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4Science Company presentation


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Presentation given at the euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting in November 2016

Published in: Technology
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4Science Company presentation

  1. 1. November 2016 Your research is tomorrow’s science: manage it, preserve it, share it. Now.
  2. 2. The Group: Itway
  3. 3. 4Science at a Glance
  4. 4. Services •  Consultancy: analysis, design, project planning, training •  Installa6on, configura6on, data migra6on, upgrades •  System integra6on, so:ware development and customiza6on •  Support: helpdesk, assistance and so:ware maintenance •  Addons: Repor6ng & analy6cs, Viewers, Cloud storage, … •  Open source CRIS: DSpace-CRIS •  Research Data Repository •  Ins6tu6onal Repositories •  Digital Libraries for Cultural Heritage
  5. 5. DSpace-CRIS in a nutshell 2009 - The University of Hong Kong decides to enhance its Ins6tu6onal Repository Publica+ons People Organisa+ons Projects ..more Be:er interac+on, reputa+on, dissemina+on Documentation and software available on the DSpace Wiki: Asia | US | Canada | Brasil | Europe | Australia | Africa More than 80 DSpace-CRIS installations running all around the World 2012 - DSpace-CRIS is released as open source to the community Today
  6. 6. Take care: build together better functionalities
  7. 7. Crowd-Funding Openness We support open source and open standards and actively contribute to them Launch of a new Module - Descrip6on of the available features - Roadmap with enhancements - Target budget - Minimum contribu6on Target budget is reached Full release of the code to the Community Ins+tu+ons become Supporters - Immediate access to current and future code - Impact on the Roadmap
  8. 8. Crowd-Funding: AddOn Modules 4Science commits to: 1)  Develop the func6onali6es included in the roadmap following the funded % 2)  Release the module in open source as soon as the budget is reached 3)  Recognise the role of the supporters IIIF Image Viewer Document Viewer OCR Video/Audio Streaming 0% funded 100% funded 0% funded 100% funded 0% funded 100% funded 0% funded 100% funded Following some examples:
  9. 9. CKAN Add-On Module •  CKAN: widey adopted Open Source Data Repository enabling open data •  Great! your researcher will be so happy to use another tool…?!? •  The module adds the CKAN open data unique features to DSpace and DSpace-CRIS avoiding researchers to use another tool •  Easy to link publica6ons, persons, projects with the dataset •  Stronger long term preserva6on strategy, dataset versioning +
  10. 10. DSpace-CRIS for datasets person(s) project(s) publication(s) event(s)
  11. 11. DSpace-CRIS for datasets person(s) project(s) publication(s) event(s) back link
  12. 12. CKAN Add-On Module: preview tabular & geospaHal data Paginated and filterable
  13. 13. CKAN Add-On Module: preview tabular & geospaHal data different visualization
  14. 14. CKAN Add-On Module: architecture DMZ proxing •  Open access •  Embargo •  Restricted Can be integrated with LTP strategy
  15. 15. •  Extend the user-base suppor6ng more DSpace flavors and versions (5.x, 6.x, 7.x, JSPUI, XMLUI & CRIS) •  Allow use of public avalabile CKAN instances •  Richer metadata on CKAN created dataset •  Setup of access condi6ons also in CKAN •  Connect to Mul6ple CKANs (for collec6ons, disciplines, projects, funders, etc.) •  Support «live» datasets. Authorized researchers can manipulate the dataset, when a new version is ready a snapshot is securely stored in the repository for long-term preserva6on and access CKAN Add-On Module: future plans
  16. 16. •  The crowd-funded modules project will be completely setup by the end of this month. You will find proper documenta6on, demo website, target budget & roadmap on our website: •  The DSpace-CKAN module will be released very soon together with DSpace-CRIS 5.6.0, we are just rolling out the final tes6ng phase When…
  17. 17. 4Science Team •  Strong expert Team cons6tuted over 10 years ago •  Domain experts in Digital Libraries for Cultural Heritage •  Worldwide reputa6on in Repositories and Research Informa6on & Data Management •  2 DSpace Commimers •  Creators of DSpace-CRIS in 2009
  18. 18. Thank you for amen6on!