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Analysis cover


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Analysis cover

  1. 1. The headline is in top right hand corner of the page. This shows that the magazine is well known because they don’t feel that they have to have it big covering the page. The image takes up almost three quarters of the page. It is a medium close up shot of the two artists. This evokes the idea that the people on the front cover are very important and that they might be the main story in the magazine. Also, they are styled the same, this suggests that they are double act, their stance of ‘back to back’ shows that they are together. The main headline is the biggest one on the page. This is a good effect to have as it emphasises the importance of the story. Also, it links with the image, this also shows the priority of the interview. The pug is used to capture the attention of the audience. This particular pug is trying suggest that this album is really important and that it needs to be seen. There are more smaller headlines down the right hand side of the cover. This shows that these are important within the magazine because they made the cover, but not as important as the main headline that is spread across the page. The colour scheme is made up of only 4 colours, and these are used repeatedly all over the cover. Red is the company colour so this is used more than any other.
  2. 2. The masthead is in the corner of the page. Due to it being bright red it stands out against everything else on the page. This shows the magazines importance, as well it will appeal to customers buying it. The background image is a long shot and shows the persons importance, as it fills almost the magazine from head to toe. The way the singer is styled fits in with the colour scheme due to her pale skin, black outfit and red hair and lips. Due to her being bigger than all of the famous landmark buildings around the world in the background this shows that she is big and well known, it might also suggest that she is going to take over the music world or known all over the world. The pug in the corner of the cover is displaying to the audience something really exciting in the magazine. It does this by standing out from the rest of the cover. The main headline is on the right hand side of the cover. Due to it being in a bigger font than the other headlines shows that this is a large story and the main part of the magazine. The name of the artist that this main headline is starring, and is the name of the artist on the cover has been put into a different font than the other writing. This shows that she is the main feature in the magazine. Also, having a quote of hers underneath her name, suggests that there is an interview with her.
  3. 3. The masthead is spread across the top of the magazine. Due to it being very big and filling the width of the page, it shows that the magazine is large and very important. The image is the used as the background. This shot is a medium close up shot. She has been made to look very glamorous and her facial expression is very angelic and innocent. Girls reading this magazine want to be like her because she looks flawless. Above the masthead is the magazine slogan, this might interest the readers in buying the magazine because it is a special issue. It can attract the readers and may be the reason they purchase the magazine. The headlines are situated on the right hand side of the magazine. This show the reader the main stories in the magazine, usually the bigger headline relates to the background image. Headlines show the audience what the magazine has inside, before they buy it. So if there is a story they might like to read this helps them choose which magazine to buy. The main headline links with the artist on the cover. This shows the audience that she will be the main feature to the magazine as her headline is the biggest. Also, it shows that she is a well known singer because they only have her name and a small caption that says superstar. Due to it not saying what her professions is this also shows that people don’t need to be told what she does because they already know. The target audience for this magazine can be both boys and girls. This specific issue might be more towards girls due to the singer on the front, but due to it being a rock issue it shows that it is for boys too. The colours are unisex because there is no stereotypical colours of blue and pink. White appears a young colour making the magazine suitable for the older and younger generations.