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  • 1. 10-12 SEPT 2012the ofDIGITALMARKETINGAT YOURFINGERTIPSTHE MIRA HOTELTSIM SHA TSUIKOWLOONEducation for tomorrow’sDigital Marketing & Advertising ProfessionalsSince
  • 2. Digital Engagement: Boost Your Conversions with Multi-Channel ConversationsToday, customers engage with your Join our session at 12.10 on Day One as we shareorganization across a growing variety of real world tips and trends for the digital marketer.channels. Your website is just one of them. Hear how you can engage in 1-to-1 conversationsYou may also have physical stores. You with your customers, using Web, Social and Mobileprobably have a telephone, too. And now and how Marketing Automation can help improveyou’re considering mobile applications, your online conversions and maximize media, email marketing, AdWordscampaigns and many other options. Key take aways:Understanding the customer journey across > How Marketing Automationthese channels is essential to the success of drives revenueany modern marketing venture. In fact, the > Personalization –better you understand this journey, and why Remember your customerscustomers have chosen specific channels, & conversations Presented by:the better you can provide targeted content > Mobile – Jesper Broberg, VP Business Development,to improve their experience and increase Don’t just resize... rethink Sitecore Internationalyour conversion rates. Platinum sponsor of
  • 3. ContentP5-13 ProgramP14-17 SponsorsP19-27 SpeakersP29-34 ColumnsP35-36 ChallengesP37 Glossary New SES event social networking experience App Enhance your SES Hong Kong 2012 experience, manage your Sessions schedule, and find your Who To Know™, on your SES event social networking experience presented by Vivastream™. Head directly to or your local app store, to sign up and join the wireless community. The app is multi-functional, has all the information youll need (agenda, speakers, trending topics) for the entire conference, plus keeps you connected with everyone you meet before, during, and after the show. Sign up online, or simply download Vivastream from your app store to get started. Vivastream is completely free — and a very essential – service to all SES Hong Kong attendees! Join now! Help us end hunger in Hong Kong at SES Hong Kong Feeding Hong Kong is a Hong Kong registered charity with a mission to fight hunger in Hong Kong and reduce the amount of quality food being sent to our city’s landfills. Each day, they collect high quality food that would be otherwise be thrown away, sort and store it, and then redistribute it to a network of welfare organizations, who in turn feed thousands of people in need. At the same time, they also work to raise awareness about poverty and food insecurity in Hong Kong and promote healthy eating and nutritional education to the most vulnerable groups in our community. We are proud to support Feeding Hong Kong’s noble cause by setting a challenge for all our attendees to help fight hunger in Hong Kong. To get involved and help out, we ask you to bring a couple of food items with you to the event. By the end of the conference, we are aiming to fill the grey bucket placed in the exhibition hall with non-perishable wholesome food products (E.g. Tinned vegetables, sardines, dried legumes, rice…). Make sure you participate in this charitable initiative and visit and find out more about Feeding Hong Kong! 3
  • 4. IntroductionAsia’s leading digital marketing event is back by popular demand, and we aredelighted to welcome you to SES Hong Kong 2012.With a global reputation for excellence and insight, and nearly 15 years ofexperience, we’re proud to bring you the latest tools, tips and tactics for digitalmarketing success, presented by regionally and internationally renowned expertson mobile, social, search and analytics. Real-life, real-business case studies,insightful panel discussions and practical, skill-based track sessions, will showyou how to engage consumers, track your ROI, use those data flows and get yourcampaigns shooting for the stars!Our two-day program is packed with lessons on mobile marketing and app-building, remarketing, smart analytics, and social media strategy, as well as SEMand SEO, keyword optimization and link-building.We’re grateful to our partners and advisers for their unbending support. And wethank our speakers, for bringing you their deep insights and valuable expertisefrom across Asia and the world.Fasten your intellectual seat belts and prepare for a two-day roller-coaster-ride ofeducation, innovation and skill-optimization at SES Hong Kong 2012! And don’tforget to subscribe to ClickZ.Asia and, for continuousmarket intelligence and news until SES Hong Kong 2013. Mike Grehan Global VP Content, SES, SEARCH ENGINE WATCH, CLICKZ Matt McGowan Managing Director, North America Incisive Media4 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 5. Program
  • 6. ProgramDAY 1 TUESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER, 2012 08:15 Registration 08:45 Opening remarks Mike Grehan, Global VP Content, SES, SEARCH ENGINE WATCH, CLICKZ 09:00 Keynote address: Business optimization in a digital age We were promised that marketing one day would become rocket science. Well, we are almost there! Search continues to become more complicated, and more exciting. Then there is social, email, display, video and …. so many more things. It is hard to un- derstand how to do one thing right, much less try to do all of them right. In this exciting keynote, Avinash will share his unique perspective on balancing multiple media channels, leveraging super awesome metrics, grounding your digital existence in driving economic value and leveraging the clear line-of-sight model to ensure you are optimizing across all four of the most important business drivers. Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, GOOGLE 10:10 Keynote panel: Integrated marketing—What does it mean? As the debate on what to call SEO continues and much is made of the terms “content marketing” and “inbound marketing” many in the industry cite integrated marketing as the answer. But what exactly does that mean? This leading panel of experts will discuss the meaning of the term, and the merits of a fully fledged integrated marketing strategy. • How should brand marketers execute integrated marketing across 14 very diverse markets? • How do you plan, create, execute and measure cross-channel tactics for advanced digital marketing initiatives? Moderator: Mike Grehan, Global VP Content, SES, SEARCH ENGINE WATCH, CLICKZ Barney Loehnis, Head of Digital Asia Pacific, OGILVY & MATHER Basker Rangachari, Chief Marketing Officer, Hong Kong and North East Asia, STANDARD CHARTERED Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board; Senior Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP 11:00 Networking break 11:30 Track 1: The perfect B2B lead generation Track 2: The inbound marketing cook- Track 3: SEM best practice—Harnessing mix book effective SEM “50% of my marketing doesn’t work . . . I The evolution of marketing technology Having an effective search strategy and just don’t know which 50%” lets consumers be proactive instead of campaign is crucial and can be the differ- Even in the era of everything-measur- reactive. It’s not just about purchasing ence between winning and losing custom- able-digital-marketing, the quest for the decisions: now consumers can also influ- ers and business. This session will holy grail - the perfect marketing mix - is ence their peers. Marketing is no longer explain the basics of SEO, SEM and PPC still on. Drawing on experience and case about who can shout the loudest. With and the evolution of search marketing, studies from Cisco Systems, Visa and your customers doing their homework, if while drawing comparisons between the Hitachi, this session will discuss recipes you can’t be found in an instant, you risk different search engines. It will also help for the perfect B2B marketing cocktail, losing out to your competitors. We all in understanding the different strategies including social, SEO, SEM, demogra- know that traditional ‘shout’ advertising and measurement metrics, and highlight phy- based advertisements and offline has to change, but how? This session will industry best practices. marketing. show you how content-based and conver- • Factors that influence the effective- • Content marketing for lead generation sational marketing can create a strategic ness of PPC campaigns • Lead generation through B2B social mix, and how you can combine search • Handy tips to control PPC costs and media and search engine marketing and social into an umbrella marketing achieve higher ROI • Lead qualification and drip campaigns strategy. • Key elements of a successful SEO • Measuring and analyzing the perfect • Understand the nuts and bolts of campaign mix inbound marketing • Performance measurement of an SEM • Bridging the digital and traditional • Develop winning inbound marketing campaign marketing gap content • Achieving better SEM results by using • How to create an inbound marketing smart blending techniques Anol Bhattacharya, CEO, GETIT COMMS plan by integrating search with social • Measuring inbound marketing Chandrakanth B.N., Co-Founder and Managing Director, THEOREM Eddie Choi, SES Global Advisor, Founding Partner, FRONTIERS DIGITAL6 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 7. DAY 1 TUESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER, 201212:10 Track 1: Case study: Achieving business Track 2: Sponsored session: Digital en- Track 3: Cross-border SEO ROI with social media gagement—Boost your conversions with SEO works pretty much the same in In this case study, Sony Mobile and Face- multi channel conversations China as elsewhere: search bots crawl book discuss the joint campaign which Learn how you can engage in 1-to-1 the web, follow links and index content reached 3.5 million Facebook users in 3 conversations with your customers, using in a database. But understanding the weeks, with the Hong Kong launch of the web, social and mobile and how market- priorities of Chinese search engines is Xperia S. Learn what it took to identify ing automation can help improve your the key to successful cross-border search appropriate goals and an effective ap- online conversions and maximize MROI. engine optimization. There are physical proach, how they measured the achieve- • How marketing automation drives and cultural pitfalls lurking everywhere ments and what lessons were learned revenue for the unwary: how can you take account along the way. • Personalization: Remember your cus- of connectivity and censorship issues, • Establishing a step-by-step plan to tomers and conversations for example? What do you need to know success with social media • Mobile: Don’t just resize... rethink about Chinese domains, web design, • What are the KPIs within this step-by- Baidu News and quality/quantity expec- step plan? Jesper Broberg, VP Business Develop- tations? • Troubleshooting: what can go wrong ment, SITECORE INTERNATIONAL • Understand the relative importance of and how can you fix it? SEO practices for Google vs. Baidu • Lessons learned from the Sony Xperia • Tips for increasing SEO in China S launch in HK: what was successful • Baidu Index, Firefox Baidu Stats and and what was not, in achieving real other useful tools business ROI? • New SEO trends • Case study: Tencent QQ UX Jayne Leung, Director North Asia, FACEBOOK Glen Chu, Co-Founder, DIGITAL BUTTER Michelle Au, General Manager, Hong Kong & Macau, SONY MOBILE12:50 Networking lunch13:50 Track 1: Driving conversions through Track 2: The keyword optimization loop— Track 3: Creating an effective social performance marketing How to choose and keep choosing the media strategy This session will use case studies to help best keywords to drive traffic to your Having a social media strategy isn’t just you to identify, understand and overcome website about being on Facebook and Twitter. common marketers’ challenges, and how Choosing the right keywords for your It’s about having the right content, in to use performance marketing to drive site is one of the key parts of your SEO the right measures, at the right times, conversions. strategy. Unlike paid search where you and understanding how users behave, • How to measure marketing ROI can turn keywords on and off, every consume and communicate—about you. • Optimize your cross-channel strategies keyword you choose for SEO represents This session will tell you all you need to • How to use site analytics to improve a significant time investment in order to know to start building an effective social user-experience and conversions see success. Get it right and your site can media strategy. • Understand online channel effective- reap the benefits for months and even • What tools and techniques should you ness with an attribution approach years to come. Get it wrong and the time use to monitor your brand reputation • Compare and contrast the quality of and money you waste can really reduce in social? paid and non-paid traffic the confidence level in your SEO program. • How to select the right social media This session will teach you how to: channels for your brand Anna Chan, Managing Director of HK, Sin- • Select keyword research approaches • How to develop a compelling and en- gapore & Taiwan, ICLICK INTERACTIVE that work for your business in Asia gaging social media campaign Cynthia Liu, Senior Director Brand Mar- • Refine your outreach with long tail • What social media metrics should you keting, Asia Pacific, WYNDHAM HOTEL keywords use to define success in social media GROUP • Build content for keywords and page • How to sell your products online mapping through social media? • Make sure your pages exist for the search engine Sean Seah, Vice President eBusiness, • Leverage PPC Loyalty and Partner Marketing (Global), • Find out what is working and what you LANGHAM HOSPITALITY GROUP should kill • Discover tools to make it all happen Richard Mabey, CEO, THE EGG14:30 Track 1: Link building tools and tactics Track 2: Email optimization: Data capture Track 3: Introduction to analytics Building links to e-commerce sites has and deliverability Effective analytics is the difference always been difficult. Old-school link Building and using a winning database between a wide-eyed tourist and a yum building strategies are losing their ef- means knowing how, where and when cha expert at a dim sum restaurant. One fectiveness and every algorithm update to collect your data, as well as knowing hears only noise, the other knows exactly forces e-commerce sites to work harder good data from bad. But it’s not just how, where and when to pick out the for their rankings. White-hat quality link about the data: it’s about segmentation, tastiest morsels. This session will teach building strategies are what you need to tailoring and treating each member as you what you need to look and listen for, gain sustainable search engine rankings. an individual to ensure that you send the and how to apply it to your business, go- This session will be a clear, undiluted right message to the right person at the ing well beyond basic log file analysis. presentation of what is and what is not right time. This session will teach you • Measuring and analyzing site visitors working in the world of link building. the skills and techniques you need to and consumer behavior • How do links influence algorithms? build an organized opt-in database. • Setting goals, measuring conversions • Learn to build links through social • Five top tips on developing a valuable and tracking ROI media and content generation database • Understand common web metrics for • How to build linkable assets • How to segment your data for optimum your business outreach • Learn to effectively track any campaign • How to personalize programs and performance Mike Grehan, Global VP Content, SES, incorporate triggers and reflexes into SEARCH ENGINE WATCH, CLICKZ • Top tools of the trade: Google Analyt- program lifecycles • Best practices to keep your email mar- ics and beyond keting relevant Madhu Malkani, Digital Analytics Man- Nick Gold, Vice President, Asia Pacific, ager, ESTÉE LAUDER EMAILVISION 7
  • 8. DAY 1 TUESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER, 2012 15:10 Networking break 15:40 Case study: Creating a movement—How to do it? Since its launch in September 2011, Cha-Ching has reached 4.5 million households in 7 markets through TV; generated 30 million page views with an average visit duration of 15 minutes; generated over 25,000 Facebook fans and is soon to be featured on 2000 flights on Garuda Indonesia. It was even awarded Best Children’s Program by the Financial Literacy Institute for promoting the key concepts of ‘earn’, ‘save’, ‘spend’ and ‘donate’ and was adopted by the Department of Education in the Philippines. Brand Prudential and agency Turner Media Solutions talk about how they created, and went viral with Cha-Ching—Asia’s first-of-its-kind animated musical edu-tainment series, designed to help parents build money-smart values for kids. • What are the top five things to consider when developing branded content/entertainment • How do you integrate the idea across all media platforms: social, search, mobile, web, tv, schools? • How do you measure the effectiveness of the campaign and in particular, your brand recognition? • Learnings along the way • What’s next? Sean Rach, Regional Director, Brand and Corporate Affairs, PRUDENTIAL CORPORATION ASIA Con Apostolopoulos, Senior Director, TURNER MEDIA SOLUTIONS, TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM ASIA PACIFIC 16:10 Panel discussion: Developing a cross border social media strategy How do you develop an integrated, regional social media strategy when you’re juggling multiple channels, cultures, time zones and languages? The key is flexibility and the ability to respond to the unpredictable, to be adaptable to everything from govern- ment policies to technology and behavioral changes. This session discusses what it takes to build a successful social media strategy. • Developing a competitive strategy for Qzone, Sina, Weibo, Renren and Kaixin • How do different industries respond to the mediascape of markets around Asia? • Strategies and differences communicating with diverse Asian markets • Enhancing customer engagement • Tips for building truly global team work Moderator: Adaline Lau, Asia editor, CLICKZ Juliana Loh, Social Media Consultant, JLOH COMMUNICATIONS Matthew Chan, Regional CRM and Internet Manager, RALPH LAUREN ASIA PACIFIC Zaheer Nooruddin, Regional Director, Digital and Social Media, BURSON-MARSTELLER 17:00 Meet the experts roundtables Join us at our ALL NEW “Meet the Experts Roundtable Forum” where you will have the opportunity to learn, network and share information with your peers and leading industry specialists. With a choice of ten Roundtables, each focusing on a different topic and featuring an expert, this session is not to be missed. Simply choose the Roundtable most pertinent to you and join the discus- sion! You can also move freely between different roundtables to make sure you get the most out of this session. • Baidu SEO Allen Qu, NETCONCEPTS • Link building Mike Grehan, SES, SEARCH ENGINE WATCH, CLICKZ • International SEO Matthias Zeitler, MARKTHEGLOBE • Digital attribution analytics Crispin Sheridan, SAP • PPC and SEO integration David Shen, ACRONYM MEDIA • Generating leads from PPC and SEO River Ho, NMC INTERACTIVE • Email marketing Alan Wo, REASONABLE SPREAD • Mobile marketing in emerging markets Vikas Gulati, Vserv • Social Media Zaheer Nooruddin, Burson-Marsteller 18:00 Cocktail reception 19:00 Close of Day 18 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 9. DAY 2 WEDNESDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 201208:00 Morning refreshments08:15 Breakfast briefing: Leveraging smart insights and mobile sensing for mobile communications This breakfast briefing will help explore the following: • Optimize conversions for mobile • Automate multi-channel campaigns • Understand customer lifecycle by capitalizing on business intelligence Limited seating: Please register Ohad Hecht, Regional Managing Director, APAC, EMARSYS09:00 Welcome remarks09:15 Keynote address: Search Engine Marketing—The essential best practice guide for 2013 Mike Grehan, Global VP Content, SES, SEARCH ENGINE WATCH, CLICKZ10:00 Deep dive into analytics Analytics might just be the most important aspect of digital marketing. It’s what makes digital marketing uniquely different from traditional marketing and, in the right hands, analytics is a great business intelligence tool. Going beyond pageviews and other basic metrics, this session will help you get more common sense information out of visitor data, determine how to meet business objectives and help make future strategy decisions. Analytics Deep Dive will help you improve the bottom line of your business and show you: • How to use analytics for predictive marketing • How to use analytics for leads sourcing • How to develop, use and optimize analytics for your marketing mix • How to develop an attribution model for multi-touch point analysis • How analytics should play a role in inbound marketing Moderator: Kenneth Kwok, Chairman, HONG KONG DIGITAL ANALYTICS ASSOCIATION Charlie Wang, Technical Director, TRIBAL DDB Barry Adams, Regional Director, Partnerships and Alliances, Asia, ACXIOM CORPORATION10:50 Networking break11:20 Track 1: Social analytics: Measuring Track 2: Cannibalization or symbiosis— Track 3: Fat apps and fat fingers—Why social media success Cross analysis of SEM and SEO your mobile content needs to be slimmer Almost everyone out there wants to This session will guide you through all In our eagerness to provide our audi- leap onto the social media bandwag- you need to know about identifying, ence with everything we think they need on. But in the rush not to be left out, selecting and implementing an integrated from us we often overwhelm them with many organizations are failing to think SEM and SEO strategy for your business, options, information and apps: endless through key issues around what to including the all-important focus on screens of content that make for a very measure and how to measure it. A lack strategic resource-allocation and justifi- poor mobile experience. That’s because of standard currency for measuring able ROI. we’re thinking as marketers. How can social media effectiveness confuses • How do buying brand terms and/or you develop apps and mobile content the scene and data overload makes generic terms impact your SEO effort from a user perspective? What does that things even more complicated. Most and what are the solutions? mean and how can you overcome internal social measurement fails to aid busi- • What is the best strategy of running an resistance within organizations? From ness decision-making. This session integrated SEM and SEO campaign to better design to content audits, from will highlight the approach and skills achieve the best ROI? market research to crowd-sourcing—this marketers need to measure social • How should you split your budget session will help you leave poor mobile marketing effectiveness. between SEM and SEO? experience at the door. • How to define social measurement • Why design is a crucial element to the currency and overcome challenges Anthony Yiu, Managing Director, Hong mobile experience • Link social measurement to busi- Kong/Regional Director, North Asia, • How to thin the content herd – letting ness drivers IPROSPECT HONG KONG go of information • Learn to use measurement meth- • Timing is everything – when your audi- odology ence uses their device • Understand the importance of data • Fit for purpose – focusing on core accuracy and consistency functionality • Leveraging analytics to determine • Making it about them – apps that fulfill ROI a user need not a brand need Pushkar Sane, Co-Founder and CEO, Simon Salt, Digital Marketing Strategist CONVERGINATION VENTURES and Author, INTERNATIONAL INCSLING- ERS 9
  • 10. DAY 2 WEDNESDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 201212:00 Track 1: Case study: Paid search Track 2: Optimizing humans: The art of Track 3: Augmented reality, NFC and analytics and multi touch attribution data-driven social marketing HTML5: New tech, new trends for mobile analysis Wondering how to explode your social This panel discussion will explore how Have you ever wondered how paid media strategy? This session focuses augmented reality and other hot new search, SEO, and other tactics interact on immediately actionable paid and technologies can help retailers capture and how to allocate your precious organic social tactics marketers can use more business online, drive audience resources in the most optimal way? for enhanced demographic research and engagement and convert online traffic to This session will share a case study data-driven community outreach. offline retail. that provides a holistic understanding • Learn techniques for mapping search • How can real time bidding and of customer behavior across all digital to social. Discover how to identify demand-side platforms help you maxi- channels (bought/owned/earned) in socially plugged-in authority users mize your ROI on mobile advertising? order to optimize future efforts. along classic lines of search conversion • What can the latest mobile technolo- • How to identify the most relevant semantics history gies like augmented reality, NFC and attribution model for your situation • Explore organic and paid social HTML5 do to drive customer engage- • From here to there: steps to achiev- mashup tactics to leverage the data ment and add to your bottom line? ing your optimum attribution model • Understand how to leverage data- • What will be the important trends in • Prioritizing and allocating resources driven friending tactics mobile marketing and mobile advertis- for maximum efficiency and ROI • What are the best social media paid ing in 2013? tactics to target the “whole user” in Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board; social channels? Moderator: Napoleon Biggs, Senior Vice Senior Director of Search Marketing • Consider new KPIs for measuring social President, Head of Digital Integration Strategy, SAP media efforts, including “friend leads” Asia Pacific, FLEISHMAN HILLARD and conversion Ricky Chu, CEO, GRAVITAS Leonard Chan, Founder and CEO, PULSE Eden Lau, Co-Founder and Managing MEDIATECH LIMITED Director, North Asia, BRANDTOLOGY12:40 Networking lunch13:40 Track 1: How smarter analytics and Track 2: Creating an integrated market- Track 3: Framing the mobile opportunity a data driven approach can improve ing strategy in ‘emerging’ Asia: Maximized mobile your CRM This session will include a number of case with demonstrable ROI Customer relationships are driven by studies to explain how leading brands Opportunities for mobile in Asia’s de- the intelligent use of data, and the have successfully executed campaigns by veloping markets are many and varied, digital universe continues to feed ex- having multiple channels and platforms but it takes a savvy marketer to spot ponential amounts of new information working together, integrating various the critical differences and know how to to customers every day. The challenge social networks and location-based react. You need to understand evolving for marketers, both online and offline, mobile tools. Attendees will learn how consumer behavior and trends and their is to aggregate, analyze, make sense to integrate campaigns with global, local implications on your media mix. This of and apply in a way that both drives and regional social and microblogging session will teach you what you need to performance and a better customer networks, as well as leveraging location- know about the APP ecosystem in Asia, experience. This session will look at based and gaming social networks. as well as content consumption on the some of the trends in this area and • What do you need to know about mobile web. explore practical road maps to move preparing for and integrating with • Building a winning strategy for the forward. Google+, Instagram and Pinterest? ‘emerging’ mobile ecosystem: key dif- • Drinking from the data fire hose and • What tools, tactics and resources do ferences, opportunities and operating making sense of it all you need to get your campaign noticed requirements for success in emerging • Online customer modelling and on regional social networks? markets scoring • What lessons can you learn from suc- • Understand different markets’ sub- • New digital customer metrics to cess cases about leveraging video? scriptions and operator requirements measure CRM • What can gamification do for your • Compare and contrast devices and • Building digital profiles to supple- strategy and what do you need to know features ment or replace more traditional to do it well? • Hot trends in apps, downloads, social ones • How have other digitally savvy compa- and browsing • Use of data in a world of growing nies integrated transmedia storytelling • Case studies: How do leading brands privacy legislation and customer with their marketing campaigns? in Asia use mobile to engage their control consumers and maximize ROI? Larry Tang, Founder, COLLAB Stephen Hay, Regional Director, Asia Vikas Gulati, Vice President Southeast Pacific, ICLP Asia, VSERV.MOBI 11
  • 11. Introducing Sitecore’sCustomer Engagement Platform Engage in 1-to-1 conversations with individual customers, across any channel, and move the conversation forward for measurable business results. Your Marketing Initiatives Working in Perfect Harmony The key to the success of any organization is knowing what works and what doesn’t to improve your bottom line. With your web, email, social, mobile and other channels operating in siloes, how can you measure them against each other and implement cohesive marketing strategies? Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform provides an elegant, integrated solution that connects channels, engagement automation, and engagement analytics, with external tools and databases. The Customer Engagement Platform offers: ■ In-depth analytics that measure campaign success, site traffic and visitor behavior down to the individual level ■ Engagement automation to communicate with customers across all channels and maximize efficiency of moving prospects through the sales funnel ■ Profile and personal scoring to design a personalized user experience that will have visitors coming back for more Visit us in the exhibition area to learn more Platinum sponsor of
  • 12. DAY 2 WEDNESDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 201214:20 Track 1: Case study: Creating an effec- Track 2: Advanced mobile marketing Track 3: The addressable advertising dog tive e-commerce platform With consumers spending more time on and pony show: RTB, remarketing and This case study will reveal how mobile phones than desktop comput- ROI in the new age of advertising evolved from a static, official ers, an increasing portion of your digital You will come out of this session with a site to a fluid e-commerce platform. marketing success will depend on how clear understanding of the RTB landscape Why does product content localization well you can use mobile to build brand and how you can use programmatic buy- play such an important role for na- loyalty and advocacy. This session will ing ecosystem to boost your campaign tive language speaking country SEO, take you beyond traditional marketing, efficacies by leaving the current “spray and how can you plan for successful promotions and QR codes, to help you and pray” culture behind for good. We localization? unlock the potential of frequent engage- will look at the different opportunities • How to use local data analytic ment, SOLOMO and targeted advocacy. and threats through actual advertiser metrics and usability testing results Learn how to: examples and for the first time in the re- to define your customer shopping • Use mobile to create stronger, more en- gion in a public forum, take a peek at the journey during brand-consumer relationships world of Blackhatters and the role they • Learn to leverage the interaction • Enhance CRM programs and targeted play in secretly capturing your campaign between mobile and offline markets advocacy marketing with mobile data ROI. to increase online store demand and apps • Brief introduction to the RTB ecosys- generation • Leverage geo-location and social tem and the accompanying culture • Transfering SNS awareness into discovery to create invaluable ad-hoc change conversion rates with Sina Weibo brand communities around events and • How re-marketing, audience buying Enterprise venues and behavioral targeting are promising • Understand the end-to-end lessons • Make in-store and physical-world to boost your ROI learned customer interactions more creative, • Brand safety, the three flavors of fraud meaningful and profitable and other tales from the dark-side Jackey Wang, China Country Manager, HP DIGITAL STRATEGY Andy Chang, CEO, I-INFLUENCE Mikko Kotila, CEO, STATSIT15:00 Networking break15:20 Case study: Social media crisis management Everybody’s clamoring for a social media strategy that ticks all the boxes from lead generation, to customer engagement, to eternal brand enhancement. But social media works both ways: what happens when the creature you’ve created, bites the hand that feeds it? In this session, learn from social-media-veteran Ali Bullock, through case studies of some of the world’s best-known brands, and their worst PR nightmares. After this session, you’ll know exactly what social media blunders to avoid, and how to create opportunity from disaster! Ali Bullock, Global Digital Marketing and Social Media Veteran16:00 Digital quickfire All you ever wanted to know about digital marketing* *(but were afraid to ask) In this final quickfire unconference session, our panel of leading digital experts will answer all of YOUR burning questions. Find out what top trends are projected for 2013 and get some inside insights! Patrick Rona, Chief Digital Officer, DDB Group Asia Pacific17:00 Closing remarks Online courses for marketers at every level and business type From workshops to e-learning, the ClickZ Academy has been created to help online marketers progress at their own pace, immersing themselves with industry leading insights from digital marketing experts. Clickz’s e-learning courses help you develop core competencies to build and execute on successful strategies. • Online marketing foundation • Seo • Paid search strategies • Email strategy • Social media • Web analytics Each course consists of numerous modules and includes interactive exercises, videos and activities to test your learning development. At the end of each course, you receive a certificate after successful completion of an assessment. Find out more about ClickZ Academy courses and expert tutors at 13
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  • 14. sponsorsPlatinum SponsorSitecore redefines how organizations engage with their customers online, powering experiences that can sense and adapt to a customer’s needs toincrease revenue and customer lifetime value and satisfaction. Sitecore’s powerful development platform, integrated marketing automation tools andintuitive editing workspace have enabled thousands of organizations to create and manage more than 30,000 dynamic websites.Products & Services:• Content Management• Email Marketing Solutions• Web Analyticswww.sitecore.netGold SponsorsBaidu, whose literal meaning is hundreds of times, represents persistent search for the ideal. As a native speaker of the Chinese language and a talentedengineer, Baidu focuses on what it knows best - Chinese language search. Applying avant-garde technology to the world’s most ancient and complex lan-guage is as challenging as it is exciting. At least people here at Baidu think so. As having diligently disclosed in the Prospectus of our recent Initial PublicOffering, Baidu believe there are at least 38 ways of saying “I” in Chinese. They master all the ways of addressing oneself in Chinese because baidu’susers depend on it to address every one of their daily queries. Biadu’s mission is to provide the best way for people to find information. In addition toserving individual users, Baidu also serve as a media platform for online marketing customers. Baidu not only provide customers easy access to one ofthe largest online audiences in China but also targeted groups with defined interests as indicated by (a Sentia Media Company) provides Online Business Intelligence that empowers global brands to manage actionable insights gained fromconsumer conversations online. Using a combination of proprietary technology, processes and trained professionals across APAC, the Americas andEMEA, Brandtology is able to deliver a high degree of accuracy and relevancy for millions of online conversations every month. Brandtology’s multilin-gual support covers languages spoken by over 90% of the world’s Internet population. As part of Sentia Media’s multiple-service offerings, Brandtologyalso has the capability to provide cross-media analysis, leveraging on the strengths of Sentia Media’s other business units.Brandtology has partnerships with global organizations and provides services in multi-functional areas across marketing and communications such assales, public relations, campaign measurement, online reputation management, customer service, product development and much more.Products & Services:• Marketing Optimization Solutions• Web Analyticswww.brandtology.comEmailvision is the international leader in software as a service (SaaS) for email, mobile and social media marketing. The Emailvision mission is to provideexcellence in software and services for online relationship marketing. With offices and client service teams in 19 countries, Emailvision delivers 5 billionmessages per month on behalf of 4,000 clients worldwide. This unprecedented quality of service is driven by 12 years of research and development andby Emailvision’s 600 passionate employees. The company is privately owned by Francisco Partners.Products & Services:• Email Marketing M 100 Y 100 M 40 Y 100 C 90Gravitas Limited is a leading mobile marketing100 M Y 90company in Asia. Since 2003, Gravitas has served over 200 brands of Fortune 500 companies, listed mul-tinational corporations and renowned local groups. Equipped with experience in the industry and cutting edge technology, Gravitas has provided clients K 100with unique marketing strategies through mobile and executed more than 2,000 successful campaigns in the last 9 years.Gravitas gained a solid foothold in Hong Kong. Moving forward, we target to become the leading professional mobile marketing agency in Asia Pacificby 2013. Gravitas is committed to enable marketers to reach their target audience with the best ROI by providing full range of mobile marketing servicesincluding strategy consulting, creative development, technology adaptation and mobile advertising media planning with integrated campaign manage-ment 15
  • 15. Gold SponsorsiClick is the leading performance marketing agency in Asia focusing on delivering high value online solution for companies looking for promising return-on-advertising-spend. iClick developed its proprietary algorithmic modeling and based on this to provide automated optimization technology formarketers to manage their online advertising campaigns. In iClick, we work with marketers who desire for advertising performance and need to achievescale at ease.iClick was formed in 2009 by a group of internet veterans with strong background in online marketing, technology and product development. Today,iClick has established footprint over Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the South East Asia. Our client portfolio comprises of the world’s premium brandsand MNC that spread across industries. Headquartered in Hong Kong, iClick has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore.www.i-click.asiiProspect, part of Aegis Media, is a global digital performance agency that provides some of the world’s most sought-after brands with digital marketingstrategies that maximize ROI through social media, SEO, paid search, display media, shopping feed management, mobile marketing, attribution modelingand management and other related services. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and leaders across multiple industries, including Staples, NeimanMarcus, Gilt Groupe, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Reliant Energy, among others. iProspect was recently awarded a 2011 Inter-active Marketing Award for “Best Ecommerce Site Launch or Revamp” and have been included on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 List in 2011, 2010 and 2009.The agency is headquartered in Boston, and has 850 employees in 39 offices globally. For more information, visit or follow them onTwitter @iProspect.Products & Services:• Display Advertising• Interactive Marketing Agencies• Mobile & Rich Media Advertising Solutionswww.iprospect.comBreakfast Briefing Sponsoremarsys is a leading global provider of email marketing solutions and services. More than 1000 clients worldwide, among them eBay, Canon, Vodafone,Honda, Motorola, Zurich Insurance and Siemens send more than 50 billion emails every year using our technology. Our bespoke platforms are designedspecifically to meet the complex needs of our customers and provide all the necessary tools to increase ROI through email marketing, optimised deliver-ability , customer engagement and social media solutions . Combined with our comprehensive world class services portfolio , emarsys is an all-in-oneprovider for retention email marketing.www.emarsys.comCocktail SponsorWith offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and a rep office in Tokyo, Beyond Media Global (BMG) is an international and independent advertising solutions com-pany. BMG’s suite of core technology products enables advertisers and publishers to monetize and optimize across different segments of audiences.BMG develops, supports and services world class, localized and custom search and social media marketing solutions for the top brands in most of thecountries we serve. BMG’s clients are the top in the Asia region, including ZUJI, Webjet AU, eFinancialCareers, WEGO, CTRIP, PayPal, with clients in Japan, India,Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Korea. We both offer technology only solutions and full service managed solutions for Search, Social & Display.Beyond Media Global is the official Asia Partner for KENSHOO, a worldwide leader in online demand generation.www.beyondmediaglobal.comLanyard SponsorEstablished in 1997, e-Dialog empowers marketers to connect with customers by engaging in relevant conversations through e-mail, mobile devices,social networks, e-commerce and at the point of sale. e-Dialog is a global provider to some of the world’s most recognized brands, including British Air-ways, Dell, PayPal, Air Asia and Toys R Us. e-Dialog is a wholly owned subsidiary of GSI Commerce Inc. (NASDAQ: GSIC) acquired by eBay in March 2011.www.e-dialog.com16 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 16. Exhibitors ®Brightcove Inc., a leading global provider of cloud content services, provides a family of products used to publish and distribute the world’s profes-sional digital media. The company’s products include Brightcove Video Cloud, the market-leading online video platform, and Brightcove App Cloud, thepioneering content app platform. Together, more than 4,200 customers in 50 countries rely on Brightcove’s cloud content services to build and operateexceptional media experiences across PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.www.brightcove.comMarkTheGlobe is an innovative search engine optimization company, which offers International Search Engine Optimization (“Global SEO”) for compa-nies with multilingual websites.In comparison to other SEO companies, MarkTheGlobe provides a scalable process with a high level of automation. This enables a transparent and aperformance based pricing model. Payment is required for search terms that have been successfully ranked in the top 10 results.MarkTheGlobe has developed a sophisticated production system to automate and manage a large number of routine activities in SEO campaigns. Thisresults in an attractive return on investment for our customers. Significant ranking improvements in international search engines are guaranteed.www.marktheglobe.comThe independent authority on search vendors, evaluates and ranks the top internet marketing companies. Categories ranked by topseosinclude: search engine optimization, pay per click management, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, and many more.Since 2002, topseos has been a trusted resource for businesses looking to launch or improve internet marketing campaigns. The pathfinder serviceallows topseos to work directly with you to help find companies that best fit your business needs. Why waste time searching through thousands of siteswith false promises? Go straight to the authority, gain insight into the industry, and work with the best.Products & Services:• Interactive Marketing Associations & Publications• Marketing Optimization Solutions• Organic Search is a leading Global Mobile Ad Network with strong presence in emerging markets. Vserv’s pioneering technology AppWrapper powers OneClick App Monetisation for 10,000+ Apps across platforms.AppWrapper is the World’s Simplest App Monetization - it enables premium advertising & innovative pricing models on any app, without coding, in just one click.Vserv is the only Ad Network with App media across feature phones, smart phones and tablets, thus providing advertisers unparalleled reach andengagement. Built on superior technology, the Vserv Marketplace delivers exceptional ROI to advertisers as well as enhanced earnings to developers &publishers. Visit for more Supporting Associations 香港數碼分析協會 Digital Analytics Association Hong Kong 香港數碼分析協會 Digital Analytics Association Hong Kong Supporting Organizations Media Partners News Distribution Partner Digital Design Partner Local Charity Partner Brought to you by In Association with 17
  • 17. The First SaaS Campaign Management Solutionwith Customer Intelligence InsideUnlock your potentialEmailvision Hong-Kong703 Tai Tung Building8 Fleming Road, WanchaiHong-KongCall us: +(852) 2681 9000
  • 18. Speakers
  • 19. speakers Avinash Kaushik Digital Marketing Evangelist GoogleAvinash Kaushik is the digital marketing evangelist for Google andthe co-founder of Market Motive Inc.Through his blog, Occam’s Razor, and his best-selling books, WebAnalytics: An Hour a Day and Web Analytics 2.0, Kaushik hasbecome recognized as an authoritative voice on how marketers,executive teams, and industry leaders can leverage data tofundamentally reinvent their digital existence. Kaushik puts acommon-sense framework around the often frenetic world of webanalytics and combines that with the philosophy that investing intalented analysts is the key to long-term success. He passionatelyadvocates customer centricity and leveraging bleeding-edgecompetitive intelligence techniques.Kaushik has received rave reviews for bringing his energetic,inspiring, and practical insights to companies like Unilever, Dell,Time Warner, Vanguard, Porsche, and IBM. He has deliveredkeynotes at a variety of global conferences, including SESConference & Expo, Monaco Media Forum, iCitizen, JMP Innovators’Summit, The Art of Marketing, and Web 2.0.Acting on his passion for teaching, Kaushik has lectured at majoruniversities such as Stanford University, University of Virginia,University of California—Los Angeles, and University of Utah.Kaushik received the 2009 Statistical Advocate of the Year Awardfrom the American Statistical Association, and the 2011 MostInfluential Industry Contributor Award from the Web AnalyticsAssociation. Mike Grehan Global VP Content SES Search Engine Watch ClickZMike Grehan is global VP, content, at Incisive Media, publisherof Search Engine Watch and ClickZ, and producer of the SESinternational conference series. Previously, he worked as a searchmarketing consultant with a number of international agencies,handling global clients such as SAP and Motorola. Recognized as aleading search marketing expert, Grehan came online in 1995 and isthe author of numerous books and white papers on the subject. Heis chair of the SES advisory board and in March 2010 was elected toSEMPO’s board of directors.20 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 20. Barry Adams Regional Director Con Apostolopoulos Partnerships and Alliances Senior Director Turner Media Solutions Asia Acxiom Corporation Turner Broadcasting System Asia PacificBarry Adams is an interactive marketing and CRM executive who is Con Apostolopoulos is senior director of Turner Media Solutionspassionate about generating business value from data. During 15 for Turner Broadcasting System Asia-Pacific (TBSAP). Based inyears of working in Asia, he has developed and executed strategic Hong Kong, Mr. Apostolopoulos is responsible for developingmarketing initiatives ranging from the implementation of large- strategies and creative executions for Turner Media Solutions,scale multi-channel marketing platforms to customer acquisition a holistic marketing approach to content solutions and brandedand retention programs, customer analytics, loyalty program design entertainment initiatives encompassing the company’s diverseand management, addressable advertising, and the development of portfolio of brands, including Boomerang, Cartoon Network, HBO,strategic data partnerships across the region. MONDOTV, POGO, QTV, Tabi Channel, TCM Turner Classic Movies,Mr. Adams has worked with many of the world’s leading brands truTV and the retail, financial services, luxury, media, automotive and Mr. Apostolopoulos works in conjunction with all parts of thetechnology sectors. He currently leads Acxiom’s partnerships and business, facilitating a one-stop solution for marketing clients toalliances across the Asia-Pacific region. leverage the power of TBSAP’s brands and engage with target audiences. He leads a dedicated creative team to conceptualize, plan and execute commercial multi-platform partnerships for TBSAP entertainment brands throughout the region. Michelle Au With over 12 years’ experience in the media industry spanning General Manager newspapers, magazines, TV and online media, Mr. Apostolopoulos Hong Kong & Macau joined TBSAP in 2009. Prior to his appointment at TBSAP, he was SONY MOBILE responsible for heading up a suite of magazines for The Australian newspaper based in Sydney. He also held positions at News Corporation across several functions in its Melbourne and Sydney offices, with a small stint in New York.Michelle Au is a marketing and management professional with over20 years’ experience in highly competitive industries. Possessed Mr. Apostolopoulos graduated from Deakin University in Melbournean all-rounded experience in marketing, business management, with a bachelor of business in economics and marketing, and isbranding and communications for both the consumer and business currently completing his MBA at the Australian Graduate School ofsectors. Skilled in business management of multiple brands/ Management in Hong Kong.products targeting different market segments through advertising,direct marketing, events, retail and online channels, as wellas public relations. Led several award winning marketing andadvertising campaigns. Anol Bhattacharya Consultant GetIT AnolBhattacharya is a consultant for hi-tech and telecommunicationsclients—such as Cisco Systems, IBM, IDC Asia Pacific, HP andDatacraft—on behalf of GetIT (Singapore). He has held this position for over 10 years and focuses on B2B marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing, social media strategy and implementation, interactive digital media for marketing initiatives, and user experience design. He is a regular columnist on B2B marketing in various print and online media channels, such as Business Times, Straits Times, Marketing Interactive and Asia One, among others. He is also the editor-in-chief of, a leading blog about news, views and reviews of the B2B marketing space and the social media scene in Asia. Mr. Bhattacharyahas delivered keynote addresses at major marketing conferences across the region including Click Asia Summit (Mumbai), AdTech (Singapore), SiTF Workshops, and BritCham Singapore Breakfast Briefings. He is the Honorary Secretary of the Digital Media Chapter of the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), and routinely guest lectures at the Singapore Management University on entrepreneurship. 21
  • 21. Napoleon Biggs Senior Vice President Jesper Broberg Head of Digital Integration, Asia-Pacific VP Business Development Fleishman-Hillard Sitecore InternationalWith 18 years in the Internet and digital media in Asia, Napoleon As VP Business Development for Sitecore International, JesperBiggs is a highly experienced and practical advisor to Fleishman’s engages with clients and partners from all over the world, using hisclients across the region. 10+ years of experience in the software industry to help companiesHis linguistic capabilities (Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese) and understand the powerful business opportunities available throughknowledge of local markets allow him to provide meaningful insights a customer engagement platform. Jesper is a regularly speaker atand actionable communications strategies that play across both Sitecore events around the and offline channels of influence. He is responsible for developing Fleishman’s digital service offeringand for working with clients and colleagues to implement trulyintegrated, cross-media communications plans.A reputed thought-leader, Mr. Biggs is a regular speaker on the Chandrakanth B.N.changing ecosystem of digital communications at seminars and Co-Founder and Managing Directorconferences. Theorem India He has trained executives across many industries, frommultinationals such as Estée Lauder, Tesco and Time Warner tolocal government bodies such as the Singapore National Arts As the co-founder and managing director of Theorem, ChandrakanthCouncil. B.N. is responsible for overall strategic direction, growth and management of the company and its India operations. A serialIn his spare time, he founded and continues to host Web entrepreneur, he has founded three software start-ups includingWednesday, Asia’s premier community for Internet executives. The Theorem. Before turning entrepreneur, he was managing the softwareonly pan-regional forum and network of its kind, since its inception division of a manufacturing company in the June 2007, Web Wednesday now has over 3,000 membersand runs monthly networking events in Hong Kong, Singapore, Back in 2002 when digital marketing was still nascent, Theorem’sGuangzhou, Beijing, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Dubai. founders recognized the lack of specialized expertise in this niche. Theorem was started with a vision to help marketers and brandsClosely involved in the software development community, Mr. realize the true potential of the emerging digital marketing strategies,Biggs is one of the organizers of the tech unconference, BarCamp equipped with strong technology and analytical tools.Hong Kong. Under his leadership, Theorem today has grown to over 1,000 people with locations in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. He holds a master’s degree in industrial management from Northern Ali Bullock Illinois University, Chicago. Global Digital Marketing and Social Media VeteranAli Bullock’s digital expertise has spanned Europe and Asia, Anna Chanwhere he helped build integrated marketing activities for KPMG, Managing Director, Hong Kong, Singapore and TaiwanKellogg’s, Samsung and Motorola. His most recent role, as Cathay iClick InteractivePacific’s global head of digital marketing in Hong Kong, saw himcreate Cathay’s social experience from the ground up. Mr. Bullockmoves to WWF Hong Kong in October, where he will lead their Anna Chan is the managing director of Hong Kong, Singaporecommunications team. and Taiwan at iClick Interactive. She is responsible for overall management of the company’s operations in these areas, adaptingHe is a firm believer in combining work life with corporate social operating structure and processes that competitively position theresponsibility. His involvement in a variety of pro bono digital company to achieve substantial projects has included complete website development aswell as advising charities throughout Asia on the strategic thinking Ms. Chan has more than 12 years of digital experience in Asia-and value behind social media. Pacific. She was previously the chief digital officer at Leo Burnett Hong Kong, overseeing the company’s digital products, encompassing digital strategy, display, search, social media and mobile. She was also responsible for accelerating the agency’s digital capabilities as well as driving digital integration and growth, particularly in the areas of social media and search. Prior to Leo Burnett, Ms. Chan was the managing director of Reprise Media (under IPG) in Asia, overseeing the development and effectiveness of search and social media within Mediabrands’ agencies Initiative and UM in Asia. Before joining IPG, she held positions in Yahoo! Hong Kong, working with corporate brands in developing pioneering online strategies.22 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 22. Leonard Chan Eddie Choi Founder and CEO SES Advisory Board; Founding Partner Pulse Mediatech Frontiers DigitalLeonard Chan is the founder and CEO of Pulse Mediatech (PMT). Eddie Choi, Managing Director of the Hong Kong-based digitalHe is responsible for the overall strategic planning, business and agency FrontiersDigital (F-D). F-D is a wholly owned subsidiary ofproduct development of PMT. He has extensive experience in the Milton Exhibits Group. Milton Exhibits Group is a leading eventresearch and development of industrial automation systems, online enabler in the Asia Pacific region with offices in Hong Kong,advertising and digital publishing solutions. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore.Dr. Chan served as chairman of the board for two listed companies Eddie is a widely recognized digital marketer in the Greatest Chinain Hong Kong prior to founding PMT. He is also a US patent holder. In region for his strategy works that adopted by many multinational2008, he was awarded the 12th Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year corporations. Eddie had been invited to speak for differentAward. In 2011, he led his digital publishing team and was awarded marketing conferences in Asia including SES China, Ad Tech China,the Hong Kong ICT Best Business Gold Award and Grand Award, as and also numerous of private conferences held by the governmentwell as the Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Award in two categories (new and commercial organizations. Eddie’s specialty is search and socialmedia and entertainment, and start-up companies). marketing particularly with a deep understanding of the market in China. He is a member of SES global advisor and a contributedDr. Chan has also spoken at various professional events organized columnist of Clickz the British Computer Society, Hong Kong Computer Society,Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association, VocationalTraining Council and Fudan University, among others. Glen Chu Matthew Chan Co-Founder Regional CRM and Internet Manager Digital Butter Ralph Lauren Asia Pacific Glen Chu is co-founder of Digital Butter and has extensiveMatthew Chan is currently the regional marketing manager knowledge and experience in digital strategy for companiesof e-commerce at Ralph Lauren (Asia-Pacific). Prior to this seeking digital and brand activation in greater China. During hisappointment, he was the regional CRM and digital manager of time in Asia, Mr. Chu has helped a spectrum of companies launchParfums Christian Dior at LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics (Asia- digital campaigns and web platforms in Asia, including numerousPacific). e-commerce sites specifically for China. Currently, he is working with several luxury brands, premium hotels and multinationalMr. Chan has vast expertise in digital marketing, CRM and enterprises with their digital platforms while incorporating hise-commerce for luxury retail in Asia. He specializes in leveraging insights into brand engagement via social media channels and SEO.the power of data analytics and technical innovation for businessdevelopment and marketing effectiveness improvement. Mr. Chu is active in the digital community and is an advisory board member of Social Media Week Hong Kong, while Digital Butter isHe strongly believes that integrating online and offline business a sponsor of SES conferences in Asia, All That Matters (Music andarenas is the only way to catch upcoming opportunities under the Digital Matters) as well as Web business norm. Andy Chang CEO I-InfluenceAndy Chang founded I-Influence in 2010 with the goal of helpingmarketers to more effectively leverage social media and mobile togrow customer loyalty and advocacy, and increase their brands’digital influence. As CEO, he leads an innovative team in developingmarketing applications at the convergence of social media, customeranalytics, CRM and mobile.Mr. Chang started his digital marketing career as a web consultantin 1996. He later spent 10 years with MRM Worldwide, the digitaland CRM marketing arm of McCann Worldgroup, in various roles andcountries, from web producer in Los Angeles to data and technologydirector in China. Prior to founding I-Influence, he was generalmanager of MRM’s Shanghai and Hong Kong offices.A native of Taiwan, Mr. Chang has lived half of his life in the US and theother half in Asia. He is fluent in Mandarin and regularly contributes 23articles focused on social and mobile CRM to
  • 23. BEHIND EVERY INSIGHT IS ONE THING – PEOPLE. REDWOOD CITY MEXICO CITY NEW YORK LONDON EGYPT HANGZHOU BEIJING PARIS SHANGHAI CHONGQING SEOUL TOKYO KUALA LUMPUR BANGKOK MANILA CHRISTCHURCH SINGAPORE HONG KONG SYDNEY HO CHI MINH CITY JAKARTA MELBOURNE LANGUAGES Arabic French Portugese Bahasa Indonesia German Russian Bahasa Melayu Italian Spanish Chinese (Traditional) Japanese Tagalog Chinese (Simplified) Korean Thai English Polish VietnameseBrandtology combines technology, processes and highly trained professionals to deliver accurate, relevant onlinemedia insights to some of the world’s leading businesses and organisations.A deep and effective understanding of digital channels, conversations and sentiment contributes to effective publicrelations, crisis management, media planning, campaign measurement, product development and strategic planning.Brandtology is the only social media intelligence service provider with the capacity to monitor, analyse and reportcontent in languages spoken by more than 90% of the world’s population.And behind everything we do is our greatest asset – our people.For further information on Brandtology visit or email us at
  • 24. Ricky Chu Stephen Hay Chief Executive Officer Asia-Pacific Regional Director Gravitas ICLPRicky Chu is a veteran with over 16 years’ experience in the IT, Stephen Hay is Asia-Pacific regional director for ICLP, an award-telecommunications and media industries. He is a pioneer in mobile winning global loyalty and CRM agency. He came into loyalty atmarketing and a successful entrepreneur in new digital media Cathay Pacific when e-mail was nascent and direct mail was still in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2003 he founded Gravitas, He joined ICLP in 1999 and has overseen the transition of thewhich pioneered the mobile marketing industry in Hong Kong. In relationship business from an essentially offline activity intothe past nine years, Mr. Chu has initiated more than 2,000 successful something that is often now exclusively digital and that extendsmobile campaigns for over 200 brands of Fortune 500 companies, beyond e-mail marketing to projecting a customer relationshipmultinational corporations and renowned local groups in the region. across a range of digital and social tools. In addition to running ICLP’sHe is an active member of the Asia Digital Marketing Association, business in the region, Mr. Hay also undertakes consulting projects forRetail Technology Industry Association, Hong Kong Wireless clients and contributes to debate on where the industry is going next.Technology Industry Association and Mobile Marketing Association Mr. Apostolopoulos graduated from Deakin University in Melbourneand maintains excellent relations with client marketers, advertising with a bachelor of business in economics and marketing, and isagencies, media companies and telecom operators in the industry. currently completing his MBA at the Australian Graduate School ofMr. Chu graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Management in Hong Kong.bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major inmarketing. He holds a graduate diploma in China marketing ande-business jointly awarded by the Hong Kong Institute of Marketingand the Hong Kong University School of Professional and ContinuingEducation. Ohad Hecht Regional Managing Director, APAC emarsys Nick Gold Vice President, APAC Based in Hong Kong with a diverse marketing and management Emailvision experience in Asia, Ohad has managed a number of accomplishments in his fledging carreer. Highlights include creating the patent registered luxury brand Swana. He speaksNick Gold, Vice President of Asia Pacific, joined Emailvision in four languanges and is well versed in the interwining his WesternSeptember 2008. He has 15 years of senior management experience Management philosophies into the Asian business model. Hisin the software and services industry. Nick started his career in experience is complimented with establishing core digital strategiesthe SAP sales team at IBM global services. Following this position, with expertise in ecommerce and Email Marketing. A regularNick managed UK sales for a division of Sage Software. Prior to speaker in the industry events. Armed with a B.A. and M.B.A. hejoining Emailvision, Nick led several sales teams at LexisNexis UK. now heads the Asian-Pacific operations of emarsys LTD .Nick holds a Master’s degree in International Business from theUniversity of Manchester - Institute of Science and Technology. River Ho Vikas Gulati Founder, NMC INTERACTIVE Vice President, Southeast Asia NEW MEDIA River is the founder of NMC Interactive. He is the chief strategist of inbound marketing projects. With full service agency background,Vikas Gulati spearheads business development at for River has over 10 year experience in leading team for the largerSoutheast Asia. Based in Singapore, he is responsible for driving key scale online marketing campaigns. Other than agency background,aspects of business: developers, publishers and advertisers. River worked in various loyalty-marketing companies.He has over 14 years of experience in media and marketing across An early adopter and practitioner of SEO/SEM in Hong Kong, heemerging markets. Prior to Vserv, he was involved with set-up is one of the few Internet marketers in Hong Kong who is activelyof Asia business for Sprice, a leading online travel network, now engaged in different corporate SEO projects in early year of searchpart of Travelport. He has also held various leadership roles at marketing. Also, River has extensive experience to moderate andZenithOptimedia and has led top accounts such as Procter & Gamble, educate team, partners and clients on search engine optimization.Asia-Pacific Breweries, LVMH, ESPN and LG. He was invited to different 4A agencies to educate on digitalMr. Gulati is a post-graduate from Times School of Marketing. He is marketing topic. He was the speaker of ad-tech and several ofan industry thought leader in digital advertising and writes for ClickZ. conference to contribute on inbound marketing topic. He is currentlyasia. assisting Youth Business Hong Kong to mentor young entrepreneurs to succeed in the market. 25
  • 25. Mikko Kotila Eden Lau Founder and CEO Co-Founder and Managing Director of North Asia Statsit BrandtologyMikko Kotila started one of the first digital agencies in Europe in 1996 Eden gained extensive exposure in the China market when heand has since worked on analytics and insights projects for 50 out of started working in China in 2005, in the capacity of Group Marketingthe top 100 global advertisers. In 2008 he founded Statsit, the first Director of an on-line MMORPG game business and CEO of a retailsocial media monitoring service exclusively for the APAC markets. chain. During that period, he witnessed the strong growth of socialAs the CEO, he has focused on transforming Statsit into an industry- media in China. Before moving into China, Eden held senior brandchanging market research company. A native of Finland, he has lived in and marketing positions in Hutchison Telecom and HongkongAsia for 10 years. Telecom/PCCW where he pioneered quantitative analytics in studying brand and customer dynamics. He extended and applied that knowledge on the Brandtology platform, and provides business insights to his clients’ on their social media activities. Eden holds a MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and also completed an International Executive Kenneth Kwok Development Program in INSEAD, France. Chairman Hong Kong Digital Analytics AssociationKenneth Kwok has over 13 years of digital experience. He startedhis career as a web designer, then developed himself into a digital Jayne Leungstrategist. He has spent most of his career with IBM managing ibm. Director North Asia,com and providing consulting services that leverage his strong FACEBOOKblend of design, development and management skills for IBM’sclients globally.In 2009, Mr. Kwok started Web Analytics Wednesday in Hong Kong Jayne Leung is responsible for advertising sales for Facebookto provide a platform for digital analytics professionals to gather across North Asia. She possess over 10 years of unique regionaland share their knowledge. experience in new markets entry, strategy and businessDigital Analytics Association appointed him as their representative development as well as key account relations from both the onlinein Hong Kong in 2010, and in the same year he founded Beehive and offline advertising worlds. Jayne’s top specialties are InternetStrategy to provide digital strategy and consultation services in the advertising and digital technology solutions.Asia-Pacific region.In 2011, Hong Kong Digital Analytics Association was founded; Mr.Kwok is the founding chairman. Cynthia Liu Senior Director of Brand Marketing Adaline Lau WYNDHAM HOTEL GROUP ASIA PACIFIC Editor CLICKZ ASIA Cynthia currently leads the Wyndham Hotel Group’s branding effort for the APAC region, with a strong focus on China, Thailand,Adaline Lau, ClickZ Asia editor, oversees day-to-day editorial Singapore and India. Previously, Cynthia held strategic marketingoperations covering digital marketing from search to social media, roles for NagaWorld® Resort Hotel, Las Vegas Sands, Caesarsmobile to analytics in the region. Before ClickZ, she was senior Entertainment Corporation and LVMH, Asia Pacific.reporter at Marketing Magazine and has worked as a journalist forThe Singapore Marketer and Asia Pacific Broadcasting. 27
  • 26. Barney Loehnis Head of Digital Strategy and Mobile Madhu Malkani OgilvyOne Digital Analytics Manager Asia-Pacific Estée LauderBarney Loehnis joined Ogilvy in February 2010 to lead thecompany’s digital offering across Asia-Pacific. He works with Madhu Malkani is currently the digital analytics manager at Estéemajor clients across the region, including IBM, VW, Nestlé and Lauder Corporation, where she manages the performance analyticsIntercontinental Hotels. and insights for the ELC brand and e-commerce sites across thePreviously Mr Loehnis was head of Isobar in Asia, working with Asia-Pacific region.clients such as P&G, adidas, Philips and Pernod Ricard. He also ran She was previously the measurement and insights director withWarner Bros Digital across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He the data and analytics team at MRM Worldwide, where she led thestarted his career developing digital services and e-commerce for digital analytics team and worked with numerous clients to trackone of the UK’s largest retailers. In 2000 he helped launch Citikey, a and improve their digital performance. Ms. Malkani has been a keypioneering mobile city guide across Europe. part of the web analytics scene in Hong Kong and has significantMr Loehnis is chairman emeritus of the Asia-Pacific Mobile experience in leveraging data to improve business performance.Marketing Association, and he was one of the inaugural judges at She has a BSc degree in biology and an MBA from the Hong Kongthe Mobile Awards in Cannes in 2012.’ University of Science and Technology. Juliana Loh Social Media Consultant JLOH Communications Zaheer Nooruddin Regional Director, Digital and Social Media Burson-MarstellerJuliana Loh was an advertising creative in Singapore and Beijingfor over five years, and contributed to Beijing’s expat publications Zaheer Nooruddin is Burson-Marsteller’s Asia-Pacific regionalas food editor and writer. Prior to living in Beijing, she was an director and lead digital and social media strategist. He supportsartist in residence at Fabrica in Treviso, Italy-the research and the firm’s clients with the development of innovative digital,communications center for United Colors of Benetton-working mobile and social solutions in Asia. He is also co-author of Theon campaigns and creative projects and contributing to COLORS Social Media MBA: Your Competitive Edge in Social Media Strategymagazine. Most recently, she was Swire Hotels group’s social media Development and Delivery.lead, setting up and managing the social media department for bothEnglish and Chinese platforms, after heading up communications at Mr. Nooruddin’s experience spans a range of digital marketingSwire’s first hotel, the Opposite House, Beijing. and communications disciplines in both B2B and B2C arenas. He has developed social media and digital communications strategy for multinational companies. Previously the founding director of Edelman Digital for China, he has also held senior roles at global digital marketing networks Wunderman, Ogilvy and BBDO/ Proximity Worldwide. He began his career in marketing at India’s Richard Mabey Tata group. Managing Director He has spoken at numerous digital industry conferences, including The Egg the Internet Show, Social Media Week and Technology for Marketing & Advertising, and provides commentary for ReutersRichard Mabey is a long term Greater China resident having spent 15 and others. He is an industry thought leader and subject matteryears in the region. He studied in both Shanghai and Beijing in the expert for digital in China, India and Asia-Pacific, with 15 years ofmid nineties and then moved to Hong Kong to take up a position at a integrated digital work experience.multinational advertising agency working with technology clients. Mr. Nooruddin studied at St. Xavier’s College in Bombay, and heRichard Mabey co-founded The Egg in 1998 and has since run graduated from the College of Wooster in the United States, with athe day to day operations of the company including business double major in political science and history.development, strategic direction and client servicing.Richard’s passion comes from bridging the gap between thebusiness needs of a company and finding the right solution to solvethat need. He speaks regularly on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)related topics at business forums and associations in Hong Kongand China.28 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 27. Basker Rangachari Allen Qu Chief Marketing Officer, Hong Kong and Northeast Asia, Team Leader Consumer Banking Netconcepts China Standard Chartered Bank   Basker Rangachari is reputed to be a focused business driver,Allen Qu leads the Netconcepts China team to provide analysis, creative marketer and effective team leader. Since joining Standardconsultation and implementation of natural and paid search Chartered Bank in 2005, he has held senior positions in unsecuredstrategies for leading companies in the US, Australia, New Zealand lending, bancassurance, strategic alliances, customer loyalty andand China markets. He has worked with such clients as Expedia, Amex integration. He was appointed as chief marketing officer,, The Planet, Taikang Life, Microsoft,, Hong Kong, in March 2010 and was promoted to chief, New Oriental Group,, Gigabyte,, officer, Northeast Asia, in September 2011. In his tenure with SCB,,, EE-Media,,, Air Mr. Rangachari delivered a first-in-Asia total relationship rewardsNew Zealand and many more. His expertise includes search engine platform across 10 markets, developed iNeeds (an SCB-first iPadoptimization, paid search management, social media optimization, app that facilitates needs-based conversations with customers),permission/e-mail marketing, blog and viral marketing, PR and launched several disruptive marketing campaigns.optimization and integrated marketing strategies. The SEO andSEM programs that Mr. Qu has been managing have achieved Prior to joining SCB, Mr. Rangachari had 23 years’ experienceremarkable successes. across several industries and disciplines, in India, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and Thailand. During his tenure at MasterCardBefore joining Netconcepts he had extensive experience in International, he turned around their Thailand business andmanaging e-commerce operations. He’s a frequent speaker at delivered 300% growth within four and online marketing conferences, including SMX, ad:techand other Internet-related events, conferences and TV shows. Hehas also provided SEO and online marketing training for Google,Baidu, government agencies and various organizations.Mr. Qu graduated from the University of Auckland with a marketingand IT degree. He is a Google AdWords qualified individual, Yahoo!search marketing ambassador, certified e-marketer and certifieddirect marketer. He is also experienced in web development andmultimedia, and in designing and building web 2.0 sites and Patrick Ronaapplications. Chief Digital Officer DDB Group Asia-Pacific Bringing over 15 years of experience to his roles, Patrick Rona is Sean Rach responsible for reinforcing and expanding Tribal’s market-leading Regional Director Brand and Corporate Affairs position and driving growth and innovation in the provision of Prudential Corporation Asia digital marketing services across the DDB Group.   Mr. Rona was previously president of Tribal DDB EMEA and chief digital officer of DDB Group EMEA. He joined Tribal DDB fromSean Rach joined Prudential Corporation Asia in 2009 and OgilvyOne, where he ran the global Unilever digital marketingchampions innovation and the development of integrated marketing account. Overseeing and coordinating teams across five regionssolutions for Prudential’s businesses across Asia. He is the creator and over 25 countries, he helped some of Unilever’s top globalof Cha-Ching, a financial literacy program developed with Cartoon brands including Dove, Persil (Omo), Becel/Flora, Hellmann’sNetwork Asia that helps parents develop money-smart kids. and Vaseline to embrace and utilize the ever-expanding arsenalPrior to joining Prudential, he was regional general manager of digital channels—including social media, mobile and viral marketing in addition to display advertising and search—to engage(American Express) at Ogilvy & Mather Asia-Pacific and managing with consumers and drive sales.director, OgilvyOne Hong Kong. His team grew into the largestintegrated marketing agency in Hong Kong (awarded Agency of the Prior to OgilvyOne, Mr. Rona was senior vice president at Digitas inYear honors three years consecutively). London. He began his digital marketing career at in the mid-1990s.He held several marketing positions with Sprint Communicationsand started his marketing career at Hallmark Cards. A former navalofficer, Mr. Rach served aboard two ships during his five years ofservice.He is active in the Asian marketing community, having served as thechairman of the Mobile Marketing Association Asia-Pacific (2009–10) and of the Hong Kong 4As Interactive and Direct Committee(2001–08). A noted industry speaker, he has been a guest lecturerat a number of Hong Kong universities.Mr. Rach has an MBA from the Thunderbird School of GlobalManagement and graduated from the United States Naval Academy. 29
  • 28. Sean Seah Simon Salt Vice President eBusiness, Loyalty and Partner Marketing Digital Marketing Strategist and Author (Global) International IncSlingers Langham Hospitality GroupSimon Salt is a digital strategist, author and keynote speaker. He Based in Langham’s Corporate office, Sean is responsible for leadingwrote Social Location Marketing, the first book on location-based Langham’s global eCommerce initiatives which include; buildingmarketing, and The Shorty Guide to Mobile Marketing, which Langham’s online revenues; growing Langham’s digital brand equity;ranked number three on the Amazon Kindle store on the day of its leading online partnerships with Online Travel Agents and fosteringrelease. a group wide culture of digital innovation and leadership. Sean hasHis blog, The Incslinger, provides commentary on the state of held various management, marketing and e-business leadershipthe digital landscape. Mr. Salt has provided digital strategy to roles within multi-national companies. Prior to joining Langham,companies as varied as Fortune 500s, start-ups and international Sean worked for Travelocity Asia Pacific and established ZUJI as thePR agencies. leading online travel agent in Singapore and Hong Kong. Sean has alsoHe teaches an online course in advanced mobile marketing through consulted to 15 of the top investment banks in the world, working tothe Learning Resources Network. His opinions have been quoted build an electronic bond trading platform across Asia. Key disciplinesin the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and many other publications. In included strategic market entry plans, e-commerce platformaddition, he is a regular contributor to Retail Touchpoints Holiday development and the marketing of the platform across Asia. SeanOutlook Guide. has significant travel industry experience, most recently with Air New Zealand, where he lead the e-commerce team to build a global website serving 26 countries. Sean also lead the e-commerce marketing team at Toyota where he was responsible for bringing the global motor vehicle giant online and in touch with customers, suppliers and Pushkar Sane partners. Sean has worked in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore Co-Founder and CEO and has tertiary educational qualifications from the University of Convergination Ventures Auckland in Law and Political Science.Pushkar Sane is the Co-Founder & CEO of Convergination Venturesa company focused on solving real-life problems by leveraging David ShenConvergence and stretching Imagination. Sane brings over 20 years Vice President of Client Strategyof experience with the Internet and over 14 years of experience in AcronymStrategy, Digital, Advertising, Technology, CRM and Media acrossAsia Pacific markets. He has a unique distinction of working intwo most dynamic markets in the world – China and India. Before David Shen is the vice president of client strategy at Convergination in 2011 he was the Chief Digital Officer Based in Singapore, he manages Acronym’s Asian operations and is(North & South Asia) and Global Head of Social Marketing Practice responsible for developing and growing the client base and fosteringat Starcom MediaVest Group. Previously he worked with EuroRSCG business partnerships throughout the Asia-Pacific and Japan region.Worldwide and DRAFTFCB. Sane has been a serial intrapreneur and He is responsible for understanding clients’ business requirementswas instrumental in setting up new practice areas for his previous and challenges and addressing their needs with a client-focusedemployers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Post search marketing strategy. His expertise includes enterpriseGraduate Diploma in Computer Applications, and a Post Graduate keyword management, including organic search optimization andDiploma in Advertising & Communications Management from India. paid search management, as well integrating these channels withHe also attended Executive Management Program focused on other marketing activities.General Management & Leadership at INSEAD Prior to joining Acronym, Mr. Shen led the marketing science team at Singapore Press Holdings and the search marketing teams at BLUE. Crispin Sheridan SES Advisory Board; Senior Director of Search Marketing Strategy SAP @crispinsheridan Crispin Sheridan established and runs the search practice at SAP for the shared goals of awareness, lead generation, and sales. He is responsible for paid and organic search and has driven SAP’s strategy to harness the power of the channel to drive efficiency in lead generation across SAP’s ecosystem. He manages the centralized and globally funded search practice at SAP with both in-house and agency support. Successes include integration with SAP’s primary Facebook page and the deployment of “AddThis” across globally. He is a frequent guest speaker at SES, the e-Metrics Summit, and ad:Tech, and a member of Google’s B2B Technology Council. He writes a monthly SEO column for ClickZ.30 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 29. Larry Tang Antony Yiu Founder Regional Search Director, N. Asia, Managing Director Collab iProspect Hong Kong Heading iProspect North Asia, Antony’s search experience includes Google and a few internet start-ups in US. His experience spans a variety of functions including search engine marketing and optimization, online advertising, email campaign management, and Charlie Wang market research in both academic and commercial settings. Technical Director Tribal DDB Antony began his career in the digital world by working with Google in their Mountain View Headquarters, before moving to a number of startups including oDesk and AdBrite.Charlie Wang is an experienced digital marketing professional with Antony has worked with a number of multinational companies ina strong IT consulting background and a passion for data-driven finance, travel and hospitality, FMCG, telecom, consumer electronics,marketing. He has a unique background that includes working and pharmaceutical industries in his past and current positions.experience in both 4A ad agencies and Big 4 IT consulting firms.Mr. Wang is currently the technical director for Tribal DDB Hong Antony is recognized as a leading expert in the field of search and he isKong. He has experience in both the US and mainland China in the also a frequent speaker at industry conferences around the region.IT consulting and digital advertising industries. He has a passionfor data and aims to inject more data-driven marketing within thead-agency world. Prior to his current role, he worked as the dataanalytics director for a local agency in Beijing, Bizcom Consulting,focusing mainly on digital analytics for automotive and IT clients. Matthias ZeitlerHe also has spent a large portion of his career as a business Founderintelligence consultant at Deloitte Consulting US, focusing on data MarkTheGlobewarehouse implementations for the US government. He is heavilyinvolved in the tech and start-up scene in Beijing, and loves thechaos and fragmentation of the Chinese social media landscape. Matthias Zeitler is the founder of MarkTheGlobe, a global SEO start- up. He knows the global marketing challenges inside out from his own experience, having advised several Fortune 100 companies on globalization processes while working with localization industry leaders like SDL International, TRADOS and The STAR Group. Jackey Wang Mr. Zeitler is a visionary leader in web technologies, global marketing, China Country Manager offshore outsourcing, globalization process technology and enterprise HP Digital Strategy software product management. His skills and experiences led to the creation of MarkTheGlobe. His team at MarkTheGlobe consists of SEO experts and developersJackey Wang joined Hewlett-Packard in 2007. He oversees the that constantly push the envelope in search engine marketingChina HP web experience, including customer experience and direct strategies and functions. He led HP’s regional publishing support and was acontent management system (CMS) project manager before taking Mr. Zeitler holds a BS in computer science from the Polytechnicon his current responsibilities. Before joining HP he concentrated on University of Salzburg and a MBA from Santa Clara University inweb-based services for seven years. California.With HP’s professional tech support, he utilized the comprehensiveeffectiveness of usability testing, CMS project management, webanalytic insight, demand and lead generation, and integrated digitalecosystems to optimize the customer experience for the largest ITcompany in China.Mr. Wang has solid knowledge of IT infrastructure, cloud solutionsand program management methodology. He successfully deliveredseveral digital platforms to support HP’s marketing activities onboth regional and country levels. 31
  • 30. Columns
  • 31. The Next Big Thing in Local MobileMarketingBy Andy Chang, CEO at I-InfluenceHere comes the next big local marketing platform for the group-buying- defined (and therefore limited) value. In these cases, small not-for-salefatigued retailers: mobile loyalty programs. If you are not yet familiar gifts and exclusive event invitations make a lot of sense.with this segment, look up start-ups Chatterfly (U.S.), Stampfeet (U.K.)and Perx (Singapore-based, backed by Facebook co-founder Eduardo I’ve recently had discussions with a retail banking client and shoppingSaverin – so it appears he is investing his newly minted billions here in mall client, and both expressed interest in rewarding their customersAsia. Good man.) for transacting at retail outlets. Both wanted to incorporate cross selling so that their customers are also incentivized to spend more timeThese businesses all share a similar operating model: Leverage mobile with the brands. For the bank it makes sense to offer attractive andto make loyalty programs card-less and easily discoverable by location. unique discounts to other financial products. For the mall it was freeYour customers earn points after they patronize your retail store and parking, and coupons to shops and restaurants that wanted more footare given a unique QR code (as proof of purchase) to scan. Users can traffic. The rewards would create win-win for both the brands and theirthen redeem points or stamps for freebies during future visits. customers.Customers love this because they can manage all their programs with Reward More Than Purchasesdifferent retailers on one device, and discover new businesses toearn points from. Retailers like it for the same reasons that they love Based on my company’s research, the average fan base engagementtraditional loyalty programs: repeat customers. Another key benefit rate for Facebook pages is at around 1 percent. While significantlyis that these platforms are cloud-based, so now any retailer with an higher than online advertising click rates, it indicates that there is roomInternet connection and printer can inexpensively launch a loyalty for improving fan engagement on social media and other channels.program and hug trees at the same time. This aligns with what I’m hearing from my clients: they want toStamp, chop and rock-n-roll, baby! encourage their customers to engage across more brand touch points, and in new and different ways – I alluded to this briefly in my previous(If anyone knows of any company offering this type of platform in China, article, “What’s Next for Social CRM?“ This type of cross-channelplease tell me about it in the comments section.) interaction is incredibly powerful for marketers because the customers are not only engaging more and experiencing the brand in differentIt’s a smart use of mobile technology to digitize a proven offline interactive ways, but they are also revealing how they prefer to engagemarketing practice. I think these programs will be everywhere in a few on an individual basis.years time, like group buying is in just about every city and continentexcept Antarctica these days. Here are some concrete customer actions that my clients would like to encourage and reward, with the goal of driving business and marketingIf group buying is pitched to retailers as good for customer acquisition benefits. I imagine many brands would like to achieve the same.(some would disagree with this claim), then mobile loyalty is good forbringing customers back as well as allowing new customers to discover • Sign up for e-statementsyou. For group-buying merchants struggling to get customers to return • Buy online / execute a transaction onlineafter selling products at a steep discount, mobile loyalty programs can • Like our Facebook pagepotentially address that problem and open up a whole new area of salesanalytics – what types of customers are trialing and returning? • Refer a friend to become a new customer • Check in at our store using Facebook or FoursquareMany retailers in Singapore have embraced Perx as evidenced by the • Upload a picture of the customer enjoying our product or servicecompany’s rapid growth. F&B businesses are the first to sign up mainlybecause they are familiar with the value proposition and business • Share content or comment on our websitemodel behind loyalty programs and punch cards. What I will explore in As mobile loyalty platform technology matures and the industrythis article is if there is an opportunity for brands to incorporate mobile grows, I’m certain the solutions will become more flexible and can beloyalty and punch card programs into their marketing strategy. custom-tailored to fit individual brands’ needs. So I recommend brands to not focus immediately on the technology and its pre-defined usageOffer Suitable Incentives framework, but instead on how to best engage customers and create memorable, useful and rewarding brand experiences. The technologyRegardless of the era, I think it makes sense for any brand with a is like water. It will follow and change shape.retail presence to have loyalty and rewards strategy. Although somebrands will immediately reject the idea of digital punch cards becauseit appears trite and potentially cheapens the brand, it’s worth taking asecond look. The truth is that all brands want to know who their bestcustomers are and better retain them. The key is really finding theright earning mechanics and rewards that fit and enhance your brandexperience. Andy Chang CEOBuy-8-and-get-1-free offers may not be appropriate for a luxury I-Influencebrand like Prada, but I bet that loyal Prada customers would certainlyappreciate, perhaps even expect, some gratitudine. For these brandsI recommend rewards that further enhance the brand experience (andmake them sing more praises), instead of outright giving them perks of34 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 32. The State of Mobile Display Advertising– Why This Year Is DifferentBy Vikas Gulati, VP at, AsiaExperts have been calling out “Year of Mobile” every year for the Apple store or Android Play, alternate appstores like Getjar, Mobango,last seven years. Obviously, mobile advertising hasn’t delivered Appia, and the local operator stores are also flourishing in manyeye-popping numbers, as it should have, making mobile the biggest markets. Just to give you a flavor of what I mean here – China mobile’suntapped media opportunity of our times. local appstores claims 1 million apps with 600 million downloads. Similarly, there are other local operator stores for Vodafone in India,What’s so different about this year? And will be yet another piece on Telkomsel in Indonesia, DTAC in Thailand, and many others.unending mobile statistics? The entire app ecosystem and mobile content consumption is spreadingJust to state the facts upfront, the mobile advertising industry is like wild fire and creating huge opportunities for brands and marketerspegged at US$ 5.78 billion* for 2012 with over 60 percent ad revenues to engage the consumers – something that marketers can’t afford tocoming from Asia. But, with the total online ad spending hovering miss.around US$ 90 billion* for 2012, mobile still remains a very small part oftotal digital pie. (Sources: mobileSquared/Smaato) 4. Mobile display formats and rich media executions: The fragmentation on mobile in terms of devices, operating systems,I have been traveling extensively the last couple of months across Asia browsers, and platforms is mind boggling. Ad creative on mobile used– China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and closer back home to be a huge challenge operationally but things have changed. Thanksin Singapore. Being a business head of mobile ad network, I spend to a certain level of standardization of formats– courtesy of the Mobileconsiderable time talking to key stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem Marketing Association, offers something that brands find easy to work– from developers to publishers, from content providers to large brand with.advertisers. I have also been attending and speaking at some of theleading digital /mobile conferences in the region, networking with More importantly, formats on mobile are now much more brandpeers in mobile industry, and fortunate enough to hear the views of the advertising friendly, go beyond those tiny banners and text messagesindustry thought leaders. and deliver impact as interstitials or through full-screen advertising. Today, one can buy into full-screen inventory across smartphones orAs I sat down to write this piece, rather than trying to focus on numbers feature phones and deliver rich media formats such as videos and other(and there are tons of it on the web), I wanted to give you a pulse executions. Imagine being able to plan a campaign with a similar set ofof what’s happening in the mobile advertising space on the ground creative across feature phones and smartphones across markets andand why I believe mobile is all set to make a huge impact on digital platforms. This is paving the way for easy adoption of mobile amongmarketing spends in a short span of time. the brand marketers.Five Points Why Mobile Advertising Will Take Off in the Next 12 to 18 5. Mobile ad technology and evolving display ecosystem: TheMonths advertising ecosystem has evolved significantly and key ad networks are emerging as dominant players. Apart from Google’s Admob,1. The journey of mobile from “why” to “how”: We all know consumer Millennial Media and Apples iAds, there are independent networks likeadoption of mobile is soaring – both in terms of penetration and time Jumptap and Inmobi . Beyond that, new ad networks are emerging withspent. The interesting part, though, is that it has finally caught the their pockets of strengths. The ad network I worked at has a focus onimagination of the brand marketers. So the discussion framework emerging markets; Airpush is purely on Android. These are interestingwith marketers has shifted from “why” mobile to “how” mobile. plays that add enormous amount of choice and depth to mobileMarketers now expect effective mobile solutions that can help them marketing.solve their business/ marketing problems. Some of the world’s largestbrand marketers are spending disproportionate time and resources to This is not all, mobile is also inching toward open real-time biddingunderstand how mobile could be used effectively for building brands. (RTB). Mobile demand-side platforms (DSPs) such as Strike Ads, Fiksu,The power of mobile as a medium is obvious and it’s the “how” piece Turn, and X+1 are building platform capabilities on mobile and arethat is being built up and given shape. also expanding. The way this is playing out is exactly in line with what happened on online web.2. Monetization for mobile publishers: As the mobile web expands,publishers are also experiencing rising page views through mobile Clearly, mobile advertising is poised to take off in a big way. Theredevices. In the past, most publishers were not concerned about have been talks on the explosion in mobile advertising for a number ofthe mobile user base with many publishers opting not to even have years but the conditions for growth were not in place then as they aremobile friendly websites. Today, most publishers have mobile now. To be honest, I don’t know whether the real explosion in mobilefriendly sites and apps. Thus, publishers are now actively looking ad spending will happen in 2013 or 2014, but the probability is it will beto monetize this user base – either via mobile networks or direct to sooner than later.clients for advertising, as the case may be. The important point isthat the numbers are not that small anymore for publishers to ignore.This is certainly a huge positive as quality publishers and content isfundamental to growth of mobile advertising.3. Mobile developers and rise of app ecosystem: Mobile developers Vikas Gulatiare sought after talent. And venture/private capital is chasing the Vice President, Southeast Asiadeveloper talent and start-ups. It’s not a surprise given that consumers’ Vserv.mobidigital interaction on mobile are shifting to apps in a big way. Not only 35
  • 33. Apple’s New PassbookBy Stephen Hay, Regional director for ICLP Asia PacificApple announced at its Developers Conference in June a new They are all moving toward a paperless customer experience and aapplication called Passbook that will sit on the next release of its iOS 6 mobile boarding pass is a part of this. But currently everyone is doingoperating system. That’s the one that iPhones and iPads use. their own thing, their own apps, emails, MMS messages and so on. A unified approach would really help, but airlines tend to like workingPassbook is essentially a mobile wallet, although unlike normal wallets, based on agreed global standards. Everything from the layout ofit does not focus on money and payments, well not initially, at least. your boarding pass to the size of your meal tray has been definedThe new Passbook will provide for all the other stuff you carry around somewhere. Passbook could help if it can work with or help to establishin your wallet or purse; loyalty cards, coupons, movie tickets, boarding these standards, but if it becomes one of many competing wallets,passes and so on, helping to organize them and making sure that they proprietary and inflexible, we may find industries less willing to adoptare accessible when you need them. it.How Does It Work? The Fight for the CustomerInitial previews suggest it contains all the best of Apple’s great design For a number of years now, there has been a quiet running battle forand intuitive user experience. Items within the wallet are easily the heart and mind of the customer. Everyone wants to have the abilityidentifiable, organized, and accessible. That’s more than can be said to influence customer behavior. This often entails the developmentfor the average real world wallet. Select an item from the Passbook and of a direct relationship, hence CRM and loyalty programs. While theit contains a readable QR or barcode that lets you redeem a coupon, Passbook is a useful tool, it takes a higher degree of control over whatboard a flight, present a store card, or enter a movie theater. Where that customer does when, for example, they are or near a point of sale.appropriate, the pass being digitally shredded after use, if say it was a Giving Apple that that control and potentially taking it away from theone-off promotion. retailer.As you move around, your Passbook keeps track for you. Walk past This intermediation of the customer relationship is already a crowdeda store, the geo-location function tells you that you have discount space, development of electronic coupons is a good example. Withvoucher for that store. Gate change at the airport, no problem, your Apple’s entry into the space with the Passbook, customers areboarding pass updates itself and sends you a quick push reminder potentially unwittingly putting that final link between the consumermessage. and the retailer into Apple’s hands. This may well prove an opportunity for new brands to access, at a price, new customers, but may come atWhat About Payments? the expense of an existing brand that already sits in your Passbook. Customer channels have always been neutral. Apple does not forThe first release will not have payment capabilities, which is what example decide what email it is going to deliver to you. But withour real world wallets mostly do for us still. We are not quite ready for Passbook, brands may find themselves in PPC style bidding races tothat yet. The iPhone does not yet have NFC that allows a contactless ensure they are able to get their message across.connection from the phone to the till. And the retail networks need toupgrade their infrastructure to allow us to pay that way. This is a dilemma for brand owners. Join Passbook and potentially pay to access your own customers while lose some sovereignty over them,It’s on its way, being led by the payment networks like Visa and or stay out and be denied access to the tools and the benefits it offers.MasterCard and you can be pretty sure that once that is all in place adigital Visa card or MasterCard will slide right into that Passbook in Consumer Acceptanceyour iPhone. Finally, will consumers accept it? Notification of a gate change atSo far so good, but will it all work? the airport has got to be a good thing. But do we really want a push message offering 2-for-1 cappuccinos every single time we walkWill It Work? remotely close by a coffee shop? Will the offer be lost in the white noise of those oh-so-important push messages we already get? We areWith Apple’s iOS global market share stubbornly stuck at around 20 moving to an age of greater customer control and Passbook might wantpercent, Passbook is perhaps not destined for global domination quite to include some user controls that allow us, the consumer, to tell it whatyet. There is room, indeed a need, for other players and for neutral we think is important and truly time or location sensitive.standards across platforms and devices. This is important becausebusinesses want utility – the ability to address the needs of all mobile So congratulations to Apple for something that looks great, is wellenabled customers, without the need to develop across multiple thought through, and has potential to do something really useful andplatforms, standards, or interfaces. And as consumers, none of us beneficial for consumers. But, as a consumer, I only want to use onewant to carry around two wallets, one for one set of stores and one for digital wallet. As a business, I want to deal with common standards andanother. platforms. And as a marketer, I don’t want to lose my ability to drive my own relationship with my customers. If Apple makes sure we canTo Apple’s credit, it has published the APIs and standards for the address all of these needs, we may well have a winner on our hands.Passbook to make it as accessible as possible and to encourageadoption. But having committed to Passbook, it is hard to imagine thatthey would then allow a platform neutral competitor onto their phonesor their App Store. Are we seeing the beginnings of an unhelpful formatwar, like HD DVDs and videotapes before that? Stephen HayThere are certainly attractions for consumer brands. Take airlines. Asia-Pacific Regional Director ICLP36 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 34. ChallengesPPC: E-COMMERCE:One of the biggest challenges that marketers face on the PPC model is The biggest challenge we’re facing to is to understand what are the needsincreasing the quality score of their creative which eventually decreases the of our customers when they visit to buy something. How do weCPC and also the CPA/CPL charges. differentiate our platform image with the various e-Commerce brands onKey priorities to overcome it are: the ground?• Concentrating on the content of the website. To overcome the challenges, we utilized the data from both web analytics and usability testing to better understand China market behaviors.• Matching the relevancy of the landing page to the creative lines. • The web analytics data gives us the insight of what’re the user types and their behaviors on the current web site and shows the trend of their shopping needs. Chandrakanth B. N. • The usability testing data combined with heuristic review highlighted Co-Founder and Managing Director the areas where we can improve based on the current online shopping experience, and how we can shorten up the customer journey. Theorem India • A marketing strategy balance between HP official store and the e-retailers is still essential for our China business based on the unique market behavior we observed.ANALYTICS: Jackey Wang1. The brief: Defining clear business and marketing objectives for China Country Manageranalytics - what is your end in mind? HPWork closely with clients (internal or external) to clarify businessobjectives, marketing objectives, key KPIs. IMPORTANT: prepare from thestart to deliver not only insights, but a plan for how insights can beauctioned to deliver value2. Data: Getting the right data together to achieve your objectivesClear briefing to IT on data attributes required for analysis, as well as SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT:secure transfer guidelines The key issue facing social media marketing is the search for industry3. Talent: Identifying, nurturing and keeping talent standards for ROI’s that resonate with marketers and senior management.Know the difference between types of analytics skills that match to your The solution is to get a common industry wide body to confirm and agreeneeds - not all are appropriate. Compensation, training, etc. certain standards.4. Going from offline analytics to online Hiring and training Barry Adams Sean Seah Regional Director Director of e-Commerce Partnerships and Alliances Asia Langham Hotels International Acxiom Corporation REMARKETING:SEO: The biggest challenges seem to be brand safety and fraud. Both are moreAs search engines continue to evolve and refine their methods - marketers or less solved with a whitelisting approach, which few different vendors aremust do the same. Achieving effective SEO requires constant effort, but already providing solutions for (Proximic, peer39, targetR, etc.).having an understanding of objectives and pairing them with the right Another big challenge is the culture. If it is wrong, it’s hard to get all thestrategy will pay dividends. stakeholders to play nice. But these are not just remarketing problems. It’s really important to understand that re-marketing is just a piece in a much bigger puzzle, one that offers new efficiencies, but also comes with a new level of threat. Glen Chu Co-Founder Digital Butter Mikko Kotila Founder and Chief Executive Officer Statsit 37
  • 35. ChallengesEMAIL OPTIMISATION: SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY:I would suggest 2, and they are linked. Initially relevancy. Ensuring I’m not sure a lot of people will like me saying this, but the keythat the marketer is engaging the customer to open and click through. challenge to a successful social media strategy are the words “social media.” People need to stop thinking about social media and think aboutSecondly, achieving good deliverability. This is linked to relevancy as communications and communities across every platform and how these willISP’s are now monitoring activity within the inbox. The customer action work together. Social media is nothing without people, without a cause, ain the inbox (ignoring, deleting, junking, clicking, opening a message) desire to listen, to engage. Everything starts from this point if you arewill give the ISP an indication of how the customer reacts to the to be successful.campaigns sent by a brand. And crucially this then alters the behavior ofthe ISP when the next campaign is sent by that brand to that customer. Social media can be the an important platform to your brand or message inSo brands need to be more relevant in the inbox to ensure that they terms of reach, but the words “social media” turn many off in thekeep getting delivered. business community. Either they don’t or won’t understand the power and changes that social media is having on our industry. But fundamentally, its only another tool, just like PR, press ads and TV. Nick Gold Vice President The key priority should be, “What do we want from our audience of consumers?” or “what are we trying to tell them / get them to do.” Start APAC there and move through your channels as one unit, absolutely powered by Emailvision social media. Sadly, many organisations jump on the agency hype machine of social media and forget where the priorities should be. Social media can’t change the world, but people who use it effectively can.SOCIAL MEDIA:Personally, I am still learning about launching campaigns and ideaswith legs that have longevity. Very often we see big campaigns go Ali Bullockviral, and a huge spike in sales/traffic, but how do we sustain that and Global Digital Marketing and Socialacross different markets - to generate the same kind of results and Media Veteranconversations say in Europe and China. Apart from time, research andcreativity, I think it’s still very much an arena that requires trial anderror, what do today’s fickle consumers want and how do we adapt thecampaigns across different markets to achieve the same ROI? CROSS BORDER SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Juliana Loh Social media for business, especially for large enterprises and Social Media Consultant organizations, is an area that is fraught with challenges. I see two JLOH Communications essential challenges. By far the biggest challenge that I see is 1. The lack of integration with social media in organizations today. Departments and teams within organizations must take the opportunity to plan together, to maximize return on investment and value for anDATA-DRIVEN CRM: organization in this space.There are four main challenges: 2. Short-term planning and the lack of skilled talent/ resources is the• Finding the skills and resources to get started - data planners, next big challenge that most organizations struggle with. Community analysts, data strategists are all in short supply. management is not the responsibility of the intern or most junior member• Finding, building and keeping data strategists. of a team. It requires knowledge and nuanced skill, as well as a degree• Building a data culture within the organization that values and of empowerment that many companies - especially large ones - need to respects the use of data to drive the customer relationship. recalibrate their thinking in order to offer employees.• Linking the analysis to strong commercial outputs that will drive So, the priority must be to forge integration between groups and between revenue performance or lead to a better customer experience. strategies, and better planning that delivers greater levels of empowerment to individuals on behalf of the brand. Stephen Hay Asia-Pacific Regional Director Zaheer Nooruddin ICLP Regional Director Digital & Social Media Burson-Marsteller38 THE ART OF DIGITAL MARKETING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
  • 36. GlossaryBelow you will find commonly-used terms that everysearch marketer should know. Keep this list handy!advertising network: A service where ads are spiders. All Google bots begin with “Googlebot”; (organic) search results. Most search ads arebought centrally through one company, and for example, Googlebot-Mobile: crawls pages for sold by the PPC model, where the advertiserdisplayed on multiple websites that contract Google’s mobile index; Googlebot-Image: crawls pays only when the user clicks on the ad or textwith that company for a share of revenue pages for Google’s image index. link.generated by ads served on their site. inbound link: An inbound link is a hyperlink search engine marketing (SEM): The processalgorithm: The technology that a search engine to a particular web page from an outside site, of building and marketing a site with the goal ofuses to deliver results to a query. Search engines bringing traffic to that web page. Inbound links improving its position in search engine results.utilize several algorithms in tandem to deliver are an important element that most search SEM includes both search engine optimizationa page of search results or keyword-targeted engine algorithms use to measure the popularity (SEO) and search advertising, or paid ads. of a web page. search engine optimization (SEO): The processanchor text: The clickable text part of a invisible web: A term that refers to the vast of making a site and its content highly relevanthyperlink. The text usually gives visitors or amount of information on the web that isn’t for both search engines and searchers. SEOsearch engines important information on what indexed by search engines. Coined in 1994 by Dr. includes technical tasks to make it easier forthe page being linked to is about. Jill Ellsworth. search engines to find and index a site for appropriate keywords, as well as marketing-click through rate (CTR): The rate (expressed in a keyword: A word or phrase entered into a search focused tasks to make a site more appealingpercentage) at which users click on an ad. This is engine in an effort to get the search engine to to users. Successful search marketing helps acalculated by dividing the total number of clicks return matching and relevant results. Many site gain top positioning for relevant words andby the total number of ad impressions. CTR is websites offer advertising targeted by keywords, important metric for Internet marketers to so an ad will only show when a specific keywordmeasure the performance of an ad campaign. is entered. search engine results pages (SERPs): The page searchers see after they’ve entered their querycontent network: A group of websites that link bait: Editorial content, often sensational in into the search box. This page lists several webagree to show ads on their site, served by an nature, posted on a web page and submitted to pages related to the searcher’s query, sortedad network, in exchange for a share of the social media sites in hopes of building inbound by relevance. Increasingly, search engines arerevenue generated by those ads. Examples links from other sites. Or, as Matt Cutts of returning blended search results, which includeinclude Google AdSense or the Yahoo Publisher Google says, “something interesting enough to images, videos, and results from specialtyNetwork. catch people’s attention.” databases on their SERPs.contextual advertising: Advertising that is link building: The process of getting quality social media: A category of sites based on usertargeted to a web page based on the page’s websites to link to your websites, in order to participation and user-generated content. Theycontent, keywords, or category. Ads in most improve search engine rankings. Link building include social networking sites like LinkedIn orcontent networks are targeted contextually. techniques can include buying links, reciprocal Facebook, social bookmarking sites like Del. linking, or entering barter arrangements., social news sites like Digg or Reddit, andcost per action (CPA): A form of advertising meta tags: Information placed in the HTML other sites that are centered on user interaction.where payment is dependent upon an action header of a web page, providing informationthat a user performs as a result of the ad. The that is not visible to browsers, but can be used spider: A search engine spider is a programaction could be making a purchase, signing up in varying degrees by search engines to index a that crawls the web, visiting web pages tofor a newsletter, or asking for a follow-up call. An page. Common meta tags used in search engine collect information to add to or update a searchadvertiser pays a set fee to the publisher based marketing are title, description, and keyword engine’s index. The major search engines onon the number of visitors who take action. Many tags. the web all have such a program, which is alsoaffiliate programs use the CPA model. known as a “crawler” or a “bot.” pay per click (PPC): See cost per click (CPC).cost per click (CPC): Also called pay-per-click title tag: An HTML meta tag with text describing(PPC). A performance-based advertising model quality score: A score assigned by search a specific web page. The title tag should containwhere the advertiser pays a set fee for every engines that is calculated by measuring an ad’s strategic keywords for the page, since manyclick on an ad. The majority of text ads sold by clickthrough rate, analyzing the relevance of the search engines pay special attention to the titlesearch engines are billed under the CPC model. landing page, and considering other factors used text when indexing pages. The title tag should to determine the quality of a site and reward also make sense to humans, since it is usuallycost per thousand (CPM): An ad model that those of higher quality with top placement the text link to the page displayed in searchcharges advertisers every time an ad is and lower bid requirements. Some factors that engine results.displayed to a user, whether the user clicks on make up a quality score are historical keywordthe ad or not. The fee is based on every 1,000 ad performance, the quality of an ad’s landing universal search: Also known as blended, orimpressions (M is the Roman numeral for 1,000). page, and other undisclosed attributes. All of federated search results, universal search pullsMost display ads, such as banner ads, are sold the major search engines now use some form of data from multiple databases to display on theby CPM. quality score in their search ad algorithm. same page. Results can include images, videos, and results from specialty databases like mapsgeo-targeting: Delivery of ads specific to the return on investment (ROI): The amount of and local information, product information, orgeographic location of the searcher. Geo- money an advertiser earns from their ads news stories.targeting allows the advertiser to specify compared to the amount of money the advertiserwhere ads will or won’t be shown based on the spends on their ads. web 2.0: A term that refers to a supposed secondsearcher’s location, enabling more localized and generation of Internet-based services. Thesepersonalized results. search advertising: Also called paid search. usually include tools that let people collaborate An advertiser bids for the chance to have their and share information online, such as socialGooglebot: Google uses several user-agents ad display when a user searches for a given networking sites, wikis, communication tools,to crawl and index content in the keyword. These are usually text ads, which are and engine. Googlebot describes all Google displayed above or to the right of the algorithmic 39
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