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  1. 1. What is a thriller A thriller is the genre given to amovie, in which the plot is exciting
  2. 2. Themes• Reality• Identity• Death• Terrorism• Politics• Conspiracy• Pursuit• Romance
  3. 3. Thrillers: Movies
  4. 4. Inside ManSummary: A group of people enter a bank. They look as if they arejust ordinary bank robbers, but they have a hidden agenda, it alllooks as if its gone wrong but they have a plan.Themes:Reality:The bank in the film is real. Sudden bank robberies are a seriousthreat, especially to big banks, like the one featured in the movie.Thus the fact that all of what happens in the movie ispossible, makes the movie very exciting.Death:Death is used in the film to reengage the audience just as the storybegins to get a bit dull. The death comes as a shock to the audienceas they don’t believe the gang in the bank are capable of murder.
  5. 5. Inside ManIdentity:The gang in the film all use code names, and wearoveralls and masks, as well as this the hostages are forcedto wear the same clothing as the gang, this made itimpossible to tell who was part of the gang and whowasn’t, adding suspense when the police have a plan toenter the bank and shoot gang members on sight.Composure:The leader of the gang keeps a calm composure throughthe film, this makes his threats and demands that muchmore serious, thus when the police don’t believe what heis capable of suspense builds.
  6. 6. Clive OwenHeight: 1.89mAge when film was released: 41Why is he perfect for a thriller:The way in which he speaks gives a false sense ofsecurity to the audience, this makes t all the moreshocking when he does something the audienceassume to be out of character for him, for examplekilling someone.
  7. 7. The Bourne identitySummary: A man is found wounded in the ocean by fisherman, they pull himonto the boat and attempt to treat his wounds, whilst the man isunconscious. He suddenly awakes and soon realises that he has no memoryof who he is or any past events. He finds a chip implanted in his body whichtakes him on a journey to a safe deposit box in a bank, he finds severalpassports all with his picture, as well as a gun, and money, in many differentcurrencies. From that point on, he embarks on a journey to find out the truthabout his past.Themes:Reality: It is filmed in real locations, this adds a realistic element to thefilm, as a result the audience is able to believe whats going on in the film.Where as they may not be able to believe a movie set in space.
  8. 8. The Bourne identityPolitics:The organisation that Bourne works for is a secret government organisation, thismakes the film exciting as it makes the audience wonder if organisations like thiscould actually exist in the real world. This again adds realism.Pursuit:Bourne is being pursued by the government, this builds tension as the audienceknows danger is never far away.Conspiracy:Bourne is being hunted down but not everybody in the organisation knows whyhe is being hunted. This adds suspense.Death:Many people die. However this doesnt’t actually add tension as the audienceknow Bourne wont die, because if he did there wouldnt’t be much of a story left.Identity:The audience find out about Bournes past at the same time he does, this addsexcitement as you don’t know that he is being hunted, until he figures it outhimself.
  9. 9. Matt DamonHeight: 1.78 m.Age, when film was released: 31.Why is he perfect for a thriller: His body is builtin such a way that the audience believe he is fastenough on his feet to be agile, yet has thecapability to defend himself against anythreat, made against him. He is totallybelievable.He’s perfectly cast.
  10. 10. The Dark KnightSummary: Batmans arch nemesis the Joker has his sights set on the destructionof Gotham city, and the batman.Themes:Identity:Nobody knows the Joker real identity. He has no police record, as well as noknown address. He only buys custom clothing. Although one of the mostidentifiable characters in the movie, nobody knows who he is as he hides behindhis make up when in public. This adds suspense as the Joker could be anyone.Death:There is a lot of death, in this film. The deaths are unexpected as they are theresult of one villain killing another villain, where as the norm would be a herokilling a villain. However the most shocking death is that of one of the maincharacters known as Rachel. Her sudden death is totally unexpected, becausemain characters don’t tend to die in films. This adds suspense as it shows the filmisn’t sticking to normal film conventions, and as a result anything could happen toanyone in the film.
  11. 11. The Dark KnightRealism:There is no reliance upon supernatural ability in the DarkKnight. Everything is explained, for instance Batman can’tfly but he can glide, using military equipment. So theaudience believe that the story could actually takeplace, making it that much more exciting, thus thrilling.Terrorism:The Joker and the gangs in the dark knight terroriseGotham city. Terrorist acts such as the blowing up of ahospital, keep tension levels high as something couldhappen at any moment. This makes the film thrilling.
  12. 12. Difference between Thrillers on the TVand Thrillers at the Movies:Unlike a movie, a thriller series on TV doesn’thave the luxury of the ‘build up’. A movie canlast three hours. An episode for the TV is abut45 minutes long, as a result they often gostraight into the action. Movies are becomingshorter in length and more snappy, peoplearent interested in spending hours of there daywatching a thriller movie that usually last inexcess of two hours, instead opting for a quick tvepisode.