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AS Media Studies revision notes for Audiences and Institutions: Wild Bill film

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Wild Bill - revision

  1. 1. Case Study:IndependentBritish filmG322 -Audiences andInstitutions
  2. 2. Context / History• The ‘baby’ of actor-turned-director Dexter Fletcher• Fletcher, then in his 40s, had been acting since theage of 10• This was his directorial debut• His original idea was turned into an initial screenplayby his friend Danny King, and then ‘polished’ byFletcher• Started talking to Danny King in Jan 2010, completedfilming in Jan 2011.
  3. 3. The Film• On its first weekend of release, the film ‘WildBill’ grossed £60,430 in 108 cinemas, in thesame weekend as the release of The HungerGames• This made it the 16th highest grossing film inthe UK that week, but was much lower thanhoped for• No other box office figureshave been published
  4. 4. • The box officefigures weredisappointing.Many people inthe industryregard Fletcherwith greatrespect. The filmwas released toalmost universalcritical acclaim,but failed to dogood business.•This presentation aimsto examine some of thefactors that the film’sproducers would havetried to consider duringthis project to make it asuccess.
  5. 5. Production• The company involved: 20ten Media• Fletcher spoke to producer Sam Tromanswho liked the idea• She brought in business partner Tim Cole• They raised the budget through ‘privateequity’ (private investors paying moneydirectly into the company)• Budget is suggested to be under £700,000
  6. 6. 20ten Media• 20ten Media, based in London and founded in2010, had two directors listed: Sam Tromansand Tim Cole• 20ten entertainment, based in Liverpool andalso founded in 2010, has one director:Steven Fletcher (brother of Dexter Fletcher).Steven Fletcher is listed in some places asone of the investors in “Wild Bill”• 20ten Media have one film to their name:“Wild Bill”
  7. 7. Production 2• The funding is said to have come from‘non-cinema’ people• They gave the freedom of ‘here’s somemoney - go and make it’• Sam Tromans has a history of workingwith private investors to finance films
  8. 8. Production 3• With such a low budget, Fletcher got alot of his acting friends involved in thefilm, at low cost• Real locations were used, rather thansets• Filming took 5 weeks
  9. 9. The Works UK Distribution• Filmed from Nov 2011 to Jan 2012• Film completed by mid 2011• Touted around film festivals, as nodistribution deal had been struck• Dec 2011, Universal Pictures UK acquireddistribution rights. They have an alliance(called IndiVision) with The Works UK whohandled the cinema distribution• Film was released in 108 cinemas in the UKon Mar 23 2012
  10. 10. Distribution• Indivision works mainly with the multiplexchains of cinemas• An independent film like this might have beenbetter released in the arthouse cinemas• This might have needed a different releasedate and fewer cinemas in the initial release
  11. 11. DVD rights• Universal Pictures UK alsohad the DVD rights• DVD was released July 232012, exactly 4 monthsafter cinema release• IndiVision tends to be usedto get theatrical (cinema)release for films that areexpected to do betterbusiness on DVD aftercinema exhibition
  12. 12. Primary audience• The film was promoted using its genre, which wouldattract 15-35 year old males primarily• The film is about a father-son relationship, andcoming-of-age moments for both of them - fits withthe audience for the genre, but also with a femaleaudience• Released on 23 March 2012, same as The HungerGames. Showing in mainstream cinemas, it could notcompete• Audience reviews were very good. Rotten Tomatoesgive it 100% in the critics poll, and 84% in theaudience poll
  13. 13. International audiences?• Wild Bill only has distribution companieslisted for the UK (cinema and DVD) and forAustralia (DVD only)• It was released in cinemas in the UK, Irelandand Norway (5 April 2013)• It had previously been seen in film festivalsacross Europe
  14. 14. Marketing and use of web 2.0• Publicity for the film was handled by DDAPublic Relations limited• Ironically they also handled the publicity forThe Hunger Games (and The Wrath of theTitans that came out a week later)• The marketing was skewed towards theoverall genre of the film - gritty, Britishgangster - rather than its narrative• This was perhaps more about DVDaudiences than cinema audiences
  15. 15. Trailers• Only one trailer was created• This emphasised the genre and fittedwith the posters that were released -one landscape and one portrait
  16. 16. Other platforms• Cinema - 3 April 2012• DVD and Blu-Ray - 23 July 2012• Online release - 19/20 July 2012• Sky Movies from 1 Feb 2013
  17. 17. Marketing• The role of the marketing department isto:• Create visibility• Generate a buzz• Get poster designed• Produce the trailers• Get the film to exhibitors
  18. 18. Audience composition• http://www.lovefilm.com/film/?token=%3Fu%3D%252Fcatalo
  19. 19. Home exhibition• http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wild-Bill-DVD-Charlie-Creed-Miles/d
  20. 20. Strategic DVD release• The film was released on DVD on 23July and online on 19 July, just at thestart of the summer holidays• Was this a good time for the targetaudience?
  21. 21. Reflection (reviews)• Audience review
  22. 22. Synergy• A ‘Behind the Scenes’ documentary was created andposted on YouTube in two parts - it was created byGraham Fletcher-Cook, brother of Dexter Fletcher• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO2fKFQonPo• No soundtrack CD was released, but a soundtrackplaylist has been put together by a fan on YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL53B490A20FE64EB
  23. 23. Cross-media publicity• The film was promoted using the one trailerand the Behind the Scenes featurette• The trailer was uploaded to YouTube in Feb2012, and shared on sites such as the DailyRecord and the Daily Motion straightaway,and on others such as The Guardian as lateas 16 March 2012• The documentary was posted on July 292012, just after the DVD and online release ofthe film• The film was covered on ‘Film 2012’ on theBBC on Mar 20 2012
  24. 24. Publicity• The film was taken around film festivals and wonseveral awards prior to release• Posters were created for the film while on the festivalcircuit, asking interested people (distributors…) tocontact 20ten Media• Publicity mostly depended on the famous namesinvolved with the film and on Dexter Fletcher himself