Snakes & ladders


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Snakes & ladders

  1. 1. Snakes & Ladders By Elli 9RED Click For Instructions
  2. 2. Instructions• This game is a regular snakes and ladders game. The first player to get to the finish is the winner!• Question marks that are on the tiles mean that a surprise question will pop up!• Snakes will take you backwards in your journey• Ladders will push you ahead, you can call them shortcuts.• Click on the dice for it to roll. There will be one dice.• Use the arrows to move the counters according to the dice!• The questions will probably be related to facebook danger and safety.• Answer the questions correctly, and move forward two spaces, answer it incorrectly and go back one move! GOOD LUCK  Click to get started!
  3. 3. 23 ? FINISH19 ? ? 14 ? ?9 5 ?START ? ?
  4. 4. 23 ? FINISH19 ? ? 14 ? ?9 5 ?START ? ?
  5. 5. You and your friend are fighting and have not talked in a week, but you really want to sort things out. Do you…a. Message her using your Facebook messagesb. Post her a status onto her wall for everyone to see.c. Wait till it’s the next time for you and her to meet.  Click on the letter 
  6. 6. 23 ? FINISH19 ? ? 14 ? ?9 5 ?START ? ?
  7. 7. Remember…Although Facebook can be a fun, easy way to connect andcommunicate with friends online, you have to remember thatanything can happen with your personal information.Everyone can view what you are doing and your photo’s,friends, statuses unless you block these settings. Anyone fromthe cyber space can take your Facebook photos, statuses andinformation and act like its there own, so watch out! Also,Facebook has many dangers that can relate to strangers, soonly add people your really know. You may think that youchatting with a girl your age ( you assume so by reading herinformation), but you never know until you actually meet inperson, the ‘girl’ could have been a older man pretending tobe a girl so he could harm the girl’s life. So don’t get tooobsessed over Facebook!
  8. 8. Recommended Answers for the questions!• Question 1- recommended answer is a)• Question 2- recommended answer is b)• Question 3- recommended answer is c)• Question 4- recommended answer is c)• Question 5- recommended answer is a)• Question 6- recommended answer is b)• Question 7- recommended answer is a)