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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ICELAND .
  2. 2. ICELAND● Her name is Jennifer.● She is 18 years old.● She has got one sister,mother and father.● She has got blue eyes,brown long,hair, she is tall and thin.● She lives in Grimsey (Iceland)
  3. 3. DAILY● She gets up at eight oclock.● She has milk at quarter past eight.● She goes to high school at half past nine.● She goes home at half past two.● She has lamb,whale meat at three oclock● In the Afternoon she plays tennis with friends.● She has rotten shark meat for dinner at quarter to ten.
  4. 4. DAILY● She goes to bed at eleven oclock
  5. 5. TRANSPORST USED● For transport they use the bus.
  6. 6. ICELAND
  7. 7. GRIMSEY
  8. 8. THE END