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Horror questionnaire analysis.docx

  1. 1. Adaeze Ndakoji Horror questionnaire analysis I gave 50 people my questionnaire to fill out. The first question on my questionnaire asked the respondent’s What Age Group Do you Belong To? age. Half of them were 16 to 20 years old. As this age group was my target 11yrs- audience I gave more of them my 21+yrs 15yrs 26% 24% questionnaires to fill out as my trailer 16yrs- would be aimed at them. Their ideas 20yrs and preferences would be the most 50% useful and I could base my trailer around them. 100% of the people I asked answered that they enjoyed horror movies therefore all their answers were useful and valid. Do you enjoy Horror Movies ? 50 40 30 Series1 20 10 0 Yes No What horror subgenre do you prefer?Vampire The majority of my respondents chose supernatural as their preferred sub-genre. ThisZombie contributed to us choosing to make a Sci-Fi Series1 supernatural trailer because it was the most popular and also supernatural horrors are quite Slasher on trend at the moment. 0 10 20 30 Out of the 21 people who chose supernatural genre as their favourite, 17 of those people
  2. 2. Adaeze Ndakojichose paranormal activity as their favourite film. The rest chose the Blair witch project. Ibelieve that because most of my respondents were young teenagers they could relatemore to a movie like paranormal activity, out of all the supernatural movies. The use ofthe hand held footage is also relevant to young people also who are interested intechnology and also older young people who came from the video age. That is also whywe chose to shoot some of our film with hand held footage.The least favoured horror film was the Saw movies. The reasons some people gave is thatthe movies were just all pure gore and had no story to it which decreased the scare factor.Also people wrote that the fact that the franchise had been drawn out for so long thatthey were no longer scary and became predictable.Out of my 50 respondents 36 of Do you prefer a girl or boy to be the leadthem chose a girl as their character ?preferred choice in a horrormovie. With the results from thisquestion and the fact that girls aslead characters in horror movies is Girliconography we decided to use a Boygirl as out lead for the trailer. Notonly that, but we chose to havethe majority of the characters inthe trailer to be girls. The four most popular villains chosen were Freddy Kruger, Jason,Michael Myers and the demon from paranormal activity. The top three villains were fromslasher movies; this is because they were the central characters in the movies. One of the
  3. 3. Adaeze Ndakojimain reasons audiences go to see slasher movies is because of the villain. However thedemon in paranormal activity was the least popular. I think this is because people don’twatch supernatural movies to see a demon or spirit, they go to see the effects and horrorthat the demon or spirit causes. This made me come to the conclusion that the demondoes not have to be seen in out trailer as it is not that important. Also the fact that youcannot see the villain does make it scarier in some cases, because what the imaginationcreates is much more terrifying that what we can ever put in to film. Most of the respondents chose to see the villain survive rather than die. This favoured our trailer because the villain could not be seen, so we would not be able to show it dying. I believed that respondents preferred this because it indicated that the story was not over and the villain could come back. If a horror movie ends to happily then it can absolve all the horror and terror you oncefelt. A good horror movie should still be able to scare you long after you have watched it.Darkness, Big house, teenagers,and isolation were the fourmost popular conventionschosen by my respondents.Therefore I tried to incorporateall these elements into outtrailer. All of our characters areteenagers in an isolateddeserted big school at night. Wereally listened to what ourtarget audience wanted tomake sure we got the besttrailer possible.
  4. 4. Adaeze Ndakoji99% of the respondents preferred the trailer to leave them guessing, so we decided to notgive a lot away in our trailer. However we didn’t want the audience to feel clueless aboutwhat was going on so we still made sure we told a story.