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2G/3G Switch off Dates

  1. 1. Country Operator Name 2G/3G Type Switch Off Date Optus GSM 01-Aug-17 Telstra GSM 01-Dec-16 Vodafone GSM 30-Sep-17 Bell MTS CDMA 05-Jul-17 Sasktel CDMA 05-Jul-17 Telus CDMA 31-May-17 Ecuador CNT CDMA 25-Oct-14 KDDI PDC 31-Mar-08 NTT Docomo PDC 31-Jul-12 Softbank PDC 31-Mar-10 CTM GSM 30-Jun-15 Hitchison GSM 30-Jun-15 Smartone GSM 30-Jun-15 Netherlands T-Mobile GSM 31-Dec-20 New Zealand Spark CDMA 31-Jul-12 Telenor UMTS 31-Dec-20 Telenor GSM 31-Dec-25 M1 GSM 18-Apr-17 Singtel GSM 18-Apr-17 Starhub GSM 18-Apr-17 South Korea KT GSM 19-Mar-12 Sunrise GSM 31-Dec-18 Swisscom GSM 31-Dec-20 Chunghwa Telecom GSM 30-Jun-17 Far Eastone GSM 30-Jun-17 Taiwan Mobile GSM 30-Jun-17 Thiland CAT Telecom CDMA 26-Apr-13 AT&T GSM 31-Dec-16 Verizon CDMA 31-Dec-19 2G/3G Switch off Dates - Taiwan Macau USA Australia Japan Singapore Norway Canada Switzerland