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Cindy Earl and Megan Hauer's presentation from the eMarketing Techniques Conference, May 2009 at Corporate College

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Online PR

  1. 1. Secrets of Online PR How to Maximize Your Online Promotion Potential By Cindy Earl & Megan Kacvinsky
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Online PR Basics 2. Online PR Tools 3. Your Online PR Plan
  3. 3. Online PR vs. Offline PR  Online – influencing media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the Internet using online channels  Offline – print, radio, TV, conferences, events and other real life venues.
  4. 4. Online PR Basics What’s changed? • Same skills apply but with new tools • Internet extends reach, touching media and consumer simultaneously • Previously – Influence the influencers (broadcast) • Current – Anyone can publish, influence their network (narrowcast) 3
  5. 5. Online PR Basics How does PR respond? Create participation and build bridges • Previously – Messages are pushed downstream • Current – People are already talking, PR can be used to strategically enter the dialogue 4
  6. 6. Online PR Basics What to be cautious of? • Forcing conversations • Lack of transparency • Only sales-focused messaging • Community’s perception 5
  7. 7. Online PR Basics How to be successful? • Do your research • Listen before joining the conversation • Always look to add value • Be yourself • Don’t over-commit 6
  8. 8. Online PR Tool SEO press releases  Map keywords  Use in title, subtitle and body  Call to action
  9. 9. Online PR Tool Blogging Your blog or website can be considered the focal point of your overall online PR campaign • Experiment to find your voice • Determine appropriate posting frequency • Subscribe to other industry and topic related blogs • Reach out to other bloggers • Use other social media tools to reach your audience 9
  10. 10. Online PR Tool Blogging Blogging software options Two dominant free blogging software programs • Blogger • Word Press What to look for • Ease of use • SEO-friendliness • Plug-Ins available Read reviews online • Type “reviews: blogger vs. wordpress” into Google or Yahoo! 10
  11. 11. Online PR Tool Blogging Determining your target keyword set Keyword Research Tools • Google - • Word tracker - • Highly competitive vs. niche terms • Appropriate number of keywords to target • Measuring results • Rank Checker - • SEO is a like dieting, don’t measure yourself every day • Can take awhile to begin noticing results 11
  12. 12. Online PR Tool Blogging Writing for the web Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engines review a variety of factors to determine the content of your website/blog • Title tag • Meta description • Body content • Headlines • Image tags • Inbound links 12
  13. 13. Online PR Tools Blogging – Inbound Links Command – 13
  14. 14. Online PR Tools Online Press Release Distribution Press release distribution services help spread awareness and generate inbound links Paid • • • • Free 14
  15. 15. Online PR Tool Online Press Kit Hosting of your complete online press kit • Add page to your website “media” or “press” • 15
  16. 16. Online PR Tool Social Networking Sites Utilize existing social communities to spread awareness of your company or website • LinkedIn • Facebook • Niche communities – Ex: 16
  17. 17. Online PR Tools Twitter Micro blogging – Get your point across in 140 characters or less; also a community site where you can build relationships **Important to participate “update” and connect “follow”** 17
  18. 18. Online PR Tool Social Bookmarking Bookmarking occurs in public, allows others to see your “favorites” and you can access your “favorites” from any computer You can bookmark your own pages, but should also bookmark other websites and information you find to be relevant to maintain credibility • Technorati • Digg • StumbleUpon • 18
  19. 19. Online PR Tool Other blogs Commenting on other established, well read blogs can be a great way to piggyback on someone else’s success Leave a link back to your website in your comment, can help with SEO link building activities 19
  20. 20. Online PR Tool Article Directories     20
  21. 21. Simple Online PR Plan 1. Post FREE report or articles on your site to build your email list 2. Map out 12 topics for the year – gives you content for one press release per month 3. Write press release on topic every month and submit to online PR services 4. Post to your blog (daily or weekly) 5. Post your comments on top 3 blogs for your target market 6. Visit and post updates to top 3 social networking sites 7. Map out 12 topics for the year – gives you content for one press release per month. 8. Re-purpose your articles and content in e-newsletters, etc. 21
  22. 22. Contact Us Cindy Earl, Corner Your Market 440.522.5072 Megan Kacvinsky, Rosetta 216.325.6342 22