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Magazine analysing

  1. 1. The font used is also simple and boring however becauseThe main logo and they use different font sizesname of the magazine trying to create a box with thebig font and takes up words put close together. Thisquite a bit of the top left allows more space to bringhand corner. This out the picture from behind.blocks out part Cheryl’shead. I dislike this Simple colour scheme of red,because covers up the white, black and grey althoughmain focus instead the the red is a little too dark it canshould have either put still stand out from the darkthe logo behind her background. The colours theyhead or made the logo chose actually work togethersmaller because it’s the rather than using multiplebiggest box on the colours for each One main picture of a well known celebrity popping up They try not to give much in the charts. They try to away apart from which create a vulnerable vibe in bands are in the order to lure the men and a magazine, makes it sexy look in order to make easier for the reader to women want to be more like know what is in store for her. them. The boxes around the names of the
  2. 2. This contents page is very clean,crisp and basic, this gives a verysophisticated feel.The red, black and white colourtheme is carried across from thefront cover, this keeps someconsistency and theme throughthe magazine. The contentspage is well divided in columns,the columns are titled in boldwhite text on red background. The red numbers are mediumsized and stand out on the whitepage.The large photo on the right handside of the page helps promoteone of the higher profile articlesin the magazine, as well as makethe contents page look moreinteresting.In Q magazine, there is usually asecond contents page, this isbecause of vast amount ofcontent that is in the magazine.
  3. 3. This double page spread from "Q" magazine April 2010, has a simple design, with one page dedicated to an imageand the other to the article. The article is on the pop cultural phenomenon and controversial music star - LadyGaga. The image on the left page, sees a mid-shot of Gaga, with her upper torso and head visible. She is nakedand much of flesh is exposed, with her hands and a metal chain necklace covering the more revealing areas. Inthe photograph the model is posing The artist naked is both for controversy, which gains both the artist and themagazine an audience, and for sexual image and attraction. This very issue is very controversial, with Gagacovering the issue with a strap-on penis as part of her outfit and her upper half exposed, this got the issue bannedin Barnes & Noble, the largest book retailer in the United States. However this was not a negative for the issue, asit gained the star and the magazine, press coverage and got people interested in the cover, to see what it lookslike and to purchase it. Her hair is styled to be wild, eccentric and untamed, this represents the artist to have awild, crazy and eccentric personality that cannot be tamed. The image itself has been edited in post-production intoblack and white, to create mood and a dramatic effect, and to give her the look of an old film star - commentingthat she is already a massive star and will survive the test of time in her career.
  4. 4. The front cover is mostly took up by a medium close-uppicture of Britney Spears against a grey background.Grey represents style and lightness, which also links tothe picture as Britney is wearing a grey top, and islaughing so giving the impression she has no problemsand also she is a style icon to some people. Themasthead is in italic white writing and is partly coveredby the image, which is a convention usually used. Theimage of Britney is one of her laughing and looking likethe typical all-American girl which is a look most popstars use. The main headline links to the image and isdone in yellow and white. Yellow represents happinesswhich links to the picture of Britney laughing and yellowalso represents positiveness which is what sherepresents because she has managed to overcome herproblems. White is often associated with pureness,which is how pop stars are meant to come acrossbecause they are role models for young teenagers.There is an issue number and date line at the top right ofthe page. The main and other cover lines are down theleft hand side of the page next to the image on the right.The other cover lines are done in smaller writing and usethe same font as the main. The hot issue is wrote incapitals and surrounded by a red box which is aconnotation of heat. The main colours used are yellow,grey and white. Yellow represents happiness andpositiveness which is what is shown in the image. Whiteis often used to show pureness and peace which is howthe pop industry wants their artists to come across. Greyshows respect which shows Britney is a respected artist,but also stylishness again linking to how Britney is seen.
  5. 5. This magazine also follows through thehouse styles of the front cover, this seemsto be the same with all magazines, so it isa convention that the audience expect;having a house style following through themagazine. This contents page appears tobe similar to the Q magazine one with itsmore sophisticated and professional feel. Ithas clearly marked areas with differentfeatures in, and unlike the other two it givesmore detail of what the features are aboutwith a brief summary. There are also moreimages which link to each of the moremajor features. This contents page is alsopretty much monochromatic except for thered hints, which are very minute. Thisappeals well to the target audience as itsmore grown up and has a better feel to it.It represents everything in an actual way asit is, not in a stereotypical way as it wantseverything to be represented as it is inreality.
  6. 6. This double page spread is quite disorganised compared to thelikes of the other two Ive looked at, which is unusual as thecontents and front cover of Rolling Stone appear to convey a moreadult, proffesional look. Although I do like the contrast between thesophisticated parts and more unorganised parts, I like the collagelike effect of this double page spread and the differences betweenthe pictures. I also like the way it looks as though theyre justpictures cut out and placed over one another, it gives it a morecreative DIY effect. Theres not really a main headline to thesepages, which is unusual for a magazine, although any titles couldbe on a previous page if this is an ongoing story though more thantwo pages. The pages do follow a house style with the similarlycolour photos and pinks, whites and reds. There is also a headinein the top margin reading Madonna. All of the main writing islocated right down the right hand side, except for a part in thecentre.
  7. 7. The title as always with NME magazine is in the top left handcorner. The colours they have used for the title this time are redwith a white outline and the white outline then outlined with ablack outline. This is sticking to NMEs normal colour scheme ofblack, white and red. As I am basing my magazine on the NMEstyle I am also going to be putting my title in the top left handcorner and it is going to be in a large, red font. The main imageon this cover is actually more towards the right hand side ratherthan centred like where they normally have the image. Againboth people are staring right at the reader to draw their attentionto the magazine.The main colours used for this magazine are very obvious onthis front cover. They are red, white and black (what NMEnormally use as their colour scheme). I am using this colourscheme for my magazine as NME is the style I am using. Theonly part of the front cover that is completely different is thepiece of font that says ‘Jack White’s shock new album out thisweek’ as that is partly in yellow font. Also the font in the bar atthe top of the page which says ‘Studio News’ is in yellow as well.This tells the reader that this is important information as it is in acompletely different colour to the rest of the font so theyare obviously wanting the readers to notice this straight away.As the main image is more to the right hand side of the pagethey have put most of the text on the left hand side in one bigcolumn. They have made the text more into a bullet point formas they have stated the little sub titles and then put a descriptionwith each of them. Bullet point form is a really easy way for thereader to be able to see what different bands and topics are inthis magazine. There is a bar going along the top of the pagewhich separates out that font from the rest. This means that themagazine is wanting to reader to notice this straight away aswell as it must be an important piece of information to read aboutas it is separated from the rest of the font.
  8. 8. Like the Q magazine contents page the NME one alsofollow all of the front cover house styles through to thecontents page, this gives the magazine continuity andallows the reader to identify that the contents page isfrom the same magazine. Unlike the contents page ofQ magazine the NME one appears to want to give off amore street sort of look, it wants to interest the readerand make the features seem more exciting and bold.Also, unlike Q it features a band index for the readerto quickly find their favourite bands and locate them inthe magazine. Theres not really any main photos onthis contents page as it all seems heavily graphicsbased. The target audience; younger music fans; wouldappreciate the design of this contents page as itappears to look more young and bright than that of Qmagazine. It wants to represent the musicians in a funsort of way which sees them as cool young people aswell as talented artists. This lets the readers connectwith the artists as underneath the fame and fortunethey have similar sorts of lifestyles.
  9. 9. This double page spread features a large image, similar to the Q magazine doublepage spread. The image features a USA flag which relates to the word USA in thebackground, this is also red and white which relates back to the masthead coloursfor NME. Also, Florence Welch has red hair which is the only colour outside ofwhites and greys which features on this double page spread. The writing is all to thebottom right hand corner which leaves more space to the dominant image ofFlorence. This portrays Florence as a powerful woman, and her stance in the photoalso strengthens this point as she looks omnipotent. The headline USA got the loveis also a play on words from Florence and The Machines You got the love song.This double page spread as a whole gives off a more sophisticated look for NMEmagazine as usually their stuffs more thrown together than set out in aprofessional manner. This would appeal to the target audience as it features amodern pop star and has bold colours, such as the striking reds.