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Media report

  1. 1. Alix Kelly A2 Media Studies Media Report For my final idea, I am going to produce a local newspaper for the Salford area. My newspaper will include several, typical conventions of a newspaper. Most of my ideas have come from the theory of Steve Neale’s repetition of conventional techniques. For my final product I have decided to do a local newspaper that focuses on crimes within the local area. My newspaper will also include a page based on gossip and celebrity based articles. The genre of my newspaper will mainly be on crime in the local area. The language of the newspaper will be formal towards the older audience on the more serious crime related articles. However, on the celebrity articles, the language will be slightly more informal as it is aimed at the younger end of the audience. The headline I use will be short and snappy, using language that is suitable for the demographic in the area. In terms of the genre and conventions, the colour scheme will be red, white and black. I have chosen these because they will create a dramatic contrast to make the mast head stand out as well as the articles. The colours will attract the target audience of 24-30 as they are quite formal and mature. The house style of the newspaper will be the consistent layout that has been used over the last 100 years. This will keep a professional and sophisticated house style. For the design principle, I will use the rule of thirds and the Guttenberg design to create a professional and dramatic image that the target audience will be attracted to. In my photograph, I will use an image of a man, stood on a white background; this will be the picture of the thug that will be in the article. It will be a close up of his face so the audience can see what he really looks like, and it will also stand out to the audience. When using image editing and manipulation. I will have this picture in black and white, using a brightness and contrast to bring out the details in the man’s face. The audience will see that he looks threatening and dangerous, attracting them to read the newspaper even more. He will also be easily recognisable to the audience because he will be a wellknown thug in the area. Furthermore, the photograph will be a portrait as it is an image on a person. There will also be an image of a house, situated in a busy area. This house will be one of the victims that have fallen to the thief’s destruction. The image will be slightly darkened as the article is negative. The criminal will be well known in the area. For the second page of the celebrity articles, I will use an image of the judges on well-known TV programme the x factor to link the articles and the newspaper together. In terms of iconography, I will use the colour red on my colour scheme because it symbolises importance and danger, which will lure the audience to read the newspaper. For the image of the criminal, I will use the black and white editing because it looks like it is a mug shot from a prison of him or also like he has been caught on CCTV at a local shop. For the layout of a conventional newspaper, I will use slim, detailed columns under the headline. There will be advertisement placed around the articles to give the audience more to read. The advertisements will be of local businesses, charities, job vacancies within the local area.