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Idea Cellular

  1. 1. IDEAAn Idea can change your life!!!
  2. 2. “The brand of leadership that we seek to build, combines the virtuesof professionalism with the commanding power of the mind, heart andsoul.The mind which has the intellect to perceive the right from the wrong,the heart which has an emotional bond with this great organizationthat cannot be severed, and a soul that is indomitable.” Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla Chairman, Aditya Birla Group
  3. 3. “Our vision is to be in the Fortune OUR VISIONTo be a premium global conglomerate 200 by 2015, with revenues of 65 with a clear focus on each business billion dollars and an EBITDA target OUR MISSION To deliver superior value to our of 10 billion dollars”.customers, shareholders, employees and society at large. Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla OUR VALUES Chairman, Aditya Birla Group, 2010 Integrity Commitment Passion Seamlessness Speed
  4. 4. IDEA … an uncommon journey..Idea’s journey to what it is today has been a story in itself, a unique and uncommon one in many aspects!
  5. 5. Integration of every entity executed well..Embracing the best of what each entity had to offer
  6. 6. 1997 2000 2002 2004 2006 – Aug 10 2 Service 3 Service 5 Service 8 Service 11 Service Areas Areas Areas Areas Areas to PAN India Acquired RPG Became a pan India 2G Merged with service provider Cellcom (Madhya Commenced Pradesh) Tata Cellular Acquired Escotel Partner in Indus Towersoperations in (AndhraMaharashtra & Commenced Delhi (Haryana, UP(W), Winner of 3G spectrum in Pradesh) Gujarat operations Kerala) 11 service areas
  7. 7. IDEA Cellular “FASTEST GROWING COMPANY IN INDIA” – 2010 Average 4 Year Sales growth – 59.6% Average 4 Year PAT growth – 102.2% -IDEA Cellular “EMERGING COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2009” -
  8. 8. In Rs Cr. Gross Year EBDITA PAT Revenue2006-07 4,387 1,486 5022007-08 6,737 2,269 1,0422008-09 9,971 2,755 9562009-10 12,141 3,054 1,0302010-11 15,638 3,326 838
  9. 9. All India Revenue Market Share% 14.0% 13.6% 13.0% 12.6% 12.0% 11.7% 11.0% 10.0% 10.0% 9.0% Q4 08 Q4 09 Q4 10 Q4 11 In Rs. CrFastest growing major telco Industry Idea Revenue Growth Revenue Growth FY 09 101,900 22.27% 11,331 40.10% FY 10 107,110 5.11% 13,250 16.94% FY 11 119,850 11.89% 15,820 19.40% Source: TRAI Revenue Report
  10. 10. 10.07 2.16 1.98 1.63 1.50 1.34 1.33 1.13 1.04 1.00 China Bharti AT&T Verizon China Sprint Vodafone Idea RCOM T- Mobile Mobile Airtel Q3 FY11 Q2 FY11 Unicom Nextel EssarQ4 FY11 Q4 FY11 YTD Sep Q3 Q4 Q4 Q4 Q3 CY 10 FY11 FY11 FY11 FY11 FY11 MOUs for Verizon on Estimated Basis.
  11. 11. 95.04100 89.5 90 No. Of Subscribers (Mn) 80 70 63.8 60 50 38.9 40 30 24 20 14 7.4 10 0 25-Jun-11 FY 06 FY 07 FY 08 FY 09 FY 10 FY11 65% Average Growth Rate Over the Past 6 Years
  12. 12. ۩ 4th Buzziest Brand of the Year - 2008, 2009 & 2010 - Afaqs۩ Effies 2009 Silver Award for “Democracy” campaign۩ Effies 2008 for “Education for All” campaign۩ Campaign of the Year – Awards for Brand Excellence۩ Digital Brand of the Year 2010 – BBC Campaign India۩ Silver ABBY for ‘Best Website with Social Media Integration’ for Mobile Roadie Hunt @ Idea & Silver Olive Crown for ‘Best Digital Campaign’۩ Yahoo Big Chair Award for ‘Best Mobile Innovation’۩ Silver– Outdoor Advertising Awards (Plan of the year - local)
  13. 13. “What an idea Sirji” campaigns offering simple solutions to complex problems
  14. 14. Being a Balancing good Social Developing work-life citizen capability Inspiring excellence Engage & Express Connect with the last mileTrust basedleadership “When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb”
  15. 15. Trust basedleadership • Fostering ambition, Connect aggression andwith the last achievement mile Engage & • Open & Transparent Value Express communication Centric Inspiring With a strong foundation of values Culture excellence • Decentralized Leading by example – Walk the Talk structureDeveloping capability • Leadership accessibility Enriching Life Being agood Social citizen
  16. 16. “I believe that great and lasting businesses are never built on the quick sands ofopportunism. If living by our values means, perhaps growing at a pace slower than wewould otherwise have liked, so be it.” - Kumar Mangalam Birla• “Value our values” workshop for every new joinee• Employee handbook on “Values we value”• ABG Value Leaders Awards• Value Standards Committee Integrity Commitment Passion Seamlessness Speed
  17. 17. Managing Director CxOs Operations Circle Management TeamsDecentralized structure enabling highly empoweredcircle management
  18. 18. Trust basedleadership Connect with the 63,718 last mile Engage & Express InspiringexcellenceDeveloping capability Enriching Life Connected by One IdeaBecoming agood Social citizen
  19. 19. Crack Sales System: Building Blocks:  Bottom up approach  Modular Structure to support Scalability  Elements to bring in Commonality  Market working linked with face time required for top customers/ business partners  Focus on capability building through coaching3000 28302500 23702000 17721500 A framework for structured 2800+ strong Rural Sales interaction of the leadership of the1000 organization with our company with the external 875 “Son of the Soil approach”500 stakeholders. 0 Apr 08 Apr 09 Apr 10 Apr11
  20. 20. Regular Zonal VisitsProcess Initiatve Trainings/ CMTroll-outs updates workshops updates All Team Meets held in zones regularlyInstrumental in creating a better connect with the organization
  21. 21. What do !deans think !
  22. 22. Trust basedleadership • High Confidence in business leadership in managing emerging Connectwith the last challenges mile Engage & • Opportunities to learn and grow Express Inspiring • Clarity on criteria for performance excellence evaluationDeveloping capability • High confidence in ability to attract good talent Enriching LifeBecoming agood Social citizen ~80% of Leavers willing to rejoin Idea* * Peoplestrong Exit Survey 2010
  23. 23. Sustaining & DrivingGrowth of Idea Engagement• 47% increase in 98.4% • Participation rateEmployee base participation consistently above in the last 97% for each OHS• 70% increase in OHS conductedgeographical footprint Q12 Grand Mean 4.1 4 3.9 *Gallup Global 3.8 3.99 4.01 Average 3.7 3.77 Participation 3.6 : 87% OHS V OHS VI OHS VII Impact of Q12 on overall engagement Q12 Grand Mean Higher engagement levels - Superior business results !
  24. 24. High Performing & Good PeopleOrganization Engaged Managers Team Inspiring ABG Manager Portal to help Managers in building their team effectiveness OHS Surveys and Vaartalap to track team engagement
  25. 25. Strategy Meets at !DEA Address by the MD to all employees on businessperformance, insights and Redress Mechanism for way forward. Employee Concerns
  26. 26. Trust based Implementation Impactleadership • Extensive training conducted on using • More than 90% of the Goals set had Connect the Performance Highway defined performance measureswith the last mile • Templates of Goal Framework • Standardization of Goal Framework Engage & developed to support in writing of with top down goal low Express SMART goals InspiringexcellenceDeveloping capability Enriching LifeBecoming agood Social citizen
  27. 27. Aditya Birla Awards Idea Rewards • Outstanding Leaders • !dea Star • Distinguished Achievers •Champion award IndividualIndividual • Exceptional Contributors • Excellence award • Young Professionals • Selling Star award And SMILEYS!!! • Team Excellence awardFunction/ • Sun and Planet Awards – Team organizational excellence • Masterminds awardBusiness • Best Zone award • ABG Value Leaders • Making ABG an aspirationalOthers employer for women • Value Champions Values • Building an Environmentally Sustainable Organization
  28. 28. Trust basedleadership Distance Learning programs E Learning Connect HR Academy Gwikiwith the last Webinars Virtual IMPACT – Online quiz mile Pratibimb KNOWLEDGE – SMS based learning Engage & Gwiki Gyandhara Express Drishtikon Bahi Shal EXPERIENCE Inspiring Learning excellence Deployment ! Disha – Coaching Skills !Evolve - Grid ProgramsDeveloping Management School Management Development peoplecapability Saksham Programs Development Assessment Centre Corporate Theatre Enriching Life Gyanodaya programs Sales Training Face to Performance Coaching Business related trainings (MNP,Becoming a Face 3G, UCS)good Social Parivartan citizen Select Mass REACH
  29. 29. Talent Segmentation Competency Framework Potential Validation - DAC Functional Behavioural Competencies CompetenciesIndividual Development Plan (IDP) Competencies Talent Review DiscussionCareer Management & Succession Planning
  30. 30. Internal Assessment Center for selection oftalents for key positions.
  31. 31. Trust basedleadership “Life Unlimited” is an online portal which provides two distinct types of services:- Connectwith the last • Counselling support to address and resolve issues that are important for mile employees and their family. Engage & Express • A knowledge portal with self help tools, like- stress audits, various articles on parenting, career issues, relationships. Inspiring excellence Health Initiatives @ Wellness@ IdeaDeveloping Idea people capability Enriching LifeBecoming agood Social citizen
  32. 32. Trust based Blood Donationleadership Drives Connectwith the last mile Engage & Nanhi Kali Express Initiative Inspiring excellenceDeveloping people capability GiveIndia Teach for India Enriching A Payroll Giving Program Our Gen Y Champions Life committed to the cause Being agood Social citizen
  33. 33. We discovered the joy of giving By opening our hearts!
  34. 34. “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” - Jack Welch Thank You