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Water saving tips2


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Water saving tips2

  1. 1. tips aving ter s Wa
  2. 2. Use only as much water as needed – not more .
  3. 3. or br ushin g you r tee th le i h w face our gy shin wa
  4. 4. Take a shower instead of a bath. X V ?
  5. 5. !!! !!! !!!
  6. 6. Install low-flow showerheads. Low-flow showerhead with shut-off button Shut-off button (convenient for shutting off water temporarily while soaping or shampooing)
  7. 7. off. e way all th cets fau ping drip n the Tur
  8. 8. x Use bucket to wash a car.
  9. 9. Fix l eaky fauce ts an d toi lets.
  10. 10. the plants in the garden. Use the rainwater to water
  11. 11. as a dy h rybo Eve FO TER WA RINT OTP
  12. 12. Save Water … Save
  13. 13. ...