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  1. 1. Magazine researchIn this task I will be researching four types of magazine covers and analysing thegenre, design and layout. The four magazines are Vibe, Q, Clash and Billboard, Iwill start off by analysing the Vibe magazine.From this particular magazine the genre is clear, it is a R&B specialist magazine,The publication predominantly features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors andother entertainers, in this particular magazine it shows young jeezy, and it is amedium close up of him which shows the facial expression of the musician. Thedesign of the magazine cover contains a lot of information, the title takes a lot ofthe space along the top of the page which ensures that it can be read clearly, justabove the title there are other well known R&B artists. The sub-headings have arange of information which are about different topics , this can be effective forsome, as they are able to see information which they find interesting, however itcan be boring for others because it is not related to music or anything whichinterest them, as well as this some may feel that there is far too much informationon the page, this yet again can bore the reader, so I will ensure that I providebalanced information, ensuring that the page is not overcrowded
  2. 2. From the magazine you The title of thecan see the image takes magazine isup a lot of the space, written in big, boldthis is very effective letters, this isbecause the viewers because themain attention should viewer can identifybe on the musician the name of thehimself magazine clearly,The barcode is it also makes itportrait, this is very look professionalunusual and adds aunique touch to themagazine
  3. 3. The colours used in this magazine are plain and boring, they are black, red andwhite. The colours have not been combined well to attract customers , althoughthe main focus is the artist himself, the colours do not help attracting an audience,this can be off-putting for some users as there are no unique selling points apartfrom the actual artist. The colour red symbolizes blood and danger and love,black represent power, these colour may have deeper meanings, however in thiscase they have not been combined appropriately. I will ensure that I use rightcolours which are combined well to ensure that I attract my target audience. Thelayout of the magazine follows the standard conventions of existing magazineswhere they have located the title at the top and the sub-heading to the left andright hand side of the main image as and barcode and date to the left which isportrait, this is usually landscape, but I believe it works well and gives it a neatfinish, in terms of layout I believe it is successful as it is presented clearly andconcisely.
  4. 4. I will now analyse my second cover which is the Q magazine, the first thing whichstands out from the page is the main image which is a close up of “MichaelJackson”, this allows the viewer see the facial expressions more clearly . The genreis very clear, this is because Michael Jackson is also known as the “king of pop” sothis shows that the magazine is pop genre, the image takes up much of the roomwithin the cover as this is the main focus and is the main attraction which I believe issuccessful because the viewer will find the image interesting straightaway and wantto know more about why he is the main focus. In terms of design the Q magazinefollows the same structure for the other existing magazines, the Q logo is alwayssituated in that place as well as the writing across the top. The information on thepage is mostly to the right of the image so there are space remaining on the lefthand side, this is a negative as the information looks overcrowded on one side, andis hard to read, this is no good to the reader- which means that they will not be keenon buying this particular magazine, the information should distributed appropriatelywhere it can be read easily and clearly. Moreover some of the information is notrelated to music, which can be another reason why they magazine is unsuccessfulas they have not provided potential customers with the necessary information.
  5. 5. In this particular magazine they have combined colours really well and made thefront cover look attractive, the main colours are red, black and white, the colour redsymbolizes love and passion, black represents power and white represents purity,they all have deeper meanings which add extra interests, these colours are allcommon colours used in all there existing magazines which gives it a consistentlook and ensures that they keep this colour theme continuous in all there newreleases, I will take this into consideration when creating my own magazine. Thedesign of this magazine is clear and concise as there are nothing scattered oruneven which may effect the overall look of the magazine.
  6. 6. I will now analyse my third magazine cover which is Clash, the genre of thisparticular magazine can be identified straightaway, it is R&B, this is because ofthe artist who is Jayz and is most associated to this genre. The layout of thismagazine is pretty basic and minimal, there is hardly information on the pagewhich can affect the number of people wanting to buy it, it looks plain and boringas there is nothing which interests them in any way, however the clash magazinemay have purposely done this so that the main image is the focus and thecustomer will see this R&B rapper and make them want to purchase themagazine, I would definitely avoid doing this because there is no particularinformation which interests me. The colours used in this magazine are grey,black, white and gold, these colours once combined look very well together andmake the page standout, the background colour works well with font colours .The layout follows the standard conventions of existing magazine covers as thetitle is at the top alongside a border at the top and the information at the bottomand the right hand side of the page, the barcode is situated in the wrong place Ibelieve, this is because it is far too up the page and looks out of place, it issomething which I will avoid when creating my own as it affects the overall lookof the magazine.
  7. 7. The title is aligned tothe left and should be The contrasting coloursmore central as this is are combined well andone of the main selling enhance the look of thepoints, it has an odd magazinedesign which does notlook effective.There is minimal The barcode and dateinformation on the are portrait and is farmagazine which too up the page whichmakes it look boring again does not lookand unappealing effective
  8. 8. I will now analyse the fourth magazine, this is the Billboard magazine. By looking at themagazine I am able to tell what the genre of this magazine cover is, it is R&B, this isbecause of the artist who is Beyonce and is most associated to this genre. The layoutof this particular magazine follows the standard conventions of existing magazines, ithas the main image which takes up much of the room, this is a unique selling pointwhich is purposely done to make customers buy the magazine, I believe this issuccessful as it is eye-catching and attracts instant attention. The sub-articles can befound on the left and right hand side of the main image, they have used the spaceappropriately ensuring that every part of the page is used. The magazine is dedicatedto beyonce, so most of the sub articles are about her, I would say that the magazinecan be both male and female magazine, this is because they may like the musicproduced by the artist, however on the magazine it states “women’s music” this mayrefer to female, but I believe it would be suitable for both genders. The colours used inthis magazine are black, white and blue, these colours once combined work effectively,the black colour of the background contrasts well with the white dress worn byBeyonce, this looks really effective and looks professional as its main aim is to standout from the page. The font colour is also white this works effectively as it stands outfrom the page.
  9. 9. The design and structure of the magazine is another element which I likeas it stands out and looks really effective, the magazine have locatedeach item appropriately which gives the magazine cover a professionaland neat finish, the magazine includes shades of blue which looks asthough it is gradually fading, this is very effective and gives the magazinea unique look.
  10. 10. The title is spread The main image takesout evenly across up much of the roomthe top of the page which is main focusand cover a lot of and I believe it worksspace, this is really effectively as it standseffective as its duty out from the pageis to stand out andensure it can beread easily. The space around the page is used effectively which makes the reader want to read on.