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Plugged is a strategic digital marketing agency focused on results. Our aim is to connect consumers with brands through content and performance marketing. Combining research and analysis with strategic consultancy, we help our clients harness their brand by developing an effective suite of marketing activity to maximise customer engagement and drive sales growth.

From developing ECRM strategies to creating effective brand partnerships, we've helped each and every one of our clients to become better connected with their customers. Plus we've got the results to prove it.

Plugged - A Content & Performance Marketing Company - Digital Agency London

  1. 1. Plugged
  5. 5. the challenge for brands is what toPRODUCING GRAPHICS, communicate andVIDEOS AND PHOTOGRAPHYTO CAPTURE AND ENGAGE how to scaleAUDIENCES engagement that converts to sales
  8. 8. PLUGGEDPlugged is a strategic digital marketing agency focused onresults. Our aim is to connect consumers with brandsthrough content and performance marketing. Combiningresearch and analysis with strategic consultancy, we helpour clients harness their brand by developing an effectivesuite of marketing activity to maximise customerengagement and drive sales growth.From developing ECRM strategies to creating effectivebrand partnerships, weve helped each and every one ofour clients to become better connected with theircustomers. Plus weve got the results to prove it.
  9. 9. WHAT WE DO ENGAGE Creating an audience CONVERT AMPLIFY Turning engagement into sales Spreading the message DATA Understanding the audience
  10. 10. ENGAGEDeveloping brands and building audiences via content,partnerships and promotions• Plugged helps brands create and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience• Keeping consumers engaged in an ongoing dialogue through the use of targeted ads, social media, blogs, articles, website development, community management and videos• From Facebook to Twitter and YouTube we communicate your brand’s story across a multitude of platforms
  11. 11. AMPLIFYCommunicating brand messages through targetedadvertising• Plugged helps brands to stand out from the noise by developing targeted advertising campaigns to deliver reach via: – Pay per click performance advertising using search – Affiliate programme strategy and management – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Partnerships and strategic business development
  12. 12. CONVERTCombining data with creativity to understand yourcustomer and turn attention into sales• Plugged helps to grow consumer data; analysing, segmenting and creating targeted email, social and mobile campaigns that convert to sales via: – Ecrm strategy – Direct response advertising – Data Analytics – Email campaigns
  13. 13. CLIENTS
  14. 14. PizzaExpress:- Partnerships- Promotions- Sales
  15. 15. PIZZAEXPRESSClaim your summer• PizzaExpress recognised that attracting consumer attention would be difficult amongst the myriad of events, campaigns and offers linked to London 2012.• Our challenge was to cut through the noise; communicating the Pizza In Style brand and ultimately driving restaurant covers.• We created a campaign inviting pizza lovers to Claim Your Summer by enjoying exclusive discounts on a range of aspirational experiences.
  16. 16. PIZZAEXPRESSClaim your summer
  17. 17. PIZZAEXPRESSClaim your summer• Plugged sourced a wide range of partners, whittling the list down to 12 to create an innovative reward platform. All customers who enjoyed a meal with Pizza Express between June and August were able to redeem their unique code for exclusive offers from leading brands such as Virgin Balloons, Orient Express, Go-Ape, Amazon, Penguin, Wiggle and National Rail.
  18. 18. PIZZAEXPRESSClaim your summer
  19. 19. PIZZAEXPRESSClaim your summer• The campaign was a huge success for both Pizza Express and their partners. Sales targets were exceeded by a campaign that reinforced the Pizza In Style brand message.•
  20. 20. Upfront:- Partnerships- Promotions- Strategic Consultancy- Online Marketing- Sales
  21. 21. UPFRONTConsultancy• Plugged provides online marketing consultancy to the UKs leading entertainment marketing agency, assisting with strategy, business development, promotions and partnerships.
  22. 22. Mercury Records- Email Marketing- Online Marketing- Design- Data
  23. 23. MERCURY RECORDSEmail and and data consultancy• The primary aim for this project was to improve both income from Mercury’s email marketing channel and to improve customer lifetime value by implementing more targeted and relevant email marketing that complements other comms and social media channels.
  24. 24. MERCURY RECORDSEmail and and data consultancy• Plugged was tasked with: – Building, analysing and segmenting Mercurys consumer database – Increasing and improving the use of direct consumer communication and engagement via email, social media, apps and any other new channels – Driving and tracking sales from communications to Mercurys Online store and retail partner sites – Increasing the lifetime value of each potential consumer – Increasing the use of ecrm tactics throughout the label – Driving e-commerce sales using affiliates and performance advertising such as search – Helping Mercury to become the leader in the use of innovative ecrm within UMG
  25. 25. MERCURY RECORDSEmail and and data consultancy
  26. 26. MERCURY RECORDSEmail and and data consultancy
  27. 27. MERCURY RECORDSEmail and and data consultancy
  28. 28. Movellas:- Business development- Online Marketing
  29. 29. MOVELLASPartnerships and business development• Movellas is a start up creative platform that allows users to create, discover and promote short stories.• Plugged has assisted Movellas in their launch strategy and is involved in sourcing partners to help raise awareness of the platform and to grow their app install base.
  30. 30. MOVELLASPartnerships and business development
  31. 31. Electronic Arts- Email Marketing- Online Marketing- Design- Data
  32. 32. ELECTRONIC ARTSEmail and and data pitch• Plugged pitched to develop an email marketing campaign, database strategy and creative design for a proposed campaign to promote Electronic Arts World Series Of Poker App.
  33. 33. Audiofuel- Strategic Consultancy- Online Marketing- Search advertising- Display advertising- Data- Ecrm- Sales
  34. 34. AUDIOFUELSearch and social advertising• Plugged provided search and social media advertising to drive sales for the running and triathlon music download platform, Audiofuel.• It was crucial that Plugged optimised the campaign to ensure that a positive return on advertising spend was achieved.• We developed advertising campaigns that targeted triathletes and cyclists across the world using banners and search ads on desktop, mobile, Facebook, Youtube and relevant websites.
  35. 35. AUDIOFUELSearch and social advertising• We were delighted to report that our ads were clicked over 30,000 times generating £2.35 for every £1 spent. –
  36. 36. AUDIOFUELSearch and social advertising
  37. 37. edapt- Strategic Consultancy- Online Marketing- Content Marketing- Brand development- Video
  38. 38. EDAPTBringing a new brand to life• As an innovative new service aiming to disrupt the education market with a new insurance policy for teachers, edapt had a big task on their hands.• Plugged was asked to assist edapt in developing their brand, communicating their offering and attracting members.
  39. 39. EDAPTBringing a new brand to life• Starting from scratch Pluggeds team needed to launch a new and unknown brand into the marketplace and overcome the following challenges: – teachers need to trust that edapt can offer them a reliable and trustworthy service. – how can edapt establish themselves as a credible alternative to the unions in a short space of time? – how can edapt acquire customers with limited above the line marketing budget?
  40. 40. EDAPTBringing a new brand to life• Pluggeds strategy was to develop a content platform within that engages the UK’s teachers and offers a credible alternative to the incumbent unions.• The content platform or theme would need to: – create awareness, intrigue and discussion – use content to get information seekers to engage with edapt and spread content virally – convert engaged users to paying members
  41. 41. EDAPTBringing a new brand to life• After much research, stakeholder interviews and internal debate we settled on developing a plethora of content under the umbrella of Helping teachers to teach. We aimed to harness the positivity of the teaching profession whilst developing an emotional response from teachers tiered of the negative tone adopted by the unions and the press.• Pluggeds team of strategists went on to help position the edapt brand and produce content production guidelines (tone of voice, terms to use and avoid, scale of neutrality), which helped to shape the blogs, articles and social media that would amplify edapts offering.
  42. 42. EDAPTBringing a new brand to life• To help launch our content marketing programme we produced a video that introduced the edapt offering. The video focused on teachers relaying their positive stories under the "Why I teach" theme, helping to creating awareness, intrigue and discussion with the aim of converting passive viewers to customers.
  43. 43. EDAPTBringing a new brand to life
  44. 44. EDAPTBringing a new brand to life
  45. 45. WHO WE ARE• Plugged was founded by a team of digital, performance advertising and design experts who have worked for some of the worlds biggest brands.• We have been building and engaging with brands, communities and employees for more than 10 years. Responsible for the marketing strategies, employer branding and advertising for leaders such as: Apple, MTV, Amazon, Selfridges, Universal, The Hut Group and Channel 4.• Plugged combines creativity with strategy to build and strengthen your brand using culturally relevant content.
  46. 46. GRANTAdvertising and partnerships• Having managed iTunes’ European Marketing for over 5 years, Grant has experience of using on and offline tactics to drive sales for the world’s most valuable brand.• An expert marketeer with experience in search, affiliates, social media, online advertising and strategic partnerships.
  47. 47. PETERPerformance advertising• Peter is an expert in driving e-commerce sales through search, display, Facebook and Twitter.• Peter has been successfully managing search advertising for iTunes for over 3 years.• To date Peter’s consultancy, Euromedia have referred 56 million clicks to iTunes and over $30 million in sales.• The company is one of iTunes’ top 5 affiliates in Europe and the US.• In a recent benchmark test between Euromedia and Apple’s advertising agency OMD, Euromedia outperformed the incumbent, generating 60% more sales and 122% more clicks from one of the first UK Google accounts to exceed the 3 million keyword limit
  48. 48. FAYEOperations• Fayes career to date has seen her run cost efficient and performance driven recruitment for the likes of MTV, Channel 4 and Selfridges.• Faye is highly analytical and uses her numeric skills to drive the performance of advertising and marketing activity and maximum return on investment.
  49. 49. LOTTYContent strategy and ecrm• Charlotte has over ten years experience in digital and offline marketing communications, both agency and client side.• As both a content strategist, project manager, ecrm expert and information architect Lotty has extensive experience in working on large digital projects and understands the complete website and brand development process well.
  50. 50. CONTACTIf you would like more information about how we can worktogether please email hello@plugged-brands.comor visit us at -
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