World Adventures of Siksika Azure


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Sika's world Adventures

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World Adventures of Siksika Azure

  1. 1. Jacy-Nova pulled her older sister into a hug; she had missed her so much. She felt Sika‟s armsaround her giving her a light squeeze. She could just tell Sika missed them as much. The sisterspulled away from each other and smiled. Jacy looked around wondering where the guy Sika hadbeen traveling with was, but he was nowhere to be found. The young woman wasn‟t sure if she should ready herself to find this guy and kick his butt or if there was a reason behind him not being there.
  2. 2. Siksika had missed her family more than she knew she was happy to have been able to see themagain. Just moments after she pulled away from the hug with Jacy, Sika felt a not so nice feeling in her stomach. Her blue eyes widened as she rushed to find the nearest bathroom.
  3. 3. She made it with a few milliseconds to spare when she felt whatever it was quickly come upthrough her throat and out of her mouth as she put her face over the open toilet. This wasn‟tfun at all and this wasn‟t even the first time this happened today. She closed her eyes to avoid looking at what was currently in the toilet as she hovered over it for a few more moments.
  4. 4. Jacy was actually startled at her older sister‟s sudden movements in rushing to the bathroom. The door had been still open and inside she saw Siksika hovering over the toilet. Jacy could feel the worry in her heart.
  5. 5. When Siksika had figured she had finished up she wiped her mouth with some toilet paper. A moment passed before she finally made it to her feet and was able to flush. “Siksika?” Jacy started. “I‟ll be alright Jay; it‟s nothing to worry about.” Sika said with a soft comforting smile.She knew what caused this; at least Siksika had several theories although one of them she was pretty sure was the reason, after having already seen it.
  6. 6. Siksika went back into the kitchen as she poured herself a glass of water to try to rehydrate herself from the regurgitating whatever contents had been in her stomach. Siksika turned herback to the sink as she drank up. She looked around as her parents, grandparents and siblings had stared at her. “I‟m going to be alright” Sika answered. Pocahontas gave her daughter some crackers that Siksika gladly ate as her father and brother lead her to the couch so have a seat.
  7. 7. “Thanks” Siksika said sounding exhausted. It was then she noticed a small toddler with her arms in the air at Siksika. The woman had to chuckle at the little girl as she helped her up on the couch sitting next to her. “Her name is Aientsik, Aien this is your Aunt Sika” Crowfoot smiled introducing his daughter.Aien just looked up at Siksika with a wide smile as Siksika gently fixed the hat on her small head. Aien cutely pretended to shy away from Sika. “She is adorable Crowfoot” “I know isn‟t she?” He asked rhetorically still smiling.
  8. 8. “Hey Butterfly, Welcome home!” Joel spoke up as he kissed his oldest child on her head on his way to sit down. “Thanks Dad” Sika replied looking up at him noticing he was sprouting some grey hairs. “Siksika we got your postcards. Sounds like you had quite the time” Aiyana asked. “It was I did enjoy traveling. I missed everyone very much though. I just needed to do something for me, to relax. I‟m sorry I left so suddenly.” “You are back now, that‟s all that matters Siksika.” Pocahontas spoke up sounding relieved.
  9. 9. “Sika? Are you Ok enough to tell us about „Siksika‟s World Adventures” Elouise said in her announcer‟stone with plenty of dramatic movements. “Like I know we have the postcards but not everything can fit on one of those things, ya know” Sika chuckled at her youngest sister, she hated missing most of her growing up, but she had grown up beautifully anyway. “I guess I can share more then” Sika replied. She was really tired from the trip and coming home, but the looks on her family members faces she felt bad just ditching them so she could take a bath and go to sleep. They missed her a lot, and she really missed them.
  10. 10. The thoughts passed through her head as she remembered every place she had been and what was there, what she saw and ate. The young woman organized her thoughts before she started her story. “Koko had already known about me doing this beforehand. I had been thinking about traveling through college, I was curious about our world and everything in it. I just figured it would be an interesting experience for me. I‟m sorry I wasn‟t more thorough when I wrote the note. If I couldgo back in time and change it I would. I didn‟t mean for everyone to worry, I told Koko and hoped she would answer any questions you had.”
  11. 11. “So I am really sorry for running off like I did”There was a pause in her words before she continued; they wanted to hear about her adventures.“I took a plane and set off to Ireland first. I have always thought it was such a pretty country and camped just so I could enjoy nature as it was meant to be enjoyed. The air was so crisp it made me feel refreshed.”
  12. 12. I stayed in Ireland for a while and to make some money I used my painting skills to paint the Irishlandscapes and nature. They gave me some money to add to what I had received in University as well as the rest of my savings.
  13. 13. Then I traveled to Wales, Scotland and England. I saw many landmarks and heard their stories, Ialso learned about the different cultures. The London Bridge, Loch Ness, Buckingham Palace, a lot of castles as well as many other things. Once I had finished up with Sim U.K. I decided that I should backpack across the rest of Sim Europe. It would be quite the learning experience.
  14. 14. I took a plane from London to Paris and before I knew it I was seeing Portugal and Spain. Thentook a train through France to Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Poland. There is so much to see in this world and learn about it. I visited several different countries. Some I just passed through others I actually took time to hit some landmarks.
  15. 15. I have to say I did love Italy; it had so much history like every other place in Europe there was justsomething about Italy that really caught me. Maybe it was all the art it was well known for, even if other countries had their own famous artists.
  16. 16. Then I went to Greece after I spent some time in Italy. Greece was wonderful too! It seemedMythical, breathtaking. That is where I met Solan, the guy I had been traveling with on most of my journey, the one I mentioned in my postcards.
  17. 17. “There are a lot of these ruins around Greece” He started talking.I looked toward the young man‟s voice and noticed he had a gentle smile on his face and his eyeswere such a striking color. They were different; something about him just caught my attention in general. Like I had known him or at least seen him before. His eyes drew me in most of all as I racked my brain where I had seen him before.
  18. 18. Then I recalled that I had seen him several times before throughout my trip. He didn‟t give off astalking vibe at all so I didn‟t worry at all, he just happened to be at some of the same places I was.
  19. 19. But that wasn‟t the only thing that caught my attention. There was something more about him that I recalled well it wasn‟t him in general it was the fact that in one of my visions when I graduated college. I saw those same exact eyes on a baby. The vision was foggy, not completelyclear to me as I couldn‟t figure out the importance of that child. I thought it over for a moment before I started to figure things out.
  20. 20. “Are you ok?” he asked me. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him with a smile. “I‟m alright thank you; I was just lost in thought. I‟m sorry.” “You are alone on this trip, aren‟t you?” He looked at me with those eyes.I looked around me trying to figure out how he knew that. I then wondered if he was psychic like I was but in a different kind of way. “What gave you that idea?” I figured I would ask. I didn‟t want to flat out tell someone I just met that I was alone.
  21. 21. “You‟re teal” The guy said.His words caught me off guard. I went to step backwards a bit; I was confused and I wasn‟t sure what to do. I stumbled a bit before I felt a gentle hand catch me. Once I regained myself he moved his hand away from me. I was still lost. “Thank you but… What do you mean I‟m teal?” I questioned. As I looked at my arms, legs andpulled one of my red braids closer to look at. I was the same me; pale skin, red hair where was this color coming from? “You are lonely”
  22. 22. “Don‟t you mean blue?” “No, blue is just sadness. You seem to be a bit sad but you also seem serene and calm.” “Who are you?” I raised my eyebrow at him.I wanted to run away but something seemed to keep my feet right where they were. Maybe it was because he was such a mystery to me and I wanted to know more. “I‟m sorry I should‟ve introduced myself” He apologized. “I‟m Solan, Solan Sharpe of Olympus” I couldn‟t help but chuckle at his formal introduction. I saw him smile at me then I figured I should introduce myself. “Siksika Azure of Lenmana” I gave him the same introduction he gave me.
  23. 23. “Lenmana is such a pretty place.” Solan complimented.It made me feel happy that someone knew what I was talking about when I mentioned Lenmana. Where I‟m from it‟s an Island in the Atlantic Ocean. A couple hours of a plane ride from Sim U.S.A. one could also get to the US by boat. It was sometimes hard to explain where exactlyLenmana was located because it‟s not such a well known place. I usually just say that it‟s around the same longitude as Sim Bermuda but a bit more north.
  24. 24. “Thank you” I smiled at him. “It‟s where I was born, where my family lives” “You‟re a Lenmanan Native” I watched him smile at the realization. I nodded.
  25. 25. We talked for a while about different things he talked about Greece and the other places he had been too and I responded with telling him about my travels. He asked me questions about Lenmana Island as well.
  26. 26. We spent a lot of time in Greece together I started to get to know this strange man. There was a lot about him that I liked. We even learned about each other‟s powers: how he could tell someone‟s feelings by looking at the color in their aura. I then revealed to him about my visionsand gave a few examples, only the happier ones: Jacy Nova being a girl, Crowfoot‟s abduction, and Koko‟s children. There were so many others I could tell him but the only other ones to come to mind were the bad ones. I wasn‟t ready to tell Solan about them, not now.
  27. 27. “Hey, where are you going next Siksika?” He asked me one day.“Well I want to go to a few more countries here and then head down to see the Pyramids” I explained. “Would you mind if I went with you?” Solan asked with a smile.
  28. 28. I sat there a moment looking out at the water as a smile spread across my face. Traveling withsomeone would be much more fun than traveling alone. Solan had become a quick friend of mine I just hoped I wouldn‟t lose him as a friend when this was all over. And yet… “Sure” I answered finally. “That would be great!”
  29. 29. So we traveled through Romania and saw the castle of Sim Dracula. I had heard stories of manyvampires before but Dracula was always the most thrilling. The two of us saw it from a distance rather than getting too close.
  30. 30. Stopping through a few other countries in Sim Europe before we took a plane down to Egypt. It was a lot warmer in Africa so I decided to change into something that was cooler.
  31. 31. Then we went to see the pyramids. They were so grand and large and just amazing to see them right in front of me. Solan seemed to enjoy himself as well.
  32. 32. There was quite a bit to see while we were in Africa. Yes there were the pyramids, but it was funto see all those animals running free on the Savanna. The flora there was pretty as well there are quite a few things that we don‟t see around Lenmana.
  33. 33. Solan and I stood on the edge of the Sahara Desert as well, we weren‟t going too far into it, itwouldve been too hot during the day and too cold at night but that didn‟t stop us from snappingpictures of the wildlife there. We even stopped in Saudi Arabia for a short time and visited one of the Bazaars there.
  34. 34. From Africa we went to India. I really wanted to see Sim Taj Mahal and it was even grander than I imagined. We went through China and Russia as well and saw several other landmarks. We went from place to place around Asia.
  35. 35. We learned a lot of new things while in Sim Asia. We learned how to bow which was the most important, we also attended a Tai Chi Demonstration.
  36. 36. We also learned about Zen. We each took care of a Zen Garden and meditated. Those things really seem to clear your head and it makes you feel pretty good!
  37. 37. When we stopped in Tokyo the first thing we did was get lost. That city is so big but it‟s prettycool there are so many people and things to look at; the culture is different too just like the other places we have visited.
  38. 38. Eventually we were able to clear things up and found ourselves in front of one of the beautifulPagodas there. Later that day Solan and I traveled a bit so we could get a better view and picture of Mount Fuji. It really was grand and beautiful.
  39. 39. We played a little Mahjong, made some wishes at the wishing well and tried some new foods. Totell you the truth it actually is a lot of fun to try new foods because you never know what you may actually end up liking.
  40. 40. Some of the best tea comes from Asia it just was perfect. I attempted to learn how to make itmyself. It could be a better option than coffee depending on the type of tea you choose to drink. There are so many different kinds and flavors.
  41. 41. There were also Ninjas. Yes there are more ninjas in the world than just SG and the other simselves. I‟m sure they learned techniques from actual ninjas and just brought them here. Ofcourse the ninjas can be quite secretive about who they chose to teach, how they teach and how the techniques are learned.
  42. 42. Although that wasn‟t even the only secret of the Asian continent while wondering aroundexploring one day Solan and I came across a small pagoda. We weren‟t sure how we got there or the path we took it was as if it just appeared to us.
  43. 43. There was a mysterious old man there, he meditated and wouldn‟t acknowledge that we werethere. I thought it was a little strange. We looked over and noticed the tea table there Solan and I looked at each other as my blue eyes met his day-glow ones.
  44. 44. Before we knew it the two of us were sitting around the tea table pouring tea. The old man leftthe trance he was in to join the two of us at the tea table. Maybe this was just another test like the ninjas? Whatever he was hiding we wanted to find out.
  45. 45. When the tea was over I observed the old man as he stood there quietly. I looked over at Solan before I stood up and bowed to the old man. Solan followed my lead and did the same.
  46. 46. The old man started to speak, curious, Solan and Sat down in front of him to listen. Sitting cross- legged and mesmerized by the mythical voice of the old man we were drawn into his tale.
  47. 47. A tale of a princess and a village on an Island that had been destroyed by the middle child of theprincess. The princess was able to keep her granddaughter alive with the help of a nature dragon. The story went further as we learned that the child grew up strong and with the help of the dragon as well as others was able to protect her land from further destruction caused by her aunt and her aunt‟s creatures.
  48. 48. When the old man disappeared, Solan and I suddenly found ourselves at the parkwhere we first learned about teas. I had been curious to how we ended up backat the park, unless the mysterious man‟s powers took control of the teleporting and brought us here. Solan and I sat down for tea as we discussed the story. Then it came to me: “Solan” “Yes?” “He was talking about LenmanaIsland, where I‟m from. My grandmother once told me the story when I firststarted having visions. About the middle child who destroyed the LenmananNatives Villages and my grandmother was the surviving native” “What about the further destruction?” Solan asked. I thought it over for a moment before the memories came back to me. Everything I went through, I was sure Solan saw it in my aura. “Would you like to go back to the hotel room and talk?” He asked. “Please” I whispered.
  49. 49. Solan and I went back to the hotel room and I showered then crawledinto bed next to him. Solan looked at me with concern on his face. “Siksika?” “Sorry”“Do you want to talk about it? If you don‟t I would understand, I just thought it may help.” “I actually do” I finally replied. There in that hotel bed I told Solan about everything that had happenedto me as a child then through my teen years. He listened silently to my tale. He turned to me and gently touched my face as I revealed what Suni had put me through and how the battlewent on until we had finally destroyed her. It felt good to tell someone but the tears fell so I turned over and faced the other direction.
  50. 50. I felt Solan move closer to me as I felt his warm arms around me as he held me close. It felt nice he wasgentle and kind and he had stuck with me this whole time, through our travels he had been helping me out along the way as I have helped him. This traveling together also left us a lot of time to really get to know each other. He had become my best friend. “Siksika” He whispered softly in my ear. “You will always be protected”That one sentence and I could feel warm feelings through my veins. My heart beat a bit quicker but not in fear, it was a good feeling. I felt him fall asleep next to me and I fell asleep within seconds. Safe. ~*****~
  51. 51. The next day, Solan and I took a plane down to Australia of course the two of us didn‟t get thereuntil late since the plane ride was almost 11 hours. So we got our hotel room and just relaxed away the jet lag.
  52. 52. The next morning we woke up and sat on the beach watching some people surf. It was interesting to see all the different levels of the surfers. “That looks like fun” I told Solan after watching them for a while. “You really think so huh?” “Sure do wonder if we can get someone to show me, and you if you want” “Only one way to find out” He smiled as we stood up.
  53. 53. I was able to find one of the locals who offered lessons. Solan and I started our lessons on theland, we learned the basics and did some practicing and after some time we were able to actually go into the water. I was nervous as I swam out and then I saw Solan up on the board. “You can do it Sika, it‟s not that ha-” Solan started to say before I saw him fall into the water. I swam over there to make sure he was alright he climbed back on his surfboard and started chuckling. He was able to get a smile back on my face.“Come on Siksika. I‟m alright” He said and the two of us swam out once again. We had our share of falling but it really was a lot of fun.
  54. 54. Once we were out of the water surfing we decided to snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef. It was yet another amazing experience seeing all of the creatures that called the reef home. The reef itself was beautiful. It was truly amazing just to see the world like this.
  55. 55. Solan and I weren‟t always in the water around this area of the world. We traveled by air abovethe Great Barrier Reef and we also made some stops in New Zealand it was yet another gorgeous land to see.
  56. 56. We saw several other pretty cool sights in Australia. One thing‟s for sure we couldn‟t forget about the Sydney Opera house and all its architectural glory. And we also decided to take a trip to see Ayers Rock.
  57. 57. We had been in Australia and New Zealand for a while before we took a plane to South America. I wanted to see the jungles. Solan knew some to the locals there we had such a nice tour of the jungle even if we almost got lost if it wasn‟t for Tomas who remembered something at the last minute.
  58. 58. Tomas and Rosa offered to take us by boat up the Amazon River. It was such a fun experience towatch the winding river pass by. The sound of the boat was soothing. It was quite the way to see the rest of the jungle surrounding it as well.
  59. 59. We saw several other amazing things while in South America. There was that statue in Rio which looked really nice. We learned more about their religion and what the meaning of the statue wasto them. Of course with Solan and I, we were raised differently but it was still interesting to learn about. After that we went in search of Machu Picchu which was a hike but it was worth it.
  60. 60. There were also several ruins to see around South America. It‟s really interesting to know how old the earth really is there was Machu Picchu of course but there were so many around from the Aztecs and the Mayas well as several unknown ones.
  61. 61. We had gained money through our travels and found ourselves with a good deal on a Caribbean cruiseso once we finished up in South America we were able to get on the cruise ship. All the people on the ship were taken around the Caribbean Islands. We saw so many of them.
  62. 62. There was so much those on the islands could teach us. Everyone was so colorful and freespirited. It was quite relaxing. Even the Firedancers were having a good time. Solan and I watched the dancer flip around the baton and then the two of us decided: Hey why not learn.
  63. 63. Of course we had to try some of the local delicacies of the islands we went to. We also learnedhow to Hula which was so much fun to learn. Hula is a dance that tells a story so we were taught how to move as slow as the water flows on a calm day.
  64. 64. One of the Islands had this amazing spa that sat near a dormant volcano. Solan and I eachdecided to try one of those hot Rock massages. In my opinion it felt nice and pretty odd at the same time but it was fun. After that the two of us soaked in the hot springs.
  65. 65. Some nights on the ship the two of us couldn‟t think of what to do. There really was a lot goinggames, food, gambling ,relaxing everything. One time the two of us lied on the hammocks and just swung them around that was a lot of fun.
  66. 66. The cruise was only about a week but it really was a lot of fun. Solan and I often would sit on the floor of the room we had on the ship and just looked out as the fish swam by our windows. We spent a lot of time reflecting on our trip and our time together.
  67. 67. We also had this little game we made up of which we decided to build at least one sand castle on each of the islands we visited. Yes it was a bit silly but it was a lot of fun, no two of our sandcastles were alike. It was like us making the mark saying: “Siksika and Solan were here” We had a picture taken with each of the castles we built, so there are several pictures of sandcastles.
  68. 68. That last night on the ship was something quite memorable. We had looked out at the water justto watch the sunset reflecting off of the water. It was an amazing experience to watch, when the sun fell past the horizon as the moon arose in the Caribbean Sky
  69. 69. “Hey Siksika” Solan smiled at beKnowingly as I looked into those golden day-glow eyes that sparkled in the moonlight. “Yes?” “I have noticed that you seem to be doing a lot better, since I met you in Greece what seemed like forever ago.”“It really does seem that way doesn‟t it?‟ I chuckled. “As for how I‟m doing. I must be yellow or green right now. I‟m feeling very happy.” “I know as bright as the moonlight” He joked as he held me closer to him. “It‟s all thanks to you Solan; you have been a very good travel companion and even a better friend. I think I justneeded someone like you to come alongand help me out.” I admitted. I actuallyhave been thinking of him as more than just a friend but I was too nervous to admit it. “You are always there to help me out and sometimes I feel I should be doing something more for you” “Just being here with me Siksika, is more than enough.”
  70. 70. I saw a flicker in Solan‟s eyes as he gave me a gentle smile. It was like he knew something more about my feelings; I wouldn‟t have been too surprised if that was the case. I expected Solan tojust tell me what color I looked like but instead I felt his lips touch mine. His blond hair fell across his eyes. My eyes closed as I held him closer to me. Did this mean he had feelings for me as well? The way I have been feeling for a while? He would know; he knew me well.
  71. 71. The next day the ship docked on Twikki Island the passengers were all let off, some caughtflights, some went back to their homes. As for me and Solan we decided to spend some time on the Island itself. We wanted to spend a few days here before making our way to Sim USA.
  72. 72. We spent a lot of time on the beach the days we spent there. We found several things fromdigging in the sand: Jewelry, precious stones, and seashells. Solan actually got caught in the claws of a crab; which I couldn‟t help but giggle at. He was perfectly fine once the crab let go of him. “Oh you think that is so funny don‟t you?” He teased “Yes you should have seen the look on your face.” I replied still giggling. “Oh come here you”
  73. 73. Solan held me around my waist tickled me a bit then carefully brought me to the ground. He lied down next to me and put his arm around me. “That wasn‟t fair you” I said tapping his nose. “Well I got pinched by the crab, so I say it‟s even.” he teased
  74. 74. We spent a while on that beach looking at the stars he told me the stories behind many of theconstellations. I loved the feeling of his arms around me as he held me close on that soft sand. He looked at me with those golden eyes as I felt his lips touch my nose.
  75. 75. The next day the two of us came across a hut. It had been another one of those times where we hadn‟t known where we were going as we explored the Island. There was a man in Tribal garb anold native of the Island the stories told us. Solan and I were drawn to this place. The man neededhelp fixing his appliances. Solan and I combined all of our Mechanical and cleaning points to helphim out. We leant that he was known as the “Witchdoctor”. Once we finished helping him out he thanked us with a small gift, a voodoo doll. The Witchdoctor had explained about the doll and Solan and I noticed that we really had no use for it. The doll would make a good souvenir of our trip though. We had actually spent all day at the Witch doctor‟s hut and there was still much more we wanted to do.
  76. 76. We rested up at the hotel before we headed out hearing about a ghost on an abandoned ship down the beach. As usual our adventurous curiosity got the best of us and we had decided tocheck this old ship out. We spent a lot of time playing on it before we had finally met the ghostwhile checking out the captain‟s cabin. The ghost chatted with us he wanted to learn about our travels, and before we knew it we started singing the song he taught us.
  77. 77. We had finished up on the Island as we took a flight to the United States and Canada. I tried to think to myself about what I wanted to do after enjoying my time here. Right now camping againseemed like a fun option. I had already known a bit about Sim USA. Since the University I went tohad been around here. It was a little weird to be back but this was just telling me that my journey was coming to an end.
  78. 78. So the two of us learned several interesting things from the locals. There was axe throwing, slap dancing, this sort of George of the Jungle greeting they did. It was odd but it was part of the culture here. The flapjacks were amazing as well.
  79. 79. There was so much to do in the wilderness. Camping really made me feel to be close to the landjust like in the culture . I had fun fishing as well no wonder Uncle Powhatan likes it so much, it‟sactually quite relaxing. Solan and I usually went out to fish early in the morning, that‟s when they were usually biting.
  80. 80. There was even this log rolling game played there of which the point was to knock the otherperson off of the log and into the water below. I was able to get Solan the first time but it wasn‟t long before he got me back. Even when we were completely soaked we both agreed that it was a lot of fun.
  81. 81. While hiking one of those days we were drawn to yet another mysterious place. This seems tohappen to us a lot I had wondered if there was some big meaning behind all of this. It was actually a huge surprise I have to admit to being a bit afraid of the confrontation. Solan and I discoveredthat Bigfoot did exist. He lives in a burrow, where exactly? Well we weren‟t completely sure. All he wants is to make friends. It can be a bit lonely being out there alone.
  82. 82. After we had camped for a bit Solan and I decided to see some of the landmarks the United States had to offer. The stuff I had read about in world history classes in school. We had seenthe Hollywood sign, visited the space needle in Seattle. Enjoyed the views of the panoramic Grand Canyon, saw the president‟s faces at Mount Rushmore. There was also Disney World and the White House and the Statue of Liberty, which were each fun to see.
  83. 83. We had saw several other places around The United States and Canada it was all such an amazing experience just to see everything, Travel around the States and so much more. We even learnedabout the Native American tribes around North America. It was interesting to see how similar a lot of the tribes are especially to the one I was born into. I am Siksika Alice Azure of the Lenmanan Natives.
  84. 84. The last place we visited was Niagara Falls in Ontario. We stayed in the Inn right on Clifton Hill.The Falls weren‟t too far of a walk from there. Solan and I enjoyed the attractions on Clifton hill but the best was the Falls themselves. Just looking at the natural beauty was enchanting.
  85. 85. Night fell over the falls and it was nice to see them so lit up as well as the rest of Clifton Hill it was just amazing. Solan and I retired to our room for the night. That‟s when things seemed different. Maybe I was feeling homesick; I really did miss my family back home. Solan noticed this which wasn‟t a surprise to me.“Siksika” he started as he held me close. “It‟s been several years, I‟m wondering if this would be the right time to return to Lenmana”
  86. 86. I listened to his suggestion and looked at him. I had been thinking about returning for a bit now but I was nervous.“Am I really ready though? It‟s been so long, so much has probably changed, What if I can‟t find my place again?” I voiced my concerns.“I‟m certain that everyone would be happy to have you back, I‟m sure they miss you. I know I would miss my family too if I had been gone for as long as you have. Yes, things will have changed sinceyou left home but that shouldn‟t have to stop you.” He said brushing a piece of stray hair from myeyes. “You should accept those changes and soon enough your own instincts should take over and you will find your place.”
  87. 87. I listened to Solan‟s comforting words. He was right I would have to go back eventually; myhomesickness was a lot stronger than I thought, and I wanted to go home. The traveling throughthe years has taught me that home is where the heart is; and even after all I had been through my heart was still set one Lenmana. “What about you Solan?”
  88. 88. “Well I do have some things to take care of in Greece that I have just been informed of.” Solan sighed. “I have to travel back there as soon as I can” “Solan” my eyes widened in worry.“I promise I will be back as soon as possible. I want to see you again. I need to see you again.” Solan said as he kissed me.
  89. 89. We spent the rest of the night in the hotel room. We didn‟t bother to stop at the casinos or headto the pool we just wanted to remember our last night, for a while, together. I was sure I would see Solan again in the future. He didn‟t seem the type to break promises.
  90. 90. The next morning, I woke up early to freshen up and get ready for my flight back to LenmanaIsland in the early afternoon. Solan spent some more time with me before we headed our separate ways, temporarily.
  91. 91. I have to admit the plane ride home was lonely, I felt like I did when I left but in returning home I had hope for the future. If Solan was with me he‟d say that my aura was very yellow.
  92. 92. My plane landed just hours ago and then I decided to come straight home. Things were differentyes but it was nice to see everyone again. That just reminded me how much I really did miss this place.
  93. 93. Siksika had finished up her story as she looked around at her family members. She noticed that her niece had fallen asleep on her lap. Siksika smiled at the small child as she carefully ran her hand across her head. “Well she has the right idea” Siksika chuckled.
  94. 94. Crowfoot picked up his daughter off of sleeping on the couch, the toddler had a long day and it was indeed past her bedtime.
  95. 95. “Glad to have you home Siksika” Aiyana told her granddaughter giving her a kiss on the cheek before letting her go.Siksika went toward her room to gather her clothing before she decided to run herself a bath.She really needed one; she sat there in the warm water reflecting on her travels. Once finished she settled in her bed and fell asleep.
  96. 96. There we have it my darlings now we know exactly what Siksika had been doing the years she spent away from home. She has felt like she did something worthwhile for herself. Siksika couldprobably work on her own travel show if she wanted to the two of them have actually gained most of the travel memories, they each are still missing a few: -Siksika didn‟t get a voodoo doll -Solan never dug up a treasure chest (But Sika gave me 2 that I remember XD) -Neither of them have Photo Albums -They technically only had 3 vacations, so neither of them have the 5 vacations one
  97. 97. Thanks to everyone who I get to share my story with. I thank all the travel sites I was able to get pictures from as well. This concludes Siksika‟s “interlude chapter that‟s still part of mainstoryline”. A special thanks to Ani-Mei for being my beta as well as lending me Solan. Now enjoy this picture of Solan showering and take care!