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Magazine conventions and_terminology


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Magazine conventions and_terminology

  2. 2. Terminology
  3. 3. What does it mean?Typography: fontA Masthead: The title used by known typography tomake the readers become familiar with what magazinethey are reading.Main Image: Typically showing the person(s) or objectdirectly associated with the main feature/article.Selling line/Strapline: Seen as an introductory headlinebelow the masthead describing the magazine.
  4. 4. Pug: ‘The ears of the magazine’, can either be at thetop left or/and right-hand corners of the front cover.The prices of the paper, the logo or a promotion arepositioned there or even a freebie is placed there tocatch the reader’s eye. Tag: The word or phrase is used to engage a reader’sinterest in a story by categorising it e.g. ‘Exclusive’,‘Sensational’, this showing that the magazine has highcompliments.Coverlines: The essential articles inside the magazineare stated through sell lines, these are regularly seen atthe right hand side of the cover.
  5. 5. Left Third: The left third contains the main featurearticle (Exclusive interview), as this is the core part ofwhat may be inside the magazine. It also includes themain artist or band situated within.Barcode/Issue number/Dateline & Price Top and Bottom Strip: These are the strips below andabove the magazine that give further information towhat may be included in the magazine. Mostly beingthe interesting parts of the magazine.
  6. 6. More terminology!!!Typography:Serif- Fonts with fancy feetSans Serif- Fonts without fancy feetDrop- Cap: T he first letter of the article tends to be in a larger/different/elaborate font.
  7. 7. More terminology!In- House: ‘trademarks’ of the magazine e.g colour scheme= house coloursSlug: ‘In-house’ logo for this particular section’s e.g reviews have a different slug to interviewsEnd marker: fancy/elaborate full stop at the end of the article.Pull Quotes: Enlarged quotes