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The Omega Legacy - Chapter 3.5b - Scared of Lonely


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Chapter 3.5b of the Omega Legacy :)

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The Omega Legacy - Chapter 3.5b - Scared of Lonely

  1. 1. Scared of lonely… Chapter 3.5b of the Omega Alphabetacy!
  2. 2. Welcome back to another chapter of the Omega legacy :D Sorry for the lack of cover, I was going to make one but in the end I couldn’t be bothered….  This is the second part of 3.5 where the C-generation children are all at university…which is such a long process, but we’re getting there – finally! If you haven’t read the rest of my legacy, you may want to, but here’s a quick update – Benjamin and Felicity had 5 children (because I wanted a girl and they kept having boys) and they are called Corbin, Caspian, Calvin, Cody and Clover. They’re all now in university, and this is where the fun really begins and Clover has been chosen (by the lovely people of boolprop in an heir poll) as heiress. So, on with the show we go…
  3. 3. It was Calvin’s first date of university, and he was so excited. He couldn’t decide which of the girls he’d met to ask on a date – but then he had a thought… which one should he ask on a date first? Meadow was the first girl he asked. He knew he might not be with her long, but he thought she was quite pretty – though maybe long hair would suit her better. “So, baby…” He said to her. They’d met outside the day spa, and Meadow seemed pretty excited too. “You’re really taking me to a day spa? That’s so thoughtful.” She grinned at him. “Shall we go inside?”
  4. 4. They wandered into the shop that was just inside the spa, and checking no one was looking, Calvin pulled Meadow towards him, and gently put his fingers under her chin. “You’re beautiful Meadow.” He grinned at her, and pulled her in for a kiss. She didn’t stop him – she was feeling so special, perhaps even loved. “Thank you Calvin. I think you’re wonderful!” He nodded. “Well, I am aren’t I?” She playfully punched his arm. “Full of yourself much?” “Hot tub?” “You read my mind!”
  5. 5. Calvin sunk into the warm water, and did the “old-yawning-and-put-your-arm-round-the-girl” trick. Meadow shook her head. “That trick is the oldest in the book!” Calvin shrugged, looking into the water. When he looked up, he saw that Meadow was looking straight at him. “I’ve not been on a date in a long time!” She grinned sheepishly. “Neither have I.” He was annoyed about that. He’d wanted loads of girlfriends and dates, but his course in art seemed to get in the way. And Cody hadn’t let him forget that.
  6. 6. Before he knew it, Meadow was kissing him. He put his arms round her and smiled. This was turning out to be a great date. Meadow was nice – she could definitely be one of his girlfriends. He wouldn’t tell Caspian though – he’d only lecture him about only having one girlfriend and not hurting people. Calvin didn’t really care – he wanted lots of love and lots of girlfriends. He wasn’t greedy – he just liked variety.
  7. 7. “Woohoo?” Calvin was slightly freaked out by an elderly woman with a large purse who kept staring at them with hate. “I hope she doesn’t want to join in!”
  8. 8. “I’ve had a great time Meadow.” “Me too Cal – will you call me? We should do this again sometime.” Calvin bit his lip, and hesitantly nodded. “Sure thing baby, I’d love to. I’ve got to go now. Thanks.” He kissed her, grinned, winked and then walked away, while she stood there, smiling in awe.
  9. 9. “Those types of things are for marriage…” Ms Crumplebottom though to herself, pursing her lips. “When I was younger, why, even being alone together wasn’t good. A girl had to be chaperoned.” She wandered towards the front doors of the day spa. “I wonder if Grimmy will call for his usual date this Friday…” (This made me ROFL!)
  10. 10. “Haha, Corbin! That was right in the face! You are so going down!” Corbin wiggled his eyebrows, and winked. “Take that Corbin!” Sadie swung the pillow round and hit him smack in the jaw. “Okay, okay woman! Let’s call it a draw… Now come here.” He grinned and pulled her towards him.
  11. 11. He pressed his lips against Sadie’s and let out a little sigh. “I’m so glad I met you.” He said. Sadie made him a softy, and he’d often forget his meanstreak when he was around her. I guess that’s what love does to you, I suppose. “So am I baby.” She replied, stroking his cheek. “Now, kiss me again fool!” Corbin said, laughing as he pulled her towards him again.
  12. 12. Clover was feeling lucky too. Not that she didn’t even feel unlucky, mind, but she was feeling on top of the world. She sighed as she dialled the number, quickly arranged for him to come round and then, she had to do something she didn’t want. She had to wait for him to arrive. She looked out the window and waited for him. When she saw him approaching, she ran outside.
  13. 13. “Mitchell!” She cried, as she jumped down the steps and flung herself into his arms. “Mmmghm!” was the only noise he could make as she kissed him. “I’ve missed you. How’ve you been?” “I e-mailed you this morning Clo, and I called you…” She grinned sheepishly. “I still missed you, come on. Let’s go inside, unless you want to stand in the rain…”
  14. 14. After checking that her brothers were not about – they’d only tease her – they ran to her room. She felt full of warmth and happiness. “I feel really comfortable with you Mitch. It’s a fantastic feeling, you know?” He nodded, “I know Clo. Don’t worry, I know.”
  15. 15. They sat on the sofa in her room, and Mitchell looked around. “I like your room. I’m liking the fairy lights too.” Clover cringed slightly, and felt like a small child. “Erm…thanks.” “I never thought when we first started e-mailing each other that I’d be sat in your room, falling in love with you.” “Falling in love with me?” Clover questioned. “Yeah, sorry. Am I not allowed to say that?” “No, you are. It’s…so honest.” She grinned. “Come here.”
  16. 16. “You still have the rose I gave you…” Mitchell said as he looked across the room. “Yeah.” Clover nodded. “That is one lucky flower, still as beautiful as ever. You’re as beautiful as ever Clover. You mean the world to me.” They spent some time just looking at the flower and smiling to themselves, caught up in their thoughts and memories. “I’m going to need to head off soon Clo.”
  17. 17. “Do you have to?” Clover was putting on a sweet voice, and Mitch knew she was trying to get her own way. “I’ve got some work I need to do before class tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?” “Nothing yet.” “How about we go out somewhere nice?” “Where to?” “How about the new roller-skating park? I know you want to go.” “Sounds great, I’ll see you then.” He kissed her, before getting up and leaving.
  18. 18. Clover wandered towards the canteen, feeling a little lonely now. When she saw that there was no one to talk to – most likely everyone was in bed – she sat at the table and started her assignment. Her mind was wandering and she couldn’t help but look forward to her date tomorrow. She’d been desperate to go to the new roller-skating park, and Mitchell knew exactly what she wanted. He was perfect for her. Stop thinking about him Clover, get on with your work… She thought to herself. But he is so dreamy…
  19. 19. *** “I am so excited!” Clover exclaimed as her and Mitchell reached the park. He grinned at her. “Come on, shall we skate?”
  20. 20. “I am hopeless at this!” Clover was annoyed as she fell over for the millionth time. She dusted off her hands and brushed her knees. Her legs were getting tired and she’d hardly made it round the rink upright yet. “Come here, let me help you.” Mitchell pulled her up from the floor and held onto her hands. “There we go. Is that better?” She nodded, trying her hardest not to fall over again. “You look cute when you’re annoyed!” Mitchell laughed, and Clover giggled.
  21. 21. “You’re getting the hang of this now!” Mitchell shouted as he sped past Clover in the opposite direction. “You almost knocked me over then!” Clover laughed. She quickly clutched the railings at the edge of the rink. “Perhaps that’s enough skating for one day.” “I know where we should go next.” “Next?”
  22. 22. “Mitchell, this is beautiful.” Clover didn’t want to admit that she’d never actually been to a beach before – she’d only ever seen pictures in books at school. She was amazed by it. “It’s so warm.” Mitchell was staring out to sea, looking out for passing ships and other things of interest. “It is beautiful Clo, just like you.”
  23. 23. Both of them got changed into their swimwear, and ran into the water. It was refreshing – cool against their sun-warmed skin. Clover swam out a little, and Mitchell followed her. “I’m catching you up, I’m going to undo your bikini top…” He joked. “Don’t you even dare!” She laughed, and stopped swimming, and just bobbed up and down as each wave came towards them.
  24. 24. “She’s so beautiful… Maybe, she’s the one…” Mitchell was thinking to himself. He wiped some water from his eye, and even though his vision was slightly blurry from his lack of glasses, he could see Clover clearly. “We should come here again sometime. I like it here.” Mitchell nodded. “We totally should. Spending time with you is so relaxing.” “Let’s make a sandcastle!”
  25. 25. “Will it have turrets? And a moat? How about a drawbridge? And a flag!” Clover felt like a small child in a sweet shop. “Yes!” Mitchell laughed. He loved how when she let her hair down, she was so fun and slightly childish. He liked that about her – the way she looked at the world as if it was perfect. It was because she was lucky – like she always said. Lucky, lucky, lucky…
  26. 26. After she’d dusted the sand off of her body, Clover decided she’d make grilled salmon for her and Mitchell. Perhaps they could even watch the sunset together on the beach, that would be so romantic. She grinned. She was so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky…
  27. 27. A week later, the four youngest Omega children moved in to their own Greek house. They’d known how desperate Clover had been to start one, being a popularity sim and all, so they’d finally given in. Also, they’d known about some strange goings on in the dorms, something called an “annoying” glitch by their creator (or words to that effect!). “The Omega Greek house? That’s original…” “I quite like it.” Cody piped up as they stood outside their badly furnished Greek house. “Stop moaning Caspian, this’ll be fun.” “It’s a shame Corbin couldn’t come too.” “You know he wanted to stay at the dorms with Sadie. It’s true love apparently.”
  28. 28. Clover had hoped life might get a little easier without being in the dorms, but she was still set college assignments to do. She flicked the pen back and forth in her hand before giving up. She could hear her brothers upstairs, walking around and exploring – and putting her off her work…
  29. 29. To: GlassesRock From: FourLeafedLuck Subject: I’m at my Greek House! We finally moved in today Mitch! It’s a lot quieter than the dorms and I like that – I feel responsible too. Is that weird? I’d quite like to have a garden in front of the house, although Calvin and Caspian seem to be planning on putting a hot tub there, so we’ll have to see. I’m missing you, we should go on a date this week, don’t you think? It’d be fun – our lovely romantic dates :D Love from, your Clover xx
  30. 30. Little did his brothers and sister know, Cody was imagining romance for once, when he saw a beautiful girl walk by the Greek house. This is my chance! He had thought, rushing out of the house and going over to her. “Greetings!” “Erm…hi.” The girl pushed her hair out of her eyes and blinked at him. “I’m Cody. Like Code but with a y on the end instead of an e.” He laughed at this ‘joke’ but she just blinked at him. “Nice to meet you Cody…” She raised her eyebrow at him. His geeky trying to impress me is…kind of cute. “I’m Belinda.”
  31. 31. “Don’t throw like a girl! Did you know they’ve made robot throwing machines so people can play catch on their own? What will they think of next…” “I don’t know… Hey Cody! Go long!” He ran backwards, looking up at the sky and shouting “I got it! I got it! I got it!”
  32. 32. “I dropped it…” Belinda giggled. Perhaps hanging out with him isn’t so bad after all…
  33. 33. “I’ve missed you Alicia!” “You too Cassie. It’s been weird not having you guys around at the dorms. Corbin and Sadie just make out all over the place now… it’s kind of weird… especially when you go into your room and they’re on your bed and Corbin has eyeliner on and-…” “I think I’ve heard way to much Liss! I seriously don’t want to hear about my brother in that way… It’s creepy…”
  34. 34. “Forget about my brothers. You’re looking great. Have you been working out?” “A little. Although, spending loads of time on the bubble blower seems to do the trick too.” She laughed. “How are things with you anyway Caspian? Any girls in the picture?” “No actually. Robin, my last girlfriend…she never called me back… I hope she didn’t think I was bad in bed. Oh crap, I bet she did, I bet I’m so bad in bed and no girl will ever want to… you know… with me and …”
  35. 35. “Caspian! No girl is going to say that to you, seriously and I doubt they’d think that. Maybe they’d think you’re too good and are too scared to call again!” Caspian let out a relieved laugh. “You’re great Alicia. You’re like my best friend – you understand me.” “Of course I do silly! Now come on..”
  36. 36. She gave him a quick peck on the lips and then grinned. “I’m always going to be your friend Caspian, so stop worrying. Now come, I want to see the house!” She walked off, leaving a confused Caspian with a lop-sided grin on his face to follow behind.
  37. 37. “Grilled cheese is up guys!” Clover had been working on her cooking skills for when she moved back home as heiress. So far, she could do grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese pretty well – but she didn’t think her parents and future family could just live off of those for the rest of their lives.
  38. 38. As everyone sat down at the table, everyone noticed Belinda and started glancing at each other, wondering who’d invited her in. “This is Belinda.” Cody finally announced. “She shares my love of space physics and maths equations…” Belinda smiled sheepishly and shrugged her shoulders. “I was being nice…” She muttered before taking a bite of her sandwich. “I like her.” Cody whispered to Calvin.
  39. 39. “Dude…I don’t know how to break this to you but… she’s dad’s cousin. She’s family!” Cody started coughing uncontrollably, and ended up spitting parts of his sandwich onto Belinda. “Sorry…” He said, as she flounced off to the bathroom to clean herself up. “This is actually crap… I finally find a girl and she’s off limits.” He took another bite of his sandwich. “She isn’t our cousin though…” Calvin shook his head. “I thought I was the romance sim!”
  40. 40. “Cody, come on, cheer up – it’s not that bad. There’ll be plenty of other girls out there for you. Belinda isn’t right for you, she’s family.” “I guess you’re right. But it’s just so frustrating! I finally found a girl and then… I can’t have her. How unfair can life be?”
  41. 41. “Ouch!” Caspian shook his hand in pain. “Come on Cody, I still haven’t found the right girl for me. Perhaps I never will – maybe not in uni anyway, but I’m okay with that. I can have relationships, and I’m trying to find the one, they’ll come along eventually!” “What about Alicia?” “What about her?” “Do you like her Cassie?” “…We’re just friends. She’s too much of a friend for it to be more… She’s my best friend, that it. Nothing more…nothing less…” “I get the point. Just friends.”
  42. 42. “I am so glad Clover put the leftover Grilled Cheese in the fridge! I am starving!” Cody nodded. “Me too, though I’m not sure I’m hungry when I think about what might have been with Belinda.” “Man, you have got to get a grip!”
  43. 43. Upstairs, oblivious to her brothers’ troubles, Clover lay in her new bedroom and in her soft bed, dreaming of the times she spent skating and at the beach with Mitchell the week before. In her dreams, she was just as lucky as she was in life…
  44. 44. “So, how do you actually get all these girls Caspian? I’ve never really thought about girls before.” “I don’t mean to! I just…end up having them like me. I think it’s because I’m myself. They don’t expect a romancer to be nice and actually romantic – I want romance Cody.” “What about music? Is that romantic?” “Well, apparently dad proposed to mum after singing a song to her on the piano. That’s pretty romantic, don’t you think?”
  45. 45. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Yes, he knew she was off limits, but he could still think about her, right? He didn’t even understand why he was having thoughts like this. He was a knowledge sim – they didn’t do things like that! He couldn’t sleep, so fetched a pizza. Even if it was 5 in the morning.
  46. 46. Caspian woke up at 8am, and decided to spend the morning in his pyjamas, reading in bed. He’d just got to a good part in his book – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, obviously – when there was a light knock at the door. “Hey Cassie.” “Alicia! What are you going here? And so early too?” “I want to see my best friend of course! And the cow at the dorms was driving me mad!” “Beds comfy if you want to join me.”
  47. 47. Alicia put her head on Caspian’s shoulder and he put his arm around her. “Is everything okay?” He asked, smiling at her. “I just like how peaceful it is in the Greek House. And I get to be with my best friend. So life is all good when I’m with you.” “That’s good Liss.” He snuggled up to her. “I missed you last night.” “Really?”
  48. 48. “Really.” He replied and he lightly kissed her. He was about to pull away but she pulled him back and kissed him again, and they sunk under the covers. [3rd woohoo!]
  49. 49. Afterwards, Caspian was feeling weird. Him and Alicia had both agreed that it had been amazing, but she seemed a little different after, like she’d regretted it. She grabbed herself a slice of pizza and he watched her as she walked past him. “Alicia?” She merely nodded, before walking off and sitting on the sofa. Caspian was scared. Perhaps he’d just ruined the best friendship he’d had with a girl.
  50. 50. With Calvin, there was always another girl at the dinner table, usually a different one each evening. “Who is this one this time?” Clover whispered to Cody, as the girl eyed up Calvin’s bare torso. “This spaghetti is delicious Calvin! Thanks!”
  51. 51. “And she eats like a pig!” Clover giggled and Cody joined in. “What’s so funny?” Calvin asked. “Nothing!” They said together, in childish unison. “Oink…”
  52. 52. “How do I look Cody?” “Like you’re ready for your first toga party!” “Do you think people will actually turn up? What if they don’t like the music, or they get hungry, or the drink isn’t good enough or-…” “Stop worrying Clover! People like you and they will enjoy spending time with you, so stop worrying and just enjoy yourself, okay?” “Okay. Oh look, there’s Mitch.”
  53. 53. “Hey Mitch!” Clover ran towards him as soon as he came through the door, and leant in to kiss him. “You look beautiful Clover.” “You look great too… I never thought you’d look so good in a dress!” Mitchell laughed and shook his head. “You’re funny Clo, and amazing…” “And you’re too sweet.” She grinned and kissed him again. She hoped that this was going to be a great party.
  54. 54. Clover thought that sparklers and fireworks would really liven up her first party of college.
  55. 55. “Want to dance?” The student, who had not bothered with a toga, said in a heavy Italian accent. “I am a terrific dancer…” “No thanks.” Cody walked straight past him. “Why is it always people who I don’t like who come on to me?”
  56. 56. Everyone began to smustle, and kept on smustling for a very long time. At least half an hour anyway. Clover was so excited about her party going so well, but then she spotted something.
  57. 57. “You’re studying? At my party…” Clover was feeling a little bit annoyed at Mitch for this. She’d wanted him to be there so he could meet her other friends, but he didn’t seem interested. He glanced up from the book and smiled sheepishly. “Sorry…” He smiled again. “You know that parties aren’t quite my thing Clo.” Clover sighed, but nodded. She couldn’t be too hard on him – she quite enjoyed having parties, where as he was much more interested in learning and skilling. It couldn’t be helped. “Are you having a good time?” She asked him. “I could be…”
  58. 58. Clover and Mitch started making out, much to the annoyance of Grant. “Guys, do you mind, I’m trying to read!” “Only losers read at parties…” Mitch said, grinning at Clover and then kissing her all over again. Grant flicked over the page in annoyance and tried his best to ignore them – perhaps he just shouldn’t go to parties.
  59. 59. “I like this song…” Clover said, smiling at Mitch, and she started to sway to the music. “Will you teach me to dance?” “What?” She was surprised by his comment – he hated dancing, he much preferred to read a good book or build a sandcastle or play on the computer. “I taught you how to bowl, didn’t I? So, will you teach me how to dance?” “Sure I can, sure…”
  60. 60. At 11pm, the sparklers came out again, and the three youngest children enjoyed being childish together. “This party is going so well Clover.” “Do you think so?” She asked a little apprehensively. “Don’t doubt yourself so much.” Cody said, drawing an arc in the air with the sparkler. Clover smiled and waved the sparkler around in the air. “I think my first party of college is a success!”
  61. 61. After saying goodbye to the rest of her guests, Clover took some time away from her brothers to be with Mitchell. “Thanks for coming Mitch.” “It’s been really good Clo, and thanks for teaching me to dance! I think I can now shake my booty without feeling like an idiot.” “You did not just say booty!” She laughed, and shook her head. “I love you Clover. I really do.” Looking at him, she grinned. “I love you too.”
  62. 62. *** “We’re finally getting an invite round to see our children. You’d think by now they would have invited us. What do you think they’ve been up to?” “Benji, will you calm down? They’ve invited us so be polite, they’re our children after all!” “I know… I’m just still annoyed about when Caspian mentioned that they’d sold my college piano…” “You should have been called Beethoven!”
  63. 63. “Mum! Dad!” Clover ran out of the house as soon as she saw them – she’d been looking out the window waiting so that Cody wouldn’t have to stop ‘cooking’. “Hey Clover, it’s really good to see you, how’re you?” “I’m good Dad, I’m really good.”
  64. 64. “My little girl all grown up. Oh, you’re so beautiful darling.” “Mum, stop it, you’re embarrassing me!” “But it’s true. My lovely little baby girl, in college.” Felicity wiped a tear from her eye. “Don’t cry mum, you’ll start me off. Now come on, the boys are inside.”
  65. 65. “Do you think mum and dad will like grilled cheese? I could have cooked more but I tried to keep it simple, and we had some cheese open in the fridge and…” “Cody! You’re always telling me not to worry, so just take your own advice, okay?” “…Okay. Mum, dad, lunch is ready!”
  66. 66. “This smells delicious! Have you been studying Cody? Clover?” “I cooked them mum, everyone loves grilled cheese!” Cody smiled, before looking down at his sandwich.I wish I could make sandwiches for Belinda, oh Belinda, why do you have to be related to my dad…
  67. 67. “It tastes really good!” Benjamin grinned at his son. “I hear you’re all doing really well here.” “Yeah, we are. We’ve got a lot more freedom now we’re living in our Greek House.” Clover said, matter-of- factly. There was a pause, before Felicity asked the question that they were expecting: “Have you got any boyfriends and girlfriends to introduce me to?” She was grinning from ear to ear as she said it. “Caspian has!” Cody said as he spotted Caspian washing up at the sink.
  68. 68. “Sort of…” He muttered, turning off the taps. “I’ve had a couple of girlfriends but unfortunately nothing serious…although I do like a girl very much but…” His sentence trailed off before he walked off upstairs. There was a brief silence before Benjamin laughed softly and said “fair enough.”
  69. 69. “Calvin has been going on a few dates!” Cody exclaimed. “And Clover has a boyfriend, called Mitchell.” “Cody!” Clover shrieked at him. “I was going to tell them that.” “Beat you to it.” “Well Cody likes a girl very much…” Clover received a short, sharp kick under the table and she shut up, though she giggled under her breath as Cody’s face blushed a glorious beetroot red.
  70. 70. The cow mascot, who had immediately walked into the Greek House and made herself at home uninvited, was already making a nuisance of herself. “I hear you’re in love with your best friend! How does that feel?” “Excuse me?” “You’re in love with Alicia.” “How the hell do you know that? I mean… no I’m not.” “It’s obvious, and everyone on campus knows. Too bad everyone also knows you might not be friends anymore…”
  71. 71. “Why is life so unfair?” Caspian wailed, as the cow walked away. As she did so, she whispered under her breath: “Sucker, works every time…”
  72. 72. “Haha, Fliss! This reminds me of the days when we were in college!” “Totally. I think we should go home and have woohoo! It might be our last chance before Clover comes home!” “As if I’d say no to that!”
  73. 73. “Kid, you want me to tutor you?” Calvin nodded enthusiastically. “Come on miss, you know it’ll help me with my art work. You could pose, and I could paint you…” She grinned and shook her head. “Boys – they never change, do they…”
  74. 74. It had started snowing, and soon the ground was covered in deep, pure white, fluffy snow. Clover had shoved on her coat and ran out straight away, excitedly shouting “Snow!” at Mitchell, who’d come round to see her. She immediately fell into the thick snow, laughing before getting herself back up and attempting to make a snowman. “Mitch! Come and help me make this snowman! Please!” She called, her childish side coming through clearly now.
  75. 75. Mitchell, warm and dry inside, was busy playing a game of chess – by himself. He rolled his eyes and continued to play, clicking the timer and then playing the “oppositions” side too. “Mitchell!” “Clover, I’m busy…” He called back. “Check.”
  76. 76. Clover was starting to get annoyed. He’d been so distant recently, and she hadn’t a clue why he’d been acting that way. Maybe he’s cheating on me… Her overactive imagination was beginning to kick in. Maybe not. Perhaps he just doesn’t love me anymore, perhaps we’re too different, perhaps… She struggled with a ball of snow, and let out a little cry as she dropped in on her foot.
  77. 77. A minute later, Mitchell appeared at her side. “I’m here now…” He grinned at her, and she let out a small sigh of relief, and continued to make her snowman. “You’re extraordinary Clover… and I love you.” He grinned, and she smiled back. This whole situation was no where near as bad as she thought.
  78. 78. It was 6pm a few days later, and Clover had been relaxing on her bed after a long class when her phone rang. “Hello…” She said, slightly annoyed that she’d been disturbed from her relaxation time. “Hey Clover, it’s Mitchell.” Clover smiled as she heard his voice. “How are you? We haven’t really spoken since the snowman day…” “Yeah…sorry about that, I’ve been thinking, a lot! I’ve got a surprise for you though!”
  79. 79. “A surprise?” “Yes! Will you meet me at the new restaurant, Flair in New downtown, at 8pm?” “You do realise that only gives me two hours to get ready…” She heard Mitchell chuckle, “Whatever you wear Clover, you’ll look stunning! I’ll see you then, okay?” “Sure, I love you.” “I love you too Clo. Bye.” He hung up and Clover put the phone back on the receiver.
  80. 80. She knew exactly what to wear – the dress she’d been wearing on their first date, although she was too scared to take off her coat because she thought she’d been over dressed. But tonight – Flair! That was a fancy restaurant, and she knew that her dress deserved an outing. She glanced at the clock – 7:30 – and she rushed out the house.
  81. 81. She arrived there with 5 minutes to spare. Nervously, she pushed her hair behind her ear. She’d swept her hair back for this date, and it had various hair pins holding it up. She’d even put some make-up on. She knew that she needed to make an effort for a place like Flair!
  82. 82. She was seated in the middle of the room, under a glittering chandelier. Mitchell wasn’t here yet, but she wasn’t too worried – he ran a little late sometimes. She glanced around the restaurant. It was quiet, with only a few diners around the edge of the room – romancing and enjoying food and company. Clover smiled to herself. I wonder what Mitchell’s surprise is…
  83. 83. It was twenty past eight, and Mitchell still hadn’t shown up yet. She read the menu…again, and glanced up from it every time she heard someone come in the door. “Excuse me?” She called out to a nearby waitress.
  84. 84. “Hi, I’m Roseanna, can I be of any help?” “Yes thanks, I was wondering if someone by the name of Mitchell Jameson had rang at all? To say he’d be late?” The waitress shrugged and shook her hair. “Not that I know of ma’am.” She had a thick, country accent. “I can check if you like.” “Don’t worry about it.” Clover felt her eyes prickle with tears.
  85. 85. “Can I take your order please ma’am? Chef said we’re gonna be pretty busy tonight!” Clover handed the waitress the menu and smiled. “Crepes suzette please.” “Is there anything else I can get for you?” Clover shook her head, but muttered under her breath “A tracking device for my boyfriend…”
  86. 86. She was finding it difficult to hide her disappointment – her face had set as a frown, and she kept her head down and just looked at her plate whilst she ate. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice the clattering of pans and the shouts coming from the kitchen. He’s stood me up… He just hasn’t bothered showing up and he actually said he had a surprise for me! Obviously he doesn’t love me after all… he doesn’t love me…
  87. 87. She paid for her while, thanked the waitress, and then headed out into the cold, dark street. Her head hung low – as if every fun-filled cell in her body had just disappeared. What am I going to do… She had plenty of time to think, as she started the long, cold, lonely walk home.
  88. 88. *** When she finally arrived home, Clover went straight to the shower. I can’t believe I put all this make-up on, and he didn’t even show up… She gritted her teeth, and scrubbed her face hard, biting back tears.
  89. 89. To: PrinceCaspian From: GlassesRock Subject: Help! Caspian, it’s me, Mitchell. I just turned up at the restaurant and Clover wasn’t there! I was a little late cause I’d forgotten to pick up the ring I was going to give her…yeah, I was going to propose to her cause I’m so madly in love with her! And now she’s going to hate me, and…I don’t know what to do Caspian. Please help me, you understand don’t you? You’re romantic with girls! Please. Mitchell.
  90. 90. “Clover!” Caspian caught her in the corridor as she was going to her room. “Are you okay?” “He stood me up Caspian.” Caspian bit his lip, before saying “Are you sure? Maybe there’s a reason-…” He hugged her tightly. “I don’t think so…maybe he just wanted to break up with me.” “Be rational Clover, please.” “I am being rational Caspian!” “What if there’s a reason why was late?”
  91. 91. “I know you’re trying to be helpful Cassie, but… he stood me up, and at the moment, that’s all that matters! I want to go home Cassie…” He sighed. “I think you should give him a chance Clo.” “I’m not ready for that yet. I just want to go home…”
  92. 92. The next day, oblivious to his younger sister’s distress, Calvin met up with Abbey Brown – a girl he’d met when he was at the dorms. He thought she was beautiful – and since Meadow was busy at the moment, she could occupy his time. “Hey Abbey, it’s so great to see you!” “You too Calvin. I’m loving the Greek house! It’s so cool. Have you got a drum kit? Or a guitar? Man, I love making music.” Calvin laughed. “No, do you want to come in?”
  93. 93. Seeing as Abbey was a romance sim like himself, it took Calvin no time to wind her round his little finger. “Do you want to move in Abbey? We haven’t got any more members yet, but it’d be pretty cool if you could be one.” “Of course!” She exclaimed, grinning at him. “I would love that! I need to do something… I’ll be back soon!”
  94. 94. “Wow!” An hour later, Abbey had reappeared and she was looking stunning. “You look amazing.” “Thanks. I thought I’d keep the rocker-chick look, and I think I fit in nicely in the Greek house now.” “You totally do! Now come here, I’d love a kiss…”
  95. 95. A few days later, in which she had locked herself in her room and ignored any phone calls, Clover graduated with a 4.0 and did what she wanted to do – Go home. “Hi, Plenderleith please…” Clover said to the taxi driver, as she climbed in the back seat and look back at the Greek house that she’d founded. “Take me home.”
  96. 96. Benjamin Omega was busy digging in his garden when he heard a familiar voice. “Dad!” “Clover? Fliss! Clover’s home, our little girl’s home!” He ran over to her and hugged her, being ushering her inside the house.
  97. 97. “My beautiful princess…” Fliss said as she pulled her daughter into a huge hug. “We’ve missed you.” “I missed you too mum.” “What’s wrong sweetie?” Clover paused for a moment, before saying: “I think my luck might be running out.”
  98. 98. And that’s it for this chapter  I’m so glad to have finally got this done – it takes me ages to play sims through college because I find it quite dull  I hope this chapter was okay – please leave comments for me on boolprop and let me know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong! Ally (aka ARubberDucky15) x