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Music magazine


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Music magazine

  1. 1. Music magazine cover analysis <br />In this cover they use quite a dull background and have used all the same colouring so it all goes together well, reds are used as it stands out and catches your eye, short captions are used you entice the audience and make them want to see what they are talking about, which celebs it is about ect. Telling you what the magazine will be like inside and what you can read about and find out, this magazine seems more directed to boys from the colours used and the topics being talked about, you can also tell which type of people to magazine is aimed for as Chris brown is on the cover who is a pop, r&b so fans of him and this type of music will buy this magazine. <br />Red is used all over this cover, this cover is really busy and has alot going on, they have used 3 celebrities to advertise the cover, and focussed on white, red and black colouring which makes everything match and look good and also professional , they use alot of side headings to show what the magazine is about and like inside. They do not mind about covering up their own logo, which shows that the company are very widely own as people will know this is NME without having to see the whole logo. <br />This is a very plain cover compared to the others a have analysed, by using the light colours and leaving it quite plain has made it seem as if it would be a more girly magazine and appeal to girls a lot more than it would boys, they use words such as ‘exclusive’ to tell you that you will only read this information in this magazine so what you are reading here you won’t find anywhere else which makes the magazine seem more appealing, they have used pink and dark blue colours, which help make it seem more unisex, although it would still appeal more widely to females, the main head line stating Mary J. Blige is over the top of the actual companies logo, which show as that this issue will mainly be focusing on the celeb, as she is the main focus of the whole front cover. <br />This magazine will be focussed towards rock fans as the band shown on the front are the rock band muse, they have shown that the magazine will contain Free collectable posters, which will entice you as a fan to buy it, they also state about a free CD, they have used light & bright colours, they have then just stated what will be inside the magazine and what this issue is all about ect, they also show that they have a page where you can ask questions with shows that this magazine like to actually interact with their customers & readers, they use big block letters to advertise their product which catches your eye and looks good. <br />This contents page is quite official and also pretty plain, they have began by stating what is featured in the magazine, and also what is in it each month, with an oasis special who are the band shown in the picture & reviews, the colours are really plain using red to hi-light the headlines, they have left the rest with a white background, also black has been used the hi-light titles.<br />This contents page is much less formal and is using a more sex appeal approach and a more modern looking page, you can tell that this a women’s magazine from the headlines being fashion which would mainly be used in a female magazine, this magazine also uses the headline of features, to let the reader now what is going to be inside the magazine, light & dark greys are used in this magazine which makes it look modern and seductive.<br />This contents page is pretty plain and focussed on the picture instead of the writing with the picture being in the centre of the page and the writing down to the left; they have laid it out as departments, seen & u style <br />This is a lot more busy and colourful than the other contents pages and they have used more than one picture to make it more eye-catching and also showing that there will be a lot entered in the magazine, red and black links to the gothic like style and the style of the magazine and helps to make everything stand out.<br />A big title is used with capitals and blacked out background which stands out it is a quote from lily Allen we know this has she is the only person pictured on this page, also showing a quote shows us that this is most likely going to be an interview with the star. <br />This looks quite formal from first impressions we can tell that this is either an interview or a review someone has wrote about her life or current work, i think this layout is nice and i like how it all links together and the bright red L what stands out and looks good.<br />This is clearly either about the black eyed peas or linked to them from the picture of them being presented, the colours are quite dull and the writing used is very tiny, i would not pick this kind of lay out for my work. <br />This has mainly focussed of the picture and used little writing, they have used bright colouring and made it stand out with colour. <br />