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  1. 1. The masthead. A large, dominanticon. Making it clear what thetitle of the magazine is.The main image. A verysophisticated model. Tosuit the magazine.Barcode and price. Shown clearly, sothe audience can read it clearly.Cover stories. Shown inbanners, so they standout at the top and thebottom of the front cover.In my media work, I have shown the forms and conventions of real mediaproducts, mainly on my front cover.
  2. 2. This vogue magazine is where I got myinspiration for my front cover. I liked how itwasn’t too colourful and how it was set out likea poster. The bold writing for the main storystood out, so I created something I liked, andknew would stand out.The image inspired me too. The model on thismagazine from this front cover is pouting andlooks serious and sophisticated. Like mymodel, she is pouting and looking quiteserious. To give the theme of my magazine, Ihave set my magazine out to besophisticated, and aimed it at young adults.Young adults don’t want to see immaturephotos, of a group of friends. They wouldprefer to see a photo of a women that has astory behind why she is there and how she gotthere.
  3. 3. My music magazine front cover, is a very sophisticated magazine. Which is how Iwanted it to be, a very clear main image, with neutral colours. My pop/fashionmagazine is very poster like. I wasnt intending to do it like that at the beginning buthow it has turned out I like it, because it looks sophisticated and grown up. Also thebright red lipstick on my models face stands out, because there is just one lot of boldcolour throughout the front cover, contents page and double page spread.The theme stays with the magazine throughout the front cover, contents page anddouble page spread. Black and white are very plain and very neutral colours but Iwanted it to be different from all the other colourful magazines, I wanted to bedifferent with the colour scheme.
  4. 4. On the contents page I took the mastheadfrom the front cover and brought it ontothe contents page to keep the theme goingand to make it look like a real magazine.I used columns to separate the regularsfrom the features. I got the inspiration forthis from magazines I read, most magazinesseem to separate the regulars from thefeatures, to make it clearer and easier forthe audience to read. With it beingseparated it is a lot easier for the audienceto navigate.
  5. 5. This magazine was my inspiration for my contentspage, it is similar in many ways but also verydifferent. This magazine has brought themasthead over to the contents page, like how Ihave with my masthead. Also this contents pageis set out in columns, separating features andevery month, which is regulars. This contents alsohas the issue date on the contents page, and thatis what I have done with my contents page.
  6. 6. My double page spread is also verysimilar to the theme throughout themagazine, I kept a very clear housestyle. The colours , the model, thefont of my writing. The heading ofmy double page spread‘Childerhouse, is very bold and bigso it stands out over everything else,to draw the attention of the readerin and then they will read the pageand her interview. The stand firsthelps this happen as well, a shortparagraph that is persuasive andAttention grabbing, to make the reader want to read the interview behind the pullquote and the stand first. The pull quote also matches the theme of themagazine, black and white sophisticated theme.
  7. 7. My music magazine represents a certain social group, I have made my magazine forteenage/young adult girls. This is represented through the colour of the magazine, andhow it is carried out through the whole magazine. Teenage girls and young adult girlsare all about their music, all about their fashion and all about life in general. The freegiveaways in my magazine appeal to my intended audience because they would love tohave free posters of there favourite pop stars and fashion icons.My music magazine is based on music, fashion and life, what girls think about daily.Girls at their teenage years and coming up to being young adults, think about how theycould be, they think how things could be different and how they could improve theiroverall appearance, to match their favourite pop star or favourite fashion icon. Whichis one of the reasons there isn’t a lot of images on my magazine because girls feelrubbish about themselves if they do not have the perfect figure or have the perfectmakeup.One of my cover lines is ‘true stories: International Adeles heartbreak’ putting a truestory into my magazine is showing teenage girls and young adult girls that noteverything is perfect with the most famous people.My music magazine most definitely represents teenage girls and young adult girls.With all there problems, and their love of fashion and music.
  8. 8. The kind of media institution that might distribute mymedia product would be Ipc media, I have looked on the Ipcmedia website and the magazines they distribute are how Iwanted my magazine to look. Sophisticated and not too full.I would like Ipc to distribute my magazine because it’s theright institution for my magazine. Ipc look like theydistribute sophisticated magazines, which is what I want formy professional magazine.
  9. 9. Looking back at my preliminary task, I have learnt many things. When I produced my collegemagazine, I didnt really know how to work Photoshop, it was knew to me and I found it hardto use. Also my images are simple and boring. But as I was working through my preliminarytask I kept thinking of things that I could add into my final piece, that I learnt from just havinga play with Photoshop. My music magazine is very more mature than my college mazgine, asyou can see through the imagery and just overall text. There is also a theme that goes throughthe music magazine. The college magazine didnt have an overall theme.The masthead on my music magazine is spread acrossthe top of the page to grab the attention of theaudience. I also used a more formal sans serif font, tomake it look more sophisticated.the cover lines on my music magazine arecompletely different to the ones on my collegemagazine. On my music magazine I have made myfront cover look more like a poster, to show theaudience that I wanted it to sophisticated and Idont need loads of cover lines to make itinteresting and eye catching.
  10. 10. I like the fact that most people saidthe image, and the model. That iswhat I wanted. The image is meantto stand out. Its a beautifulpicture, the model looks verysophisticated, so it sets the themefor the magazineAll the improvements the audience havesaid are completely understandable. Thecolour scheme is black and white, becasue iwanted my magazine to be different, mostpop magazines are full of colour, but notmine, its different.
  11. 11. I was happy with what the audience saidon this question, on a couple of thequestions the contents page has beenbrought up. The contents page is theone I want to improve if I have the time.The front cover could have a few extracover lines. I respect what thereaudience have to say and I will try andimprove them as best I can.
  12. 12. I took into account the audience feedback Ireceived, and what the audience found thebiggest fault with my production, and that wasmy contents page. People said that it looked tocluttered and lacked colour, so I decided toimprove it. I added more colour and I spacedthe text out a lot more. Which now I feel morehappy with it, because it looks more like aprofessional magazine. But it still keeps thehouse style and keeps the same colours andthe sophisticated theme.
  13. 13. At the start of my preliminary task I didn’t have a clue how to use Photoshop, butduring this task I learnt some necessary skills that I would use in my pop magazine.Doing this task it gave me practice on Photoshop and it really was helpful, because ifI had gone straight into my pop magazine I wouldn’t have a clue how to produce aprofessional magazine. But now I have improved on my preliminary task andproduced a professional pop magazine. The masthead on my college magazinedoesn’t stands out enough to be on a professional magazine, it needs to be biggerand bolder so it stands out to the audience.The masthead is bold andIt stands out to the audience.It is also very easy to read.The masthead on mycollege magazine, is notvery bold and it isnt aseasy to read