Summer School 2013 - What is iPaaS and why it is important


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Summer School 2013 - What is iPaaS and why it is important

  1. 1. iPaaS What is iPaaS and why it is important? Afkham Azeez Director, Architecture WSO2 Sameera Perera Senior Manager, Cloud Technology Group WSO2
  2. 2. SaaS: Your apps in the Cloud • SaaS (Software as a Service) is... o delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud (source: Wikipedia) Image courtesy of ddpavumba /
  3. 3. SaaS: Step right up! • Affordable! • Scalable! • Simplifies sign-up, bug fixes and upgrades! Cloud Images courtesy of Bartosz Kaszubowski, other image courtesy of Stuard Miles/
  4. 4. The Great Integration Challenge of the Cloud Era • Enterprise apps must play nicely with each other o Relieve users from  Re-entering data to different applications  Re-enter their credentials o Share data, authorization o Abide by enterprise policies Images courtesy of Master isolated images, Vuono/
  5. 5. 1. Cloud to Cloud 2. Cloud to On-premises Integration Scenarios Cloud Images courtesy of Bartosz Kaszubowski. Server image from
  6. 6. Here's my API... Call me maybe? So, how does yours fit in with my existing applications? Well, we have this nice SOAP/ReST API... API (Applicaiton Programming Interface): An interface through which an application can securely open up programmatic access to it’s data and functionality, to third party developers.
  7. 7. Wait, I still have to write code!? API from Vendor X API from Vendor Y All the work that nobody mentioned
  8. 8. Data Mapping : Example • All day events • Multi-day events Calendar Calendar
  9. 9. The Standards/Protocol Soup...
  10. 10. Point-to-point Integration Maze Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong /
  11. 11. iPaaS • Stands for Integration Platform as a Service • "... a suite of cloud services enabling development, execution and governance of integration flows connecting any combination of on premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within individual or across multiple organizations." - Gartner Research
  12. 12. What's in an iPaaS? protocol bridging, message transports, transformation, routing, service virtualization, Connectors (adapters), orchestration, partner community management, managed file transfer, registry/repository, development tools, artifacts lifecycle management, policy management and enforcement, federation, usage tracking and management, monitoring, b2b integration, ETL, data integration, data federation, SOA governance, SOA enablement, federated SOA support, ...
  13. 13. What's in an iPaaS (significant bits) • Connectors o Connects to a specific Cloud or On-premises service o Configure, don't code. iPaaS
  14. 14. What's in an iPaaS (significant bits) • Data Mapping / Transformation o When Connector X gives you lemons... o Make Lemonade for Connector Y Source: IBM CastIron
  15. 15. What's in an iPaaS (significant bits) • Orchestration of Integration flow Source: Dell Boomi Source: Mulesoft
  16. 16. What's in an iPaaS (significant bits) • Version controlling, Lifecycle management and other dev tools • The deployment environment •Performance •Availability •Scalability •Monitoring and Stats
  17. 17. Challenges to iPaaS adaptation • Security and Privacy o Data governance considerations o Regulatory compliance requirements • Vendor Lock-in o 4GL/5GL tools  "super-quick" only works in demos o Vendor-specific languages o Runs only on vendor's run-time
  18. 18. The current iPaaS Landscape Refer:
  19. 19. WSO2 iPaaS Vision Multi-tenancy Connectors Data mapping IDE ALM using AppFactory Cloud-cloud integration Cloud-enterprise integration
  20. 20. Cloud-Cloud Integration Cloud1 Cloud2 Data Mapping Integration in the Cloud Connector1 Connector2 Mapping File
  21. 21. Cloud-Enterprise Integration Cloud Data Mapping Mapping File Integration in the Cloud CG Enterprise Connector1 Connector2 Cloud Gateway
  22. 22. AppFactory
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Integration Versioning Different versions of connectors Corresponding to different versions of APIs e.g. SAP version x & y, with SaleForce version a & b Multiple independent versions in production
  25. 25. Integration Lifecycle Management Integrations too could be in dev, test, staging & production Supported using AppFactory ALM framework
  26. 26. Data Mapping Data types String, int, date & time, currency etc. Primitives Split, concat, assign etc. Mapping language Input Data Mapping Output
  27. 27. Connector Catalog SalesForce Twitter Gmail Google Drive Paypal Jira Redmine AWS Alfresco Twilio Fedex UPS Apple Push SAP Skype Blogger
  28. 28. Sample Connector Config
  29. 29. IDE Cloud IDE Desktop IDE
  30. 30. How it all fits together Apache Stratos WSO2 AppFactory WSO2 iPaaS IaaS
  31. 31. aPaaS + iPaaS + APIs Cloud1 aPaaSData Mapping Integration in the Cloud Connector1 Connector2 Mapping File API
  32. 32. GA – Q4 2013
  33. 33. References you-ready researchs-ipaas-cloud-integration-confusion.php ceip-full-speed-ahead-on-cloud-integration.php saas-vendor-success-study the-saas-integration-challenge.html
  34. 34. References the-saas-integration-challenge.html obstacle-saas-vendor-success