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Questionnaire Results


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Questionnaire Results

  2. 2. What we did…In order to create a film that appealed mostto our target audience of young adults wecreated a survey asking questions abouttheir favourite aspects of a horror movie. Wewill then consider the results andfurthermore try to make a film that includesthe most popular aspects. In theory, thisshould make our film a success.
  3. 3. How often do you watch horrormovies? This question gives us an idea of how often our target audience watch horror films. The results show that the majority of the people we asked watch horror films a few times a month. It also shows that 5 people said they watch horror films hardly ever. This suggests we may not have chosen a suitable sample to answer our questionnaire, due to they may not have much interest in horror films.
  4. 4. What is your favourite type ofhorror movie? Our results show that our audience prefer slasher and psychological horror films. This gives us an idea of what to base our film on. Furthermore, from research of other horror films we have decided a psychological film would be most realistic for our production for the resources we have.
  5. 5. Which element of a horror moviescares you most? From this question results show that the tension build up is commonly the scariest part of a horror film. This gives us the information we need to focus on in order to create the most effective horror film for our audience.
  6. 6. What type of villain scares youmost? From these results the most common results show that an unnatural or unknown identity villain scares our audience the most. This could be because of the feeling of not knowing creating fear. From these results, as a high number of our audience selected unnatural, we will use this for our horror film. This has also worked in our favour as unnatural is also the easiest option for our resources to create an effective villain.
  7. 7. Which of these popular horrorseries do you like the most? For this question we chose four well-known, popular horror movies in which our audience are likely to recognise. The results show that Paranormal Activity is the most popular. This has now given us inspiration of what we could include in our horror film as we can know study Paranormal Activity to get ideas for our own horror movie.
  8. 8. What method of murder do youconsider the most horrifying in amovie? For our horror movie, we previously decided we wanted to include some form of murder. However, we weren’t sure on how we wanted it to happen. So in this question we wanted to find out the most effective form of murder that our audience prefer. From our results, it’s clear that supernatural is the most preferred form of murder. This helps us create an effective storyline which fits around the audience’s preference.
  9. 9. Do you prefer a male or femalevillain? When planning our horror film we felt unsure of what gender the villain should be and which would be for effective/scary. From this question results show that a male villain is the most popular. So we took our results into consideration and agreed within the group that a male villain is the most suitable for our horror film (to meet the needs of our audience).
  10. 10. What setting in a horror moviewould most scare you? From looking at a range of locations we had mixed opinions on what location would be best. From this questionnaire it’s clear to see that a familiar location is the most popular for our audience. This could be due to creating fear of it happening to the audience as they can relate to the environment and situation. From this, we have decided in a home is the most familiar location, therefore will be most effective.