Presentation Norway Water Sports


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Norway project about Water Sports presented in Bulgaria.

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Presentation Norway Water Sports

  1. 1. U L S T E I N V I KNorway
  2. 2. MarieFull name:Marie BjerkvikAge: 16Hobbies:cello, piano, singing, and rolling on the floor atall occasions
  3. 3. OliverFull name:Oliver PettersenAge: 15Hobbies: scuba-diving,active gaming, skiing,and counting hair onmy head
  4. 4. EmilieFull name:EmilieKopperstad GjerdeAge: 16Hobbies: playingfootball and thepiano, singing, workingout, and makingmagical wands of gold
  5. 5. ErikaFull name:Erika DimmenAge: 16Hobbies: dancing,track&field, and alwaysflirting with guys ontrains and buses
  6. 6. MathiasFull name:MathiasOvervåg TafjordAge: 16Hobbies: playing theguitar, piano andvideogames, but notwhile brushing my teeth
  7. 7. MartheFull name:Marthe Emilie HansenAge: 16Hobbies:politics, workingout, and of coursesinging pretty in theshower
  8. 8. DanielFull name:Daniel VågsholmAge: 16Hobbies: reading andbeing with friends, andplaying with myrainbow ponies
  9. 9. SandraFull name:Sandra Bakkejord MorkAge: 16Hobbies: track&fieldand combing the flyingsheep and lambs
  10. 10. Inger KristineFull name:Inger Kristine HavågAge: 16Hobbies: dancing,being with friends,fashion, Corbin Bleuand obviouslyhitchhiking with spaceships
  11. 11. JohanFull name:Johan VattøyAge: 17Hobbies:football, playing theguitar, singing andriding my magicalunicorn
  12. 12. KatrineFull name:Katrine HolstadAge: 16Hobbies: playingfootball and milking thereindeer twice a day
  13. 13. AnneFull name:Anne MarieSkaar HasundAge: 16Hobbies: playingfootball and the violin,singing, and reading theLatin encyclopedia on adaily basis
  14. 14. Waterborne activities
  15. 15. Some activitiesIn NorwayTubingWater skiingWakeboardActivities
  16. 16. The advantage of bad weatherFlø – WindsurfingCanoeingGreat norwegian natureMore activities
  17. 17. What is it?Popular in NorwayFishing techniquesCatch and releaseSports fishing
  18. 18. Scuba diving
  19. 19. • Mask• Fins• Snorkel• Body suit, Wet/Dry• Air cylinder/tank• Other miscellaneous equipmentBasic equipment
  20. 20. Bird mountainShipwreckNetherlandsNorth seaGold and silver coinsScuba diving on Runde
  21. 21. Freshwater
  22. 22. Six in the hallwayWhat do you associate with freshwater?- Drinking water- Clean water to shower in- Lakes- Best drink after physical activities- Water from creeks while mountain hiking- Bathing in the summer
  23. 23. What is your favorite activity/ sport infreshwater?- Diving- Watching the eels- Wading in the lakes- Taking a bubble-bath- Swimming outside- Freshwater fishing
  24. 24. Kayaking• What is kayaking?• What to wear?• Whitewater and Sea
  25. 25. Rowing• What is rowing?• How to row?• What to wear?• Where to row?
  26. 26. Rafting• What is rafting?• How to raft?• What to wear?• Where to raft?
  27. 27. Fishing• Family activity• Equipment• Species
  28. 28. Bathing• What to wear?• Winterbathing• What to do whilebathing• Alexander Dale Oen
  29. 29. Fun facts• All municipalitiesin our county have a coastline,except one• We can drink the waterfrom the rivers and form thetap without cleansing it• The US is 27 times biggerthan Norway, but Norway has alonger coastline
  30. 30. SNOW
  31. 31. OUTFIT(FOR THE NORWEGIAN WINTER) warm many layers wool
  32. 32. FUN AND GAMES making snowmen, snowangels and other figures sunbathing andsnow bathing snowball wars sledging
  33. 33. ALPINE SKIING A sport of sliding downsnow covered hillswith fixed-heel bindings Adrenaline rush
  34. 34. FAMOUS ALPINE SKIERS Aksel Lund Svindal 9 medals in the olympics,5 of them gold.
  35. 35. CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Ski touring across snowcovered terrain usingskis and poles. Perfect way to see thebeautiful Norwegian naturein the winter.
  36. 36. FAMOUS CROSS-COUNTRY SKIERS One of Norway biggest cross country skiing isPetter Northug. Through the Olympics he won 13medals, 9 in gold! The best female skier, Marit Bjørgen, has won 21medals in the Olympics and World Championships!Eleven gold medals (2002- 2012)