Add More Buzz to Your Business with Social Media & Public Relations


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Add More Buzz to Your Business with Social Media & Public Relations
Heather Mosley, Executive Vice President, PerkettPR, Inc.

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Add More Buzz to Your Business with Social Media & Public Relations

  1. 1. Add More Buzz to Your Business With Social Media & Public Relations Heather Mosley, EVP PerkettPR
  2. 2. Who Are We?
  3. 3. “Social media has merely exposed a weakness in PR that has always been there. PR leaders need to change the way they are training their people …it’s being done….agencies, such as PerkettPR, get it.” – Jennifer Leggio, ZDNet “I was very interested to read a blog post by one online-savvy PR firm about a presentation they gave on More Effective PR Through Social Media. … I like what PerkettPR said about using social media.” – Esther Schindler, CIO Editor
  4. 4. Why are you here? a) I had nothing better to do today b) I want to learn more about PR and social media and how to apply it to my business goals c) I heard there was going to be food d) All of the above Pssst….The correct answer is “b”
  5. 5. First Things First What is Public Relations?
  6. 6. It’s communicating with your audiences  Tell a story through the media (press, bloggers)  Announce a new offering  Educate your audiences  Respond to customer concerns  Celebrate milestones  Hold special events
  7. 7. Why Do We Do It?
  8. 8. To Increase Awareness and Drive Sales  Awareness = engagement  Engagement = trust  Trust = belief  Belief = possibilities  Possibilities = purchases  Purchases = customers  Customers = …. Well more money so you can keep doing what you love!
  9. 9. How do I do PR on Shoestring Budget?
  10. 10. Public Relations 101 Tactics  Content: Website, blog, literature, mailing lists  Announcements/Press Releases  Free wire services;,,, etc.  Media Outreach  Local reporters, trade magazines, vendors you support, national trends  Newsletters  Promotions, email address collections, POS surveys  Events  Store openings, re-openings, cause marketing efforts, local charity events, employee events, special receptions
  11. 11. Social Media’s Impact on PR Practices?
  12. 12. Talking With Not At
  13. 13. Why Do We Use It?
  14. 14. Building relationships – old vs. new
  15. 15. It’s simple  We’re “Just People” …with a story to tell – Just like our Journalist counterparts are just people with a story to write  Use the skills you’ve always had, and the new tools available to share some of yourself and your business • Get involved in the community….and tell your story • Everyone’s a publisher!
  16. 16. Why are we doing this?  Develop relationships with influencers  Build additional online brand awareness  Increase your company’s reach/opportunities  Share vast expertise and knowledge  Be seen and be heard
  17. 17. Where Do You Start?
  18. 18. YOU – personally are likely on
  19. 19. Celebrate your Fans Join Groups Share links Build your Network
  20. 20. Your updates are fed to your contacts Receive links to important events Receive news from important influencers
  21. 21. Promote Promote Events Company Promote Clients
  22. 22. ROI: Networking Invite stakeholders Post News Post Videos
  23. 23. ROI: Media Coverage • Saw Facebook update from reporter writing feature story on client’s competitor. • Quickly contacted and offered additional sources; secured an interview for client that day. • Client was prominently included in story they would have otherwise been left out of. USA Today Email Professionals Help Get the Word Out By, Jefferson Graham
  24. 24. Supportive Content
  25. 25. Thought Leadership
  26. 26. What Now? Create a professional fan page or group • Keep updates consistent • Cross-post content (blog, video, URLs, etc.) • Ask friends, partners, customers to join • Be smart – it is not an open invitation to pitch • media
  27. 27. Show Thought Leadership Research Build your Network
  28. 28. Notifications from contacts Updates from group members Profile Updates
  29. 29. Linkedin Groups Group members receive automatic updates = invitations to share knowledge
  30. 30. Linkedin Answers New Partners, Customers Recommendations Networking Responding to reporters
  31. 31. Linkedin Answers
  32. 32. Linkedin for Business Share news Direct feedback from contacts
  33. 33. Linkedin Answers Point to questions/ Recommend Answers
  34. 34. Linkedin Answers New Business Recommending spokesperson Networking Responding to reporters
  35. 35. Example: Commenting to assist
  36. 36. Linkedin Answers Make them an EXPERT
  37. 37. What Now? Create Linkedin account or become more active • Complete your profile • Use the status feature • Join interesting/valuable groups • Monitor updates/group updates • Be the expert – post/respond/share in Answers •
  38. 38. Follow Engage Interest Market
  39. 39. What do people really “tweet” about? Source: @Audreytan
  40. 40. What is the value of Twitter?
  41. 41. Capture/share significant events as they happen
  42. 42. Track and share news as it is happening…sometimes BEFORE major news outlets
  43. 43. Brands on Twitter: thought leadership
  44. 44. Brands on Twitter: listening/responding
  45. 45. Brands on Twitter: adding value/sharing information
  46. 46. Individuals on Twitter: building personal brand
  47. 47. Jump on Immediate Opportunities
  48. 48. ROI: Media Coverage • Saw@ProfNet seeking sources by noon same day. • Responded to writer • Client’s inclusion in the article later that same day CNBC Last-Minute Gifts for Her … and for Him By Cindy Perman
  49. 49. ROI: Thought Leadership
  50. 50. ROI: Business Development
  51. 51. ROI: Local News
  52. 52. What Now? Jump right in! Create profile including picture and bio Gather your followers Start following us – we will follow you back! @PerkettPR Check out who your followers are following Search by keyword (Twitter search) Before following, read user’s streams to determine: If they are active Value of their content
  53. 53. What Now?  Just tweet!  Address people in your posts to start relationships - @ DM & RT them  Ask questions/answer questions  Be patient – 3 month rule  Follow proper Twitter etiquette
  54. 54. Top 5 reasons others might not follow you – it’s nothing personal 1. You don’t have a bio or picture 2. You don’t have any updates 3. You have a lot of updates but are just talking to yourself 4. You are following 2000 people and only 50 are following you 5. All talk; no conversation
  55. 55. Thought leadership Comment Engage Learn
  56. 56. Don’t have time to blog?
  57. 57. How to find blogs?  Search Sites for Finding Blogs appropriate to comment on: Key words: Restaurants, Wine, Golf, B&B, Bay Area, etc.  Google Blogs  Technorati  IceRocket  SocialScan  Bloglines
  58. 58. Why comment on blogs?  Develop relationships with influencers and communities within your industry  Become a trusted, credible source of information  Shares your vast expertise and knowledge  Develop relationships with influencers  See and Be Seen
  59. 59. Conversation Do’s & Don’ts Do • Be honest, transparent and authentic • Provide ideas & advice around subjects you are knowledgeable about • Refer people to additional information Don’t • Add “me too” responses • Be a salesperson or a promoter • Don’t bash the competition • Ask to trade links
  60. 60. To Post or not to Post Decide When to Participate
  61. 61. Commenting to join the conversation
  62. 62. Bad examples of commenting: Self-promotion/Defensive Self-promotion Defensive
  63. 63. Next steps What Now? • Start reading/lurking period • Pay attention to tone/comments • Look for topics of interest and expertise • Jump in • Watch for follow up comments
  64. 64. Final Thoughts
  65. 65. Defend Your Brand Top Tier – Set up profiles, actively monitor for relevant content, drive traffic from your blog, etc.: Facebook Flickr FriendFeed LinkedIn SlideShare StumbleUpon Twitter Technorati (“claim” your blog at minimum) YouTube (along with other video distribution platforms: Vimeo, Viddler, Revver, Yahoo video, etc.) DocStoc Scribd Second Tier – Set up branded profiles and use as warranted: Digg Windows Live spaces Yahoo Groups Google Groups Source: PPR and Lotame
  66. 66. Have Fun! Be Smart Be Genuine Ask Questions PerkettPR Twitter: Heather Mosley @PerkettPR @MosleyPPR Ph: 415-384-0113