Contents analysis q and vibe


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Contents analysis q and vibe

  1. 1. House Style Rule of Thirds Alix KellyVibe magazine aims at an audience of 18-24 years old. The audience who read the In terms of the rule of thirds, the artist Nikkimagazine tend to be listeners of genres Minaj is set through two sets of lines verticalsuch as RnB, hip-hop and Rap. This and horizontal. This is appealing to thecontents page has a very pale colour audience because they will see she is the mainscheme mixed with black to help the titles importance on the page. Her face is on twoof the pages stand out on the background. intersecting eyes which helps bring theThe colours represent a very vibrant audience’s attention to the image. The contentpop/RnB culture which links to the artist column also lies on the lines which creates aused Nikki Minaj. The typeface used on this professional structure to the reader. As thepage bold for the sub titles which help to main image has been placed on the right handstand out from the pale background. This side of the page, it is where the reader willhelps to point out the important features immediately look because we read from left toto the audience. The ‘V’ is in a thick black right. She is placed at a gesture which helpstypeface which is easily recognisable to the cover the key lines of the rule of thirds. Theseaudience and looks professional because it help to bring out the key features in her faceis similar to the typeface used in the and clothing.column. Design BalanceImagery In terms of design balance, this magazine has balanced the page so that the column of pageThe main image is of the artist Nikki Minaj. numbers is smaller than the image and fit nextThere is high key lighting used on her face to it without overcrowding the main image.and around her. This represents her as an The ‘features’ have been listed evenly next toinnocent girl as she is dressed as a the main image to help balance out the page.princess. This is suitable to the audience This means the page doesn’t look toobecause they know she has an unusual overcrowded by the main image or thedress sense. As the artist is set on the right, features. It also helps make the contents pageshe creates a professional look to the look professional and sophisticated. Theaudience and fits with the house style of features are spaced out so that they are onlinethe magazine. The dominant contrast of with most of the main image which brings thethe artist helps her to stand out and reader to look at both features. As her head isindicates to the audience who the main tilted to the right, it drives the reader to look inarticle will be about. The medium/long the same directions which is where theshot helps to show more of the artist and features are listed.makes her more appealing to theaudience. As she is dressed so unusual itwill make the audience want to read on asthey will want to see if she is wearinganything unusual for the article.
  2. 2. House Style Rule of ThirdsQ magazine isAlix Kelly a target audience of aimed at In terms of the rule of thirds, the artist Adelepeople aged 25 and over. This means their genre has been used to help the audience noticeof music is more sophisticated and the image as soon as they turn onto thecontemporary. Adele fits this genre perfectly and page. The close up image helps to make theis well known for her slow contemporary music. image stand out already, but we can see thatIn terms of the way this magazine has been set Adele’s eyes are on a horizontal line whichout the colours are formal and mature. They are brings the audience to the image becausedull and help make the contents page look image looks sophisticated. The intersectingformal. The typeface is bold and stands out from lines on her eyes and face help the audiencethe colours. This makes it eye catching and to understand what the main story is about.formal as the text is sharp and stands out. The Also the picture is placed on the right handmain image is a medium close up of the singer side of the page, this means that theand stands out to help make it look important audience are going to be drawn to it as weand helps to represent that she is a true talent. read from left to right. But we are moreAs there is red used against white and grey, it likely to be interested in the image first thenhelps to contrast and make the articles stand out read the contents page.more. The colour becomes recognisable as wellbecause it is the same colour that is used on the Design Balancemasthead, so audiences will recognise the redcolour. The use of design balance is very light. The text that is placed next to the main imageImagery isn’t too heavy or overcrowding so it helps to create a professional appeal to the audienceAs the image is a medium close up, it helps to and sticks to the sophisticated look and thebring out the features of the artist. We can see target audience of older people aged 25+.she is flawless and giving a sophisticated gesture At the bottom of the page, the photographposition. The photo has used low key and high and text are well balanced because the textkey lighting on her face to make it stand out. It is small as well as the picture and it has usedhelps to create a strong image and sticks to the the same amount of text set out in columnssophisticated and professional house style. to make it balance with the image. As theThe photograph helps to indicate who the article page has been set out in boxes, it helps tois about. As for the imagery used at the bottom give the audience a sense of professionalism.of the page, we can see there is low key and highkey lighting used on the two different artists.This helps to build a professional house style and Design Symmetrykeeps balance with the imagery. As the low keylighting is used in both images, it helps to blend It’s not symmetricalwith the dull colours that are used in the housestyle. This collaboration helps to appeal to thetarget audience for the magazine.