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WSO2Con USA 2017: Enhancing Customer Experience with WSO2 Identity Server


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Customer experience is a key pillar of digital transformation. Nutanix is a leader in hyperconverged systems and the enterprise Cloud platform. Nutanix maintains multiple web portals for customer support, partner support, and the community. One of our top priorities is making the customer experience as simple and seamless as possible. We realized that we needed to create a more seamless sign-on experience for our portals and mobile apps if we wanted to maintain growth. Having a product that is open source, supported multiple security protocols, and can scale was key. This talk will focus on how WSO2 Identity Server checked all those requirements.

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WSO2Con USA 2017: Enhancing Customer Experience with WSO2 Identity Server

  1. 1. Enhancing Customer Experience with WSO2 Identity Server Manoj Thirutheri Director, SaaS & Tools Engineering Nutanix
  2. 2. Nutanix Overview: The Enterprise Cloud Company 4,450+customers Over 90+ countries 6 continents Make datacenter infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on applications and services Founded in 2009 2,350+ employees
  3. 3. Enterprise Identity & Access Management Challenges • Customer Experience often sits in the last mile of Digital Transformation • Siloed Portals and Identities • Non-Standard and Insecure Authentication and Authorization Mechanisms • Proprietary and Non Extensible Technology stacks • Increased and Duplicated Development efforts • No 360 degree view of Customer activities 3
  4. 4. Nutanix Identity And Access Management Solution 4 Highly Available WSO2 Identity Server Cluster (Multi AZ User Store) Nutanix Identity & Access Management APIs (User Management, Tenant Management , Service Provider, Identity Provider APIs) My Nutanix Web Entitlement Application Customer Portal In Development Community & Nutanix CEPartner Portal Education Portal OAuth 2.0 Role Mapping SAML 2.0 JIT Provisioning Basic Auth over SSL OpenID Connect MFA ADFS Multi-Tenancy Cert Based Auth
  5. 5. Benefits • Single Sign-on Experience for Customers, Partners & Prospects • Open Source and Extensible Identity Management Platform • Highly Scalable Architecture and Availability • Support for Standard Protocols (SAML, OAuth, OpenID, SCIM, JWT) • Multi-Factor Authentication & Identity Federation ( e.g. ADFS) • Support for Multi-Tenancy & Tenant Management • Managed Cloud Deployment and Support • Happy Customers & Partners 5
  6. 6. Thank You!