add 18% to your bottom line Organised by real case studies and expert insight from across the travel industry on how to integrate and drive ancillary revenues • iMPLeMent the Right anciLLaRy stRategy to suit your brand and consumer base and reap the rewards • Meet youR iDeaL anciLLaRy PaRtneR who will deliver the highest revenue returns when you need it most • incRease custoMeR LoyaLty by offering a wider choice of products and services that give value to the customer • DoubLe conveRsion Rates – keep the customer on your site and boost conversions both for your core and ancillary products • gain insight into the latest technology to source, integrate and control ancillary inventory • DiscoveR new high-margin products that will add value straight to your bottom line Hear top tips and case studies from these leading travel companies! Alyson Playford, Head of Sigurdur Skagfjord Henriette Thilert, Global Travel Partnerships, Nicola Simionato, Head of Pia Viljaniemi, eBusiness Nick Monaghan, Director of Sigurdsson, Manager Ancillary Head of Ancillary Revenue, British Airways e-Commerce, Gulf Air Development Manager, Finnair Distribution, Booking.com Revenue, Icelandair Aer Lingus Brian Garvan, Cameron Jones, Director of Lesley Lindberg, Vic Darvey, Isabelle Taylor, Affiliate & Niki van Wijk, VP e-Commerce, Director of Sales, Choice Hotel Business Development EMEA, VP Marketing, VP Distribution EMEA, Partnership Manager, transavia.com International Expedia Hertz Europe lastminute.com The Trainline Sponsors: Co-located with EyeforTravel’s Annual one conference pass gives access to the entire summit. network with over 1500 travel professionals! open now to learn how you can boost revenues by up to 18%!
  2. 2. Raise revenues by registering now on +44 (0)207 375 7597 it’s back! after a hugely successful inaugural edition of eyefortravel’s ancillary Revenue in travel europe conference, 2009 sees an all new thought provoking, insightful 2 days packed with top tips to boost revenues! there is a vast untapped opportunity in You will learn how to: the next stage – the market for all travel companies to boost ancillary revenues Personalisation Get the right strategy for So you have the perfect strategy for your Gareth Gaston, MD, octopus travel Your Business business. You’ve selected the right partners to suit your brand and you’ve decided upon the With an enviable consumer demographic and Focusing on the ‘next big product’ or leading best way to integrate them into your website. huge volumes of web traffic, travel companies edge technology is all very exciting but for it to What’s next? Personalisation. There is no point have a vast, untapped opportunity at their work you need a clear end to end strategy. The offering an ancillary product or service that is fingertips. The Low Cost Carriers are already wrong strategy could have dire consequences not relevant to your customer. The old adage of making money from the sale of ancillary products. for your brand and could alienate your customer offering the right product, at the right time to the But they have only exposed the tip of the iceberg base. Hear real life examples and analyse what right customer rings true. Most importantly, this in terms of the vast potential to add real value strategy would best suit your business. leads to increased conversions and more money to the bottom line of all travel companies. The to your bottom line! question is – create mutually What are you doing to tap into beneficial partnerships as usual, Eyefortravel have this huge opportunity? What should you look for in a partner? Selecting provided essential information the right partner to suit your business is a key The recent economic turbulence has left many challenge for many companies. Hear top tips in an entertaining way. candid in the travel industry fearful of their future. What from British Airways and The Trainline. Select the speakers and case studies help can travel companies do to ensure their survival? right partner for your brand and customer base to illustrate both how important One thing’s for sure – ancillary revenue should be and reap the rewards! ancillary products can be to the top of the agenda. This is a time to re-think core business strategies and drive up revenues. The development of your business opportunities are here and now for the taking. seamlessly integrate! Asa Sargeant, the Holiday Place Choosing the right technology to fully integrate an excellent opportunity to learn about your ancillary products and services can be a innovative ways to drive additional minefield. Fear not! Help is at hand with expert There’s no doubt about it. It has never yield in a high commodity marketplace advice on the latest technologies for seamless been so important to exploit your integration. Is dynamic packaging the Holy Grail? Lowell Miller, Frontier airlines revenue potential. You won’t find a more Is a white label enough? Hear from leading travel comprehensive conference on this topic. And it’s not just airlines who can benefit from this companies how in a matter of days you can implement the right technology to have a fully This is the only conference to bring to key trend. Hoteliers, train companies, cruises together the leaders in ancillary revenue and more are all jumping on the bandwagon in integrated platform of products and services that adds real value to your bottom line. from across the travel industry to meet, an attempt to maximize customer spend and network and engage in live debate. Sign combat increasing competition. With margins as high as 20% on commission based products and up today and get your key questions services, it’s no wonder this topic is a top priority. really informative conference with answered! lots of good advice from key people in the travel market. an excellent way to STILL nOT COnvInCED? turn new contacts into real business • easyJet increased ancillary revenues by 93% in 2008 Jason, Rivolta, Mobile trails • Direct sales for European travel companies are set to reach understand the impact of €54.6 billion by 2011 • Ryanair’s ancillary revenues grew to new regulations 18% of total revenues – a massive The European commission is stepping up €322 million in sales pressure on the likes of Easyjet and Ryanair to • 25% of Allegiant Airlines’ revenue comply with new laws on opt-out models. Which comes from ancillary products and regulations could affect how you promote and nice mix of presentations and breaks. services sell your additional products and services? insightful, relevant and current World leading insurance providers will provide topics. Plenty of opportunity for • American Airlines is set to generate you with the answers and save you making networking. a well organised event! $458 million by charging to check-in costly mistakes. baggage Sharon Lee, avis Europe • Starwood earns $250,000 each year in revenues from selling chocolate increase conversions! cake in one hotel! Don’t cannibalise your core product by losing the customer in the booking path. Understand an informative event both in subject what simple steps you can take to keep the matter and industry knowledge. This conference will focus on what you need to grow your ancillary revenue, boost profits and customer on your site and boost conversions Good opportunities to network with both for your core and ancillary products. What people who can really help with ensure you’re ahead of the competition. Our can you learn from leading airlines Gulf Air, ancillary opportunities expert speakers will guide you step by step Transavia and Finnair? Can you really afford to through what you need to know to take advantage Tony Walker, Jet2.com miss this session? of the lucrative revenue streams available to you. secure your place today - Register now at www.eyefortravel.com/arev
  3. 3. Maximise profits with high-margin ancillary revenue Day 1: tuesday 19th May KeyNote PreseNtatioN aNd debate create successful PreseNtatioNs aNd PaNel More than just ancillary partnerships - understand increase conversion rates – ensure revenue. analyse how travel how to build strong, mutually you don’t lose the customer in the sites are evolving towards beneficial partnerships booking path. What can you do to • What do airlines and other travel providers becoming key retail players specifically look for in a partner? keep the customer on your site and The customer demographics of airlines and • Hear top tips to identify the right partner who boost conversions? other travel suppliers are something most It’s become common knowledge that integrating the offers the most relevant products/services for retailers yearn for: a captive audience with ancillary product into the booking path significantly increases your brand and consumer base substantial spending power, namely business conversions. What key top tips do the experts have to people and travellers who are already ‘relaxing • How do you manage conflict between partners on your site? increase conversions? their wallets’. This coupled with the fact that leading European travel brands feature in the • Consider where the risk of implementation • Analyse your web traffic – where do your customers leave top 20 most visited UK websites presents lies – iron out who “owns” the customer your site? How can you keep them? a vast opportunity for travel suppliers to sell relationship and how to deal with any • How does booking behaviour differ between different more. problems that may arise. For example, where demographic groups? • Debate how travel companies can leverage should you direct customer queries about • Make your website sticky – use ancillary products and the huge volume of traffic coming through partner products and services? services in innovative ways to keep customers on your site their sites Isabelle Taylor, Affiliate & Partnership Manager, • Where should your product be inserted into the booking • Can they realistically evolve to become The Trainline path? How many products are too many? Should they major retail players? What are the Alyson Playford, Head of Global Travel Partnerships, be packaged? opportunities and limitations involved? British Airways • For the airline or travel supplier, is there a risk of losing • Is the industry leveraging the full potential the customer in the booking path if too many ancillary of ancillary revenue to add real value to the Case study products and services are offered on partner sites bottom line? before purchase? • In light of the recent economic turbulence, Putting the consumer • From the point of view of the ancillary partner, what would how important a role will ancillary revenue first – the importance of be the trade off between being inserted higher up the play? chain vs. the increase in cost? How much would this experience. use ancillary improve conversions and would it be worth it? Leading speaker TBA revenue to enhance the • Understand the importance of a number to call, a review PreseNtatioNs aNd PaNel consumer experience or an FAQ page to provide customer support along the way and foster loyalty whilst Get the right ancillary increasing revenues Sotiris Damianos, Sales & Marketing Director, Hotelopia Nicola Simionato, Head of e-Commerce, Gulf Air revenue strategy for your • Understand how you can use ancillary Pia Viljaniemi, eBusiness Development Manager, FINNAIR business and reap the products and services to inspire your Niki van Wijk, VP e-Commerce, transavia.com rewards customer, enhance their travel experience, increase web and brand stickiness (and in PreseNtatioNs aNd PaNel Ancillary revenue is not only about focusing turn result in higher revenues). on the ‘next big product’ or leading edge technology. There needs to be a clear end to • At what point does selling ancillary products actively promote your ancillary end strategy as to how it will be implemented and services become damaging to your brand products and services at every and what best suits your brand and consumer and the customer experience? • Since ancillary products are fragmented, it opportunity base. is more challenging to own and control the It’s all very well offering ancillary products and services on Key considerations include; Do you go for:- your site but what is the best way to promote them? Can you customer experience. How can this problem A. A high volume site packed full of all the be overcome? rely on the traffic to your site finding such products or should products/services a consumer could you develop a strategy to actively promote them outside of possibly be looking for • Find the right balance between a high revenue your website? product vs. a relevant product to your or customer • Should you keep all the marketing for your ancillary B. A site with carefully selected integrated products within your website or should you push external Lesley Lindberg, VP Marketing, Hertz Europe products and services highly targeted to marketing? Can you rely on the cross-sell? your consumer? • Understand how to actively sell your ancillary products • Will offering ‘everything’ dilute the travel to the customer throughout the booking path and provider’s brand equity, and ultimately the Meet the right Partner travel experience – which touch points offer the highest ability to deliver? for your Business conversions? SMS, call centres, check-in desks, on board sales etc.? • Who should manage your ancillary revenue and partnerships projects? Co-located with EyeforTravel’s annual • If you choose to promote your partner’s products what Travel Distribution Summit, the 2 happens if you end up competing in Google with your • Should you centralise all ancillary activities day conference will be packed full of partner’s own direct site? under one senior manager? How can you networking opportunities including ample work with various divisions to deliver on • What new technology is on the horizon to give you the coffee breaks, lunch breaks and an clear KPI’s and revenue targets? opportunity to sell more? evening networking drinks reception at Gareth Gaston, MD, Octopus Travel the end of the first day. We guarantee • What are the advantages of implementing the appropriate Cameron Jones, Director of Business Development that you will walk away armed with the incentive mechanisms for internal staff to sell throughout contacts and money making ideas you the customer experience? EMEA, Expedia need to tap into the vast opportunity to Vic Darvey, VP Distribution EMEA, lastminute.com boost incremental revenues Bobby Healy, CTO, CarTrawler Sharon Lee, Head of Product Development, Avis Europe call +44 (0)207 375 7597 to secure you place today
  4. 4. Register now at www.eyefortravel.com/arev to save £200 Day 2: wednesday 20th May PreseNtatioNs aNd PaNel PreseNtatioN aNd PaNel iNteraCtive worKshoP customer segmentation and technology – Get the right ‘revenue managing’ ancillary personalization of the offer technology for seamless revenue channels to maximize Creating a unique, highly relevant, compelling offer integration and direct revenues is a proven way to increase customer spend on your site. Working with different ancillary partners connectivity • Are you failing to maximize revenues from your ancillary channels through a lack of an however can complicate the personalisation • XML, dynamic packaging, in-house systems vs. process. integrated revenue management strategy? outsourced systems, white labels, gold labels • How do you make the products and services etc. Navigate through the technology minefield • How can you account for and track ancillary sold through your site relevant to each and to find the right technology for your business revenues? every customer? How can you use the data • What new technology exists to provide • Ensure price competitiveness – understand available to you to predict your consumers’ seamless integration and connectivity with your how poorly priced ancillary products can wants and needs? partners? Is dynamic packaging the Holy Grail? raise doubts in consumer’s minds on overall • How can you ensure that the most relevant competitiveness and brand integrity • How can complications caused by integration ancillary product or service is offered to your with traditional legacy systems be overcome? • Should the price of your core product be altered consumer at the best time? What are the real depending on the consumers’ propensity to advantages in doing so? • How can you create synergies between various purchase ancillary products and services? platforms to package products fast - and • How far should you segment and personalize • Find out how to determine a customer’s seamlessly - to your end users? your offering? Can you assume certain willingness to pay for certain products demographic groups want the same products? • Can XML direct the customer to the most Does the opportunity exist to up-sell based on relevant product from the portfolio of products • How much time and resources does it take to previous behaviour? available from the ancillary partner? It may be implement a new system to effectively manage • What technology is available to enhance the cheap and easy to maintain but is there a more your ancillary revenue channels? personalisation process? How can distribution effective way to direct connect than XML? • Do you need to update your entire revenue and technological barriers to offering a fully • What are the advantages of developing management system? personalised product to the consumer be technology systems for your business in- overcome? house? • Will all suppliers at some point be able to • Can you build a toolkit to allow partners to dynamically offer real-time availability? merchandise, integrate, service and sell all Product Box • When will the Super PNR needs to become a products in a consumer-centric way? Payment solutions, credit cards, reality? What would be its likely impact? Sigurdur Skagfjord Sigurdsson, Project Manager Ancillary insurance, translation services, Jessica Butcher, Head of Partnerships, isango! Revenue, Icelandair protection for flight delays etc There is an abundance of options PreseNtatioN aNd PaNel PreseNtatioN aNd PaNel available to you. Which products new threats to the high Managing the opportunities have the highest commissions? conversion model and challenges of unbundling Which are most relevant to your Many airlines are now dependent on revenues consumer base and add value to The opt-out model is proven to boost conversions by as much as 40%. New EU regulation bans generated from unbundling their products and your site? The quick fire product travel companies from selling products through services and giving the customer the opportunity box will save you weeks of opt-out models. What effect will this new to tailor the product to their needs. meetings and research, help you regulation have? What tools exist to overcome • What are the limitations involved in unbundling? select the right partner for your the potential loss of revenue and ensure that How much is too far? What valuable lessons business and keep you up to speed customers still book travel insurance? can the whole travel industry learn from the with the innovation products and airline experience? Case study services available to you. • What impact would new regulations from ATPCO on unbundled products sold by customer loyalty programmes airlines have? – where’s the revenue? • How are the GDSs evolving to support In turbulent times, the importance of loyalty advances in unbundling/bundling products? becomes ever more apparent. • When will the GDSs have the capabilities to • What are the advantages and pitfalls of sell unbundled airline products separately to developing a customer loyalty programme? give the agent and thus the customer the best available price for their requirements? • What are the opportunities to make incremental revenue from them? Henriette Thilert, Head of Ancillary Revenue, Aer Lingus • Air Canada reduces your fare if you opt not Ornagh Hoban, VP Marketing and Strategy, Datalex to collect Air Miles – what other strategies are airlines and other travel suppliers using? speakers are regularly joining the • How can frequent flyer programmes develop excellent line up for the event - please check ancillary revenue opportunities? www.eyefortravel.com/arev • Who’s looking to sell their frequent flyer for updates. programme? Brian Garvan, Director of Sales, if you think you’ve got what Choice Hotels International it takes to join them please email More speakers to be announced gina@eyefortravel.com grow your revenues by offering an expanded product mix
  5. 5. Fax this completed registration page to +44 (0)207 375 7200 ancillary Revenue & Partnerships Register before in travel Europe ‘09 27th Feb to 19 - 20 May, business Design centre, London SAVE £200 3 EasY stEPs to rEGistEr Sign up as a Gold de legate py of and receive a co EyeforTravel’s latest 1. Please select the package you require: European Online Travel key report packed full of stats for Q1 of 2009 Super Early Bird Early Bird Book before: 27th February ‘09 3rd April ‘09 Normal SAVE £200 SAVE £100 GrouP Discounts: Please contact Paul Lane on +44 (0)207 375 7597 or email him Bronze Pass (Non-refundable) at paul@eyefortravel.com for more details on group discounts. Includes: Full access to the 2 day event £795 £895 £995 however this pass is not refundable. HotEL Discount: We have negotiated a preferential room rates at the Hilton Bronze Pass (flexible) Islington hotel and the Jury’s Inn hotel. Reservation details Includes: Full access to the 2 day event. will be sent to you when you register. Please note there is (Cancellations are accepted up until Friday 8th May £895 £995 £1095 limited availability. So we recommend you book early to take and a full refund will be given prior to this date.) advantage of this offer. silver Pass (flexible) Includes: Full access to the 2 day event. (Cancellations are accepted up until Friday 8th £1095 £1195 £1295 3. Payment May and a full refund will be given prior to this date.) A full audio CD of the event proceedings complete with the presentation slides Please tick the package price box you require above: choose one of the following payment options: Gold Pass (flexible) Includes: Full access to the 2 day event. I enclose a cheque/draft for: £___________________ (Cancellations are accepted up until Friday 8th May and a full refund will be given prior to this date.) A £1695 £1795 £1895 (payable to First Conferences Ltd) full audio CD of the event proceedings complete with the presentation slides. EyeforTravel’s European Online Travel Report worth £795! Please invoice my company: £___________________ * All passes are exclusive of 15% British VAT. Most companies are eligible to claim this tax back – please contact your accounts department for more information Purchase Order No.:_____________________________ Please charge my credit card: £__________________ 2. Delegate Details Amex Visa Mastercard American Express Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations Credit card number: Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First Name: Expiry date: Last Name: Security Code (3 digits on the back of the card): Name on card: Company: Position/Title: Signature: Telephone: Fax: NB: Full paymeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt Email: cancELLations: All conference places, except the non-refundable Bronze pass, are fully transferable without any charge. Cancellations received before Address: 5pm (GMT) time on Friday 8th May 2009 will not incur a penalty (credit card registrations are subject to a 5% administration fee). If written confirmation of a cancellation is not received by 5pm (GMT) State: Postcode/Zip: time on Friday 8th May 2009, we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note - you must inform the conference desk in writing of any cancellations on: customerservices@firstconf.com Whilst every effort Country: is made to maintain the advertised agenda, the organisers reserve the right to make changes without notice. RegisteR on the secuRe website at www.eyefortravel.com/arev
  6. 6. 2 days of innovative ideas, case-studies and networking ancillary Revenue & Partnerships Register before in travel Europe ‘09 27th Feb to 19 - 20 May, business Design centre, London SAVE £200 Meet the people who will change your business The Ancillary Revenue & Partnerships in Travel conference is Expert speakers give industry leading insight the meeting place to find out how you can quickly and easily boost revenues. It’s the only event in the world to examine on how to increase your ancillary revenue how the travel industry as a whole – and not just airlines – can benefit from the abundance of opportunities available to Henriette Thilert, Head of Ancillary Revenue, Aer Lingus fully merchandise your site and increase customer spend. Sharon Lee, Head of Product Development, Avis Europe It comes at a time when your bottom line has never been Nick Monaghan, Director of Distribution, Booking.com so important. Packed full of money making ideas – the event combines insightful case studies and expert advice Alyson Playford, Head of Global Travel Partnerships, from companies who have tried and tested exciting new British Airways initiatives. We’ll share both the successful and the not so Bobby Healy, CTO, CarTrawler successful stories – saving you months of research and costly experimentation! Brian Garvan, Director of Sales, Choice Hotels International What’s more, this year the conference will be co-located with Ornagh Hoban, VP Marketing & Strategy, Datalex EyeforTravel’s Travel Distribution Summit – Europe’ s largest Speaker name TBA, Eurostar meeting place for online travel professionals. With over 1500 attendees to meet, network and do business with, this is a Cameron Jones, Director of Business Development EMEA, must attend event for all! Expedia Pia Viljaniemi, eBusiness Development Manager, Finnair Co-located with: Nicola Simionato, Head of e-Commerce, Gulf Air Lesley Lindberg, VP Marketing, Hertz Europe Sotiris Damianos, Sales & Marketing Director, Hotelopia 19 - 20 May, Business Design Centre, London Sigurdur Skagfjord Sigurdsson, Project Manager Ancillary Revenue, Icelandair Jessica Butcher, Head of Partnerships, isango! network with 1500 attendees, 80 speakers, Vic Darvey, VP Distribution EMEA, lastminute.com 60 exhibitors Gareth Gaston, MD, Octopus Travel one conference pass gives you access Isabelle Taylor, Affiliate & Partnership to the entire summit. Manager, The Trainline see www.eyefortravel.com/tds Niki van Wijk, VP e-commerce, transavia.com 5 Easy Ways to register 5 reasons to attend... 1 Meet the partners who will make you realise your true Email: gina@eyefortravel.com profit potential Fax: +44 (0)207 375 7200 2 Analyze the risks and limitations of unbundling and call: +44 (0)207 375 7197 selling add-ons before you damage your brand online: www.eyefortravel.com/arev 3 Money for nothing - see how carefully introducing ancillary products can raise margins! Mail: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 4 Target customers with relevant products and 7-9 Fashion St, significantly increase customer spend London E1 6PX, UK 5 Learn how to up-sell and cross-sell to every customer Register before 27th February and save £200!