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Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. Question 2How does your media product represent particularsocial groups?In my magazine, age groups are mainly focused on people between 16-23years old. This can be seen through the images as they have young artists onthem and it focuses on clubbing in hot countries which most people betweenthis age group tend to do in the summer holidays. They are represented asvibrant, young and fun members. The artist are wearing shorts and a skirtwith sunglasses which links to the theme of a summer edition as it is gettingto the point where people are booking their summer holidays away to placeslike Ibiza and magaluf which is where most stereotypicalpeople of this age group go away to.In terms of gender, females are seen as more popularand famous. They are dressed club like so they look likedancer and DJs. Their social class is meant to seem anaverage of lower middle class. This is because it will hita wider audience and people will be more appealed toit. For lower middle class people can afford to go awayto places and can afford to go out to clubsregularly.Most people of this genre are seen as regular drinkers and socialgroups. This links to the socializing of dancing and going out.As the colourpurple is used, it is bright and vibrant so it helps to link to the younggeneration and the idea of lights in a club.Middle and upper middle classwon’t be aimed at this magazine because they areseen to be more mature and will pay for a moreexpensive magazine.