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360i SXSW Cheat-sheet


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With SXSW Interactive just around the corner, 360i wants to
help you navigate the awesome chaos that lies ahead and
get the most out of what will be a truly inspiring experience.

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360i SXSW Cheat-sheet

  1. 1. SXSW CHEAT-SHEET TEXAS TAKEOVER Start Here 360i’S GUIDE TO THE BEST OF SXSW INTERACTIVE 2015 WE SCOURED THE PANELPICKER TO UNCOVER THE BEST SESSIONS FOR MARKETERS With SXSW Interactive just around the corner, 360i wants to help you navigate the awesome chaos that lies ahead and get the most out of what will be a truly inspiring experience. Historically, SXSW has been a hotbed for emerging technologies and digital counter-culture. Last year, marketers made their presence known in Austin, hitting the scene with innovative and authentic brand activations. Over five days, conference-goers will have their pick of hundreds of educational sessions, meet-ups and parties to attend. While demanding, SXSW will no doubt leave attendees feeling inspired and creatively energized. For more tips and tricks from our team of savvy SXSW experts, follow @360i and visit for updates. HOW TO CREATE GREAT PARTNERSHIPS WITH STARTUPS – with Cary Tilds (Group M), Gina Squara (Big Heart Pet Brands), Kayode Owens (KITE Solutions Inc) and Pete Blackshaw (Nestle) Mon. March 16, 11:00a-12:00p Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon F CURIOUS BRIDGES: HOW DESIGNERS GROW THE FUTURE – with Paola Antonelli (The Museum of Modern Art) Fri. March 13, 2:00p-3:00p Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5 USING BRANDS TO CREATE CULTURAL IDENTITY – with Chris Wink (Blue Man Group) and Jarret Myer (Woven) Sat. March 14, 12:30p-1:30p Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1 MOONSHOTS AND REALITY – with Astro Teller (Google [x]) Tues. March 17, 2:00p-3:00p Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5 AI, IMMORTALITY AND THE FUTURE OF SELVES – with Martine Rothblatt (United Therapeutics Corporation) and Lisa Miller (New York Magazine) Sun. March 15, 2:00p-3:00p Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5 SHOW AND SMELL: MARKETING EXPERIENCES BEYOND VISUAL – with David Polinchock (AT&T), Heather Gately (The Marketing Store Worldwide), Warren Kronberger (The Marketing Store Worldwide) Tues. March 17, 12:30p-1:30p Hyatt Regency Austin, Zilker Ballroom 2 CULTURE CLASH: WHEN MARKETING AND PRODUCT CONVERGE – with Ann Herrick (Hallmark), Nathan Martin (Deeplocal), Nick Parish (Contagious Magazine) and Tyler Bahl (Google) Sun. March 15, 3:30p-4:30p Hyatt Regency Austin, Hill Country ABCD ECOMMERCE: WHY LOCATION IS STILL EVERYTHING! – with David Bell (Innovation Group/The Wharton School) Tues. March 17, 5:00p-6:00p Hyatt Regency Austin, Zilker Ballroom 2 SCREW PRIVACY, JUST GIVE ME VALUE FOR MY DATA – with Lee Maicon (360i) and Lisa Pearson (Bazaarvoice) Sun. March 15, 12:30p-1:30p JW Marriott, Room 404 GOING VIRAL: THE SCIENCE OF PREDICTING THE WEB – with Matt Wurst (360i) and Robyn Peterson (Mashable) Sun. March 15, 5:00p-6:00p Hyatt Regency Austin, Big Bend WHAT’S NEXT FOR TALKING CARS? – with Mike Pina (US Department of Transportation) and Walt Fehr (US Department of Transportation) Sat. March 14, 12:30p-1:30p JW Marriott, Room 210 DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE WITH THE CONNECTED CAR – with Cobie Everdell (Frog Design) and Diny Huang (Frog Design) Fri. March 13, 11:00a-1:30p JW Marriott, Room 310-311 DEEPER DIVES AUTO HEADLINERS & PRIMETIME TALKS 360i @SXSW
  2. 2. MADE IN BROOKLYN: A CRAFT FOODS REVOLUTION – with Forbes Fisher (Steve’s Ice Cream), Nicki Briggs (Nicki Briggs LLC), Rachel Wharton (Edible Brooklyn), Shamus Jones (Brooklyn Brine) Sat. March 14, 11:00a-12:00p Driskill Hotel, Driskill Ballroom PRIVACY IS IN FASHION: WHO WILL WEAR IT WELL? – with Annie Auerbach (Flaingo Group), Eliza Esquivel (Mondelez International) Tues. March 17, 9:30a-10:30a JW Marriott, Room 205 REDEFINING REALNESS FOR BRANDS ON TWITTER – with John Colucci (Engadget) and Marie Bonaccorse (Procter & Gamble) Tues. March 17, 12:30p-1:30p Hyatt Regency Austin, Hill Country ABCD BEYOND THE SHELF: POWER OF INTELLIGENT PACKAGING – with Dan Shust (Resource) Sun. March 15, 11:00a-12:00p JW Marriott, Salon A DEFINING THE NEXT GENERATION RETAIL EXPERIENCE -with Jennifer Hyman (Rent The Runway), Julie Bornstein (Sephora) and Katrina Lake (Stitch Fix) Fri. March 13, 3:30p-4:30p Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D WALLET WARS: PAYMENTS ARE JUST THE BEGINNING - with Brian Kirby (The Wendy’s Co), Jeremy Nicholas (Visa), Jordan Mckee (451 Research), Stephanie Capretto (Urban Airship) Sat. March 14, 5:00p-6:00p Radisson Town Lake, Riverside Ballroom 10 INVENTIONS THAT WILL REVOLUTIONIZE RETAIL - with David Roth (WPP The Store) and Jon Bird (Y&R LabStore) Sun. March 15, 9:30a-10:30a Hyatt Regency Austin, Zilker Ballroom 3 HOW WE SHOP: THE PRESENTATION OF CURATION - with Dave Lippan (eBay), Laurel Pinson (StyleCaster), Fred Dust (Ideo) and Michael Phillips Moskowitz (eBay) Tues. March 17, 12:30p-1:30p JW Marriott, Room 206 THE FUTURE ROLE OF TECH IN DINING AND FOOD – with David Chang (Momofuku) and Matt Buchanan (The Awl) Sat. March 14, 3:30p-4:30p Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D NO ADDITIVES OR ADS: MR P TERRY ON MODERN WOM – with Heather Carmichael (Kelleher Communications Inc) and Patrick Terry (P Terry’s Burger Stand) Sun. March 15, 3:30p-4:30p Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1 THE LANGUAGE OF FOOD: A LINGUIST READS THE MENU – with Don Jurafsky (Stanford University) Mon. March 16, 10:30a-10:50a Austin Convention Center, Ballroom G CHEF, REVIEWER, GUEST: WHO’S GOT THE POWER TODAY? – with Chris Stang (The Infatuation), John A. Hall (Post Office Pies) and Kerry Diamond (Yahoo Food) Mon. March 16, 12:30p-1:30p Driskill Hotel, Maximilian CROSS-CHANNEL DATA DRIVEN MARKETING WITH TV – with Molly Parr (Oracle) Fri. March 13, 12:30p-1:30p Radisson Town Lake, Riverside Ballroom THE NEW TV STAR: HOW TO BUILD AN AUDIENCE ONLINE – with Kelly Day (AwesomenessTV), Michelle Castillo (Adweek), Tom Ryan (Pluto. TV) and Tyler Oakley (YouTube Content Creator) Tues. March 17, 11:00a-12:00p Four Seasons, Ballroom AB THE CAST OF COMMUNITY ON MOVING TO DIGITAL – with Yahoo’s Dan Harmon, Chris McKenna, Jim Rash and Joel McHale Sun. March 15, 11:00a-12:00p Austin Convention Center, Room 18ABCD BACK TO THE FUTURE OF MEDIA – with Ben Lerer (Thrillist Media Group) Fri. March 13, 5:00p-6:00p Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D GAME OF THRONES: CREATING IMMERSIVE ENTERTAINMENT – with Melissa Eccles (Elastic) and Sabrina Caluori (HBO) Mon. March 16, 5:00p-6:00p Four Seasons, Ballroom AB CPG RETAIL MEDIA/ENTERTAINMENT QSR
  3. 3. #Protips HOW TO ACT LIKE YOU’VE BEEN THERE BEFORE SCHEDULE LIKE A CHAMP, BUT BE FLEXIBLE. Choose a handful of sessions and parties you don’t want to miss, allowing for travel time between session venues. Sessions will fill up quick. Have a backup plan in place, which includes other sessions taking place at the same time, in the same venue. Build out your schedule by visiting and/or download the SXSW® GO app. ARRIVE EARLY TO POPULAR PANELS & KEYNOTES. Keynotes and panels with big-name speakers will be the hardest for you to secure a seat in. Arrive 30 minutes to an hour early. Get there at the last minute and you might have to resort to catching the action on a TV monitor in the hallway. MAKE FRIENDS ON SXSOCIAL. Chances are you’ll know a person or two in Austin. And by the time you leave, you’ll make a dozen new friends and acquaintances. Search for and message other conference attendees/speakers during the conference with SXsocial. PREPARE FOR MOTHER NATURE. Austin in March is known for its multiple weather personalities, so you’ll want to monitor the forecast closely. Pack an umbrella or poncho and sunscreen, and you’ll be ready for anything. POWER IS NO LAUGHING MATTER. Portable chargers will be your (best) friends. Remember, you’ll be on-the-go most of the day with limited access to charging stations and outlets. Pack a charger (or two) with you for the day, and you won’t be spending your time searching for juice. GET ON THE LIST. While the days will be long, you’ll be disappointed if you leave Austin without attending a party or two. Check out what the night scene will have to offer before touching down. Want someone else to do this for you? Check out registration service, RSVPster, which will RSVP you to 100’s of parties during the festival. IT’S A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT. With so many sessions to attend and parties to be seen at, you’ll have the urge to hit the ground running and cram, cram, cram. Pace yourself. Allow for breaks during the day to ensure you have the energy to attend that evening event you highlighted and starred five times on your list. Deep South Sustenance NOSHING & NETWORKING LIKE A BOSS You’ve touched down in Austin. Take a look with your stomach, not your eyes. The bars, cafes and food trucks that line the streets of Austin offer up some of the most diverse, delicious cuisine in the country and should not be taken lightly. They also serve as the perfect place to relax, network and catch up with old and new friends and colleagues alike. [DRINKS] COCKTAILS & BEER – BANGERS (79 RAINEY ST.) – Beer garden with huge outdoor seating area, homemade brats and an extensive beer list PECHE (208 W. 4TH ST.) – On the more sophisticated side, a lounge known for making its own bitters WRIGHT BROS BREW & BREW (500 SAN MARCOS ST. #105) – The best of both worlds (good beans and good beer), a full espresso bar and nearly 40 different craft beers on tap [COFFEE] PICK ME UP – HOUNDSTOOTH (401 N. CONGRESS AVE.)– Espresso, espresso, espresso, and a rotating selection of beans EPOCH (221 W. NORTH LOOP BLVD.) – 24/7 coffee, pastries and snacks, and big tables for hosting large groups [BRUNCH] IT UP, PRE-PANEL – LUCY’S FRIED CHICKEN (5408 BURNET RD.) – Down-to-earth hotspot boasting creative signature fried chicken dishes PERLA’S SEAFOOD & OYSTER BAR (1400 S. CONGRESS SUITE B100) – A seafood-focused menu and lots of outdoor seating [BBQ] THE RIGHT WAY – FRANKLIN BARBECUE (900 E. 11TH ST.) – A meaty hotspot touted by many as “the finest brisket in all the land” STUBBS BBQ (801 RED RIVER ST.) – Beer, brisket and live music (enough said) KERLIN BBQ (1700 E. CESAR CHAVEZ ST.) – New(ish) no-frills down-home BBQ joint serving up brisket stuffed kolaches