Social Media Marketing: Nike Plus Human Race


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Social Media Marketing: Nike Plus Human Race

  1. The Nike+ Human Race Social Media Strategy
  2. Social Media ‣ Why ‣ Who ‣ Where/What ‣ How
  3. Running with Engagement & Passion
  4. Social Media is about Engagement & Passion
  5. Social Media ‣ Why ‣ Who ‣ Where/What ‣ How
  6. • Age range: 18-40 • Students/Office-workers • People in China's major cities • Netizen outside Internet Cafes • Amateur/Professional Athletes
  7. • They are Young, but have a lot of Pressure • They are Online, but lack of real Interaction • Want to be Cool, but also working hard • Love Running, need more Encouragement
  8. One Definition: LoRaF (Life of Running and Fun)
  9. What they want? • They want to enjoy the Life of Running and Fun Who they are? • We call them LoRaF Pioneers
  10. Social Media ‣ Why ‣ Who ‣ Where/What ‣ How
  11. Social Media is Everywhere on the Web. (not only on official websites) Social Media is about Social (Build Relationships not only contents) Social Media supported by various Tools (Use the same tools your audience are using )
  12. Social Media Tools Official Blog / Blogger Word-of-Mouth Video Collections / Viral Videos Branded Groups / SNS Applications Branded Microblog / Runner’s Lifestreaming Official BBS Community / BBS Buzzing Other Tools: (Photo Sharing, Social Bookmarking, Podcasting, Online games, etc.)
  13. Social Media ‣ Why ‣ Who ‣ Where/What ‣ How
  14. LoRaF Blog from Focusing to Conversation
  15. Platform: WordPress • Popular & Easy to use • Nike+ Themes & Widgets • Standards compliance & SEO ready • Multiple authors & Permission Management
  16. Write a Real Blog Content Style • • LoRaF Philosophy be personal • • Running knowledge be active • • Human Race Events open to comments • • LoRaF Pioneers’ Interview make responses • Guest Posts …… ……
  17. Mirror Blogs In China, Blogs get noticed easily when they are on……
  18. Blogger Word-of-Mouth To get blogged… • Find related Opinion Leaders; • Invite Bloggers to join the LoRaF Pioneers; • Provide Widgets for different Blog Platforms; • Participate in blogger’s Discussions.
  19. LoRaF Widget Drive traffic to LoRaF blog Encourage LoRaF through their blogs Interactive with Nike+
  20. Video Collections/Viral Video We have it on YouTube, but it’s not enough for Chinese netizen, We need more Viral Videos besides Commercials and localized video pages
  21. • Make Chinese Subtitles; • Find / Make Viral Videos; • Upload Videos to Chinese Video sharing sites; • Spread through blogs & other Social Media.
  22. SNS Groups/Applications User: 40M User: 140M Alexa: 513 Alexa: 165 Young People in Most of Chinese different cities college students Both of them have Open Platform
  23. • Move the Facebook App to Chinese SNS platforms; • Develop unique SNS Apps (casual games) for Chinese users; • LoRaF / Human Race Groups; • LoRaF blog synchronization.
  24. Branded Microblogging
  25. How to… • Listen before updating messages. It's easy to set up and subscribe to a search of your brand or company name. • Add value to your followers. Provide useful content for those that choose to follow you. • Only follow when followed or mentioned. Having an anonymous entity follow you is a bit like receiving spam - you don't know who it is or why you're getting it. • Reply to the messages dire