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Treatment ana.docx

  1. 1. Adaeze Ndakoji A holiday completely associated with horror. Adds more terror to the I used a unisex name for the lead movie and is also a precursor for Treatment girl because this is commonly done something bad happening in horror movies. E.g. Sidney in Scream (1996) On the Halloween of 2011 Sam Collins, an avid amateur film-maker (Naima Begum) brings in an Ouija board to her college. Sam claims to her friends Ava Jarret (Adaeze Ndakoji), Jared Turner (Isi Ijagbone), and Michelle Pugh (Korrina Albert) that Halloween is the day that spirits and demons are awakened and can be contacted easily. Sam tells them all about how she studied how to conduct a séance the night before and that she is sure she can summon a spirit/demon tonight. Her friends are reluctant and mock Sam for believing in ghosts but after some persuading they decide to go along with her plan just for fun.Iconography:used in manyhorror movies. A device to contact Séance is an attempt to communicate the dead with. with spirits and the supernatural genre, and is associated with demonic possession so we knew this would be scary. Hand-held footage and, is used in other supernatural movies such as Blair with Sam, who brought her camera along to record the séance, is recording throughout the day to use the footage in her documentary. They decide to do the séance in the school when everybody has left; because it’s the only place they know they will be alone. At lunchtime Michelle gets a text from Sam saying she has found the perfect location and that the summoning will commence at 8pm sharp. Michelle and Ava laugh at how Sam is taking this so seriously, but they are still quite excited even though they don’t believe it will work. Isolation A school is where children are meant Teenagers are technology savvy, always using to feel safe, and is a place where they their phones are educated and nurtured. So we thought it would be effective for it to be the setting for them to be tormented.
  2. 2. Adaeze NdakojiIt’s the end of the day and everybody has left the school, Michelle and Sam are on their wayup to the attic to meet Ava and Jared who say they have a surprise for them. When theyreach the attic they see Jared and Ava with two plastic bags full of alcohol. Sam is annoyed Teenagersand complains that their not taking it seriously and are treating it like a party, they all tell have a label onher to chill out and just go with it, because they are doing this for her so why can’t they have them as being binge drinkerssome fun while they do it. Sam gives in but pleads with them to calm down a little bit. They who like tofollow Sam to the gym where they then proceed to set up the Ouija board séance. After it is have a goodset up Sam gives them all phrases to chant while they hold hands in a circle. After they have time.all finished the chanting Ava, Jared and Michelle look at each and start laughing hysterically.Sam is upset that nothing has happened and Ava rubs it in that she told her so. Ava thengoes off to the toilet to have a cigarette, when she tried to leave she finds that the door islocked. Thinking that the others have done this she jokes with them to let her out, suddenlyshe hears a noise coming from one of the cubicles and goes to investigate. Ava is the promiscuous rebel. Sam is the lead girl; she’s a goody-goody virgin girl geek. She In horror movies Slutty girl doesn’t approve of the alcohol. always dies first in horror movies.The others hear a shrieking scream and then run to investigate; all they see in the toilets isAva’s lit cigarette on the floor. That’s when weird things begin to happen to all of them theyare running and screaming all over the school. Terror and horror