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Question 5 fin


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Question 5 fin

  1. 1. Question 7How did you attract/address youraudience?By Alix Kelly
  2. 2. CONTENTS• Target audience• Graphs• Front cover• Proof• Contents and Double Page• Proof• Focus Group• Screenshots
  3. 3. Who are my target audience?From looking at my market research, my targetaudience was people aged 16-19. It was aimed atpeople wanting to buy a pop/dance magazine for a lowprice and was interested in plenty of images and artistreviews and interviews. In terms of the content, itincludes articles about clubbing and dancing as well asinterviews of popular dance/pop artists of that genre.
  4. 4. Graphs02468Pop Rock House Indie RnBType of Music0510What do you enjoyreading the most?How often do you read?Once a weekOnce a monthFew times amonthHow much would you spend ona music magazine?0-£1£1.50-£2£2.50-£5 02468NME Kerrang! Nylon Q Rolling StoneWhich magazine would youread?
  5. 5. Front coverThe house style is purple, grey, black and white which helps to createa bright contrast and link to a vibrant atmosphere in a club that isrelevant to that target audience. My cover addresses the audiencebecause it shows the artists on the whole page which helps to makethem stand out. The photography is very bright and theircomposition is jerked to challenge the typical conventions of a musicmagazine. As the target audience is people who enjoy being fun andcreative. Their gesture code is shocked and relaxed together as itshows they are from an active background. In terms of theGuttenberg principle, they are covering all four areas and are luringthe audience in because they are looking directly at the camera.Their eyes cross on intersecting lines to make them stand out. As theimage is portrait, it allows more of the artist to be seen so that theaudiences are more likely to be attracted to it.
  6. 6. PROOF
  7. 7. Contents and Double PageIn the contents, there are more photos used. As the targetaudiences are interested in seeing photos, I have tried to fit inas many photos as I can to help fit the needs of my targetaudience. As the content on the double page spread discussesclubbing in the summer this will attract people to look at placesto go clubbing if they are interested in seeing their favoritebands or artists performing at festivals or gigs in their area. Alot of people will be going to festivals such as cream fields andLeeds so this magazine will focus on articles on thoseoccasions.
  8. 8. PROOF
  9. 9. Focus GroupLooking at the responses from my focus group, all of theages 16-19 liked the magazine. They were attracted to thecolour scheme and the use of house style as it suited bothmale and female audiences. The imagery was strong asthey commented on how the young artist was a way totarget a younger audience. They liked the layout of thedouble page spread as they could see clearly what it wasabout and the language was attracted to a youngeraudience because it is very conversational. The layout ofthe magazine is unique and shows different pictures togive a varied idea of which artist will be in the musicmagazine.•
  10. 10. Areas of improvementI have amended that photos on thecontents page so that they look moreprofessional.