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Primary audience research


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Primary audience research

  1. 1. Primary Audience research In this task, I made a questionnaire which contains 7 questions . In this questionnaire , I have asked 21 people of mixed age and gender, and through comparing I have got some information and this is my result. (The whole questionnaire is divided into two parts.) Q1.Have you watched horror films before? view of horror Yes,I am a big fan. Yes, but I dont like them Yes, but I am scared to watch No, I have never watched them.As we can see, most of people have never watched horror movie. When I was doingthis research, I asked some people if they watched horror films, they answered ‘no’without hesitating. They seemreally hate horror films.And some people may have watched a few, but they don’t like it . Some people thinkthat is too horrible to watch . So some people answered ‘Yes, I have, but I am veryscared’. In their views , they want to watch them sometimes because it is incidentindeed, but they are afraid.Just four over 21 of audiences who I have asked are the big fan of the horror films.
  2. 2. Q2. How do you feel about the Horror film? feel about horror Incident Terrible InterestingThis chart is divided into nearly three equal parts. Some people think horror isincident while some people think it is terrible as well as some people think it isinteresting.But most of people think watching horror films is exciting. In total Yes No However, most of people have watched horror movies whatever they like it or not. Then , I asked 13 people who have ever watched horror films more extra questions about the horror films.
  3. 3. Q3.Do you prefer watching horror in cinema or at home? Home CinemaWhen I asked this question, most of people said: ‘at home’ .‘I think I would put my baby bear in my arms when I watching horrormovie.’‘I prefer at home because if I can’t continue watching it I can turn off it asquickly as possible’ ...Horror is not a popular genre because of its horrible plot and scary shot .But there are still a lot of audiences want to watch it with their hugecuriosities. So in this situation, people would prefer watching horror athome to watching it in cinema. So that the sales volume of tickets willnot be large but the horror is still a hot genre of the movies.
  4. 4. Q4.What sub-genre do you like most from the horror genre? type Comedy horror Gothic horror Supernature horror Science fiction horror Slasher As we can see most people like watching science fiction horror. Comedy horror and supernature horror are also hot sub-genre. But less people like Gothic horror . Such as The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula they are Gothic horror. People who have selected it are old adults.
  5. 5. Q5.What is your favourite setting? setting Residential area Forest Haunted building Historical location Isolation As we can see, Residential area, Forest , Haunted building and Historical lacation own the same polls. And we can found that the horror movies in recent years are set in the residential area and haunted building most. Less people prefer isolation .
  6. 6. Q6.What features scare you most? features scare audiences most The sound The Dark lighting The unknown This question had another options before .One is monster another is ghost. But nobody selected that two options. Most people thought that the sound effect of the horror movies scares them most. Some people thought that the unknown things is the most horrible points in horror.
  7. 7. Q7.What age group would you like to see within a movie? age group Teenagers Young Adults Adults Old Adults As we can see, most people prefer adults characters in the horror films. ‘I don’t like teenagers acting the horror, they will act stupid and make some stupid things. I hate they screaming , shouting or something else.’ ‘I hate children and old people in the horror. Children are always creepy in the horror . And old adults look horrible with their wrinkle and sagging skin .’ Those people who selected teenagers and young adults are under 20 years old, they selected teenagers and young adults for seeing the movie stars I think.