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ConvertPLC Digital MArketing Agency Ltd Presentation


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We are a full service internet marketing agency. We specialize in web development, inbound marketing, SEO and online advertising for small business

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ConvertPLC Digital MArketing Agency Ltd Presentation

  1. 1. A marketing agency with a global mind and a digital heart
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION THE INTERNET AND SEARCH ENGINES ARE FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING THE RULES OF BUSINESS. The most used and trusted source of commercial & business information: Find products or services, get references, read reviews, compare providers, or find alternatives. Search engines are more than just search tools: We educate ourselves, compare, evaluate and make choices based on how search engines index, prioritize and serve information. With almost 2 trillion searches per year and growing exponentially: Literary hundreds if not thousands of requests matching your services and target market are made every day.
  4. 4. WHO ARE OUR CLIENTS WE ENJOY MOSTLY WORKING WITH: Companies offering knowledge based products or services Where Authority, Branding & Status is significant to the purchase decision (corporate services, education, tourism etc) Companies targeting international clientele Services that show significant internet activity
  5. 5. WHO WE ARE WE ARE A MARKETING AGENCY WITH A GLOBAL MIND AND A DIGITAL HEART A team of marketers, designers, web developers, content professionals and search engine specialists who understand how the internet “thinks” and works. We have joined forces to create a full service Internet marketing agency that utilizes the massive power of the internet for the benefit of our clients.
  6. 6. AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION: User Interface, Effective Landing Pages, Call to Action Search, Display & S.M Advertising, Re-targeting campaigns Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Info graphics Explainer, Corporate, & Promotional Video Company spokesman Website SEO, Social Media SEO, Content SEO, Domain SEO, Back link SEO Website Text, Blogging, PR, Newsletters, Adv. Scripts, SM posts, Lang. translations Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, VKontakte, Stumble upon, Google+, etc Dynamic CMS, open source, responsive
  8. 8. OUR PROCESS SITUATION ANALYSIS SKILLS, RESOURCES & INFRASTRUCTURE TARGET MARKET LOCALIZATION INTERNALIZATION Situation Analysis is the MARKETING PLAN EXECUTION Distinctive Competencies process of: understanding the current position of the company and the main forces that Budgets Competition Situation Analysis influence internet competition. This stage is critical for designing an effective strategy Target Markets Objectives
  9. 9. OUR PROCESS SITUATION ANALYSIS SKILLS, RESOURCES & INFRASTRUCTURE Skills, Resources & Digital TARGET MARKET LOCALIZATION INTERNALIZATION Conversion Optimization expertise & software tools Website Design & Development MARKETING PLAN EXECUTION Social Media accounts & management Infrastructure required: for competing with success online Online Advertising material Skills, Resources & Digital Infrastructure Corporate Video Production SEO & SEM expertise and software tools Content Creation expertise
  10. 10. OUR PROCESS SITUATION ANALYSIS SKILLS, RESOURCES & INFRASTRUCTURE Internalization is the INTERNALIZATION User Interface / Experience adjustments TARGET MARKET LOCALIZATION Visual Characteristics process: of optimizing your MARKETING PLAN EXECUTION Selection of social networks, forums, directories etc digital strategy, digital infrastructure and operations Server specifications Business Internalization Language & Content adjustments for competing with success in an international market place Technical / code adjustments SEO Adjustments Search Engines, Keywords, etc
  11. 11. OUR PROCESS SITUATION ANALYSIS SKILLS, RESOURCES & INFRASTRUCTURE Localization is the process: of optimizing your digital strategy, INTERNALIZATION User Interface adjustments TARGET MARKET LOCALIZATION Language Translation on content material infrastructure and operations in improving efficiency in more targeted geographical locations (country, regions). Visual Modification s •More resources are assigned in markets Target Market Localization MARKETING PLAN EXECUTION Targeted search engine optimization New keyword strategy with greater potential. • Localization is critical for improving results Technical / adjustments Country or regional domains forums, directories Country or regional social networks,
  12. 12. OUR PROCESS SITUATION ANALYSIS SKILLS, RESOURCES & INFRASTRUCTURE Marketing plan execution is the INTERNALIZATION Forum Engagement TARGET MARKET LOCALIZATION Video marketing process of: organizing of the marketing plan in targeted campaigns. Execution of campaigns is directly Social Media advertising Marketing Plan Execution related to performance monitoring and monitoring and conversion optimization. MARKETING PLAN EXECUTION Publishing Content online Direct Marketing campaigns Display Advertising Search Engine Advertising Social Media Posting
  13. 13. OUR PROCESS.. IN PERSPECTIVE CREATING AN INTERNATIONAL INTERNET PROFIT CHANNEL Localization Internalization Distinctive Competencies Budgets Competition Target Markets Objectives Conversion Optimization Digital Strategy Brand Visual Communication Website Development Online Advertising Video Production Social Media SEO & SEM Content Marketing
  14. 14. WHAT WE BELIEVE IN? MARKETING IS ALL ABOUT RESULTS Generating quality leads and creating a powerful process to convert leads into loyal clients should be the foundation of your strategy and not just a part of it We live in a very competitive environment with zero tolerance for inefficiency. Every company’s top priority should therefore be the development of channels that generate quality leads, and the adoption of a powerful process that will convert those leads into loyal clients.
  15. 15. OUR CONCEPT ONLINE SUCCESS DOES NOT COME EASY We created a complete A-Z internet solution that provides a comprehensive package of what a company needs in order to successfully compete online. Why so many companies fail? To be successful in today’s complex and highly competitive online environment you need to take all the right steps, at the right time, in the right way. The biggest mistake most companies make is to consider each part of their online strategy separately and not as one integrated system of interrelated activities.
  16. 16. CENTRALIZING STRATEGY CENTRALIZING STRATEGY IS KEY TO SUCCESS The level of optimization and synergies between processes and activities will determine the level of success in regards to Key performing Indicators (KPI’s) and cost efficiency. A digital operation must be viewed as a factory where all machines must be optimized to work together to produce the desired final product. Centralization of strategy and marketing plan execution will : • Improve performance and • Minimize costs Decentralizing parts to different providers will create inefficiencies due to: • The complex behavioral pattern of a typical internet potential client • Digital activities can create synergies only if optimized and correctly integrated
  17. 17. KEY STAGES IN CREATING AN INTERNET PROFIT CHANNEL COMPANIES FACE 3 FUNDAMENTAL CHALLENGES WHEN ATTEMPTING TO CREATE AN ONLINE PROFIT CHANNEL. 01. How to appear in high positions the search results so that potential clients find them while searching the Internet 02. How to influence potential clients in viewing you as the right choice for them 03. How to turn visitors into business opportunities, qualified leads and clients. An effective strategy should include an action plan corresponding to each one of the three stages
  18. 18. OUR SOLUTION OUR INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY IS BASED ON A 4-CORE PROCCESS: We have integrated our specializations and expertise into a solution that maximizes your internet potential 01. GET FOUND 02. CONVINCE by potential clients while potential clients for being searching the Internet the most suitable choice for them. 03. CONVERT 04. GROW into business by establishing a strong opportunities, qualified relationship that will allow for leads and clients further cross-selling potential
  19. 19. OUR SOLUTION O1. GET FOUND Every day, thousands of prospective clients search online for the same products or services your company offers. If you don’t show up in their search, they won’t even know you exist. Take advantage of the massive power of the internet to attract more potential clients to your business.
  20. 20. OUR SOLUTION 02. CONVINCE The internet has become the most widely used and trusted source of information. What people read, see and hear on the internet is shaping their decisions. Create a convincing online presence that will win the hearts and minds of your potential clients by conveying, your authority, expertise and credibility; because if you don’t, a competitor will
  21. 21. OUR SOLUTION 02. CONVERT An online brochure is not enough. What your company needs is a powerful website that generates quality sales leads and converts them into clients. Our conversion optimization techniques will maximize your potential to create sales opportunities. This is the essence of a successful marketing strategy.
  22. 22. OUR SOLUTION 02. GROW A loyal client base is always more receptive to new offers and sales propositions. We can help you strengthen the bond with your clients and increase the potential for cross-selling or up-selling opportunities.
  23. 23. CONVERTPLC SOLUTION PROCESS INFOGRAPHIC GET FOUND Optimization to search engines CONVINCE Relevancy, Authority Distinctive competency & Trust CONVERT GROW Conversion Optimization Lead Nurturing, Cross Selling, Up Selling User Interface Web SEO Web Content Domain SEO Blogging Content SEO Social Proof Back Link SEO Third Party Reviews Social Media SEO User Interface Video & Info graphics User navigation Organic optimization Campaign Optimization Call to Action Landing Pages Lead Forms Newsletters, Social Engagement, Offers- Free samples Webinars Direct Marketing
  24. 24. IF YOU HIRED US TODAY.. WHAT WOULD YOU GET WITH A € 10,000 YEARLY BUDGET ? SEO WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Open source CMS, Full responsive design, Advanced user interface VIDEO PRODUCTION One corporate video up to 60 sec CONTENT MARKETING Content for website, Articles & Blogging Social Media Profile & Posting Website language Translation Keyword analysis & selection, Website SEO, Social Media SEO, Domain SEO, Content SEO, Back- link SEO Directory SEO CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION €800 IN PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS Hosting -12 months Domain Subscriptions Paid directories Organic performance optimization Advertising campaign optimizations Performance analytics SOCIAL MEDIA Creation of SM accounts as to internalization and localization requirements €2000 BUDGET FOR ADVERTISING Organize and execute campaigns (Search, Display, SM, Re-targeting )
  25. 25. WHAT MAKES US THE PERFECT BUSINESS PARTNER ? We don’t just tell you what to do- We do it and monitor the results. From strategy to development and marketing plan execution, to be with you 100%. We offer a single point of contact for everything you need in creating a successful online operation. Marketing strategists, web developers, SEM specialists, content marketing professionals, and animated video experts are at your disposal on a daily basis. We help you create a rewarding online presence with high ROI. We focus on results & KPI’s not development. We help you achieve results with small business budgets. Building your own in-house team extremely is costly. The same applies to expensive consultants that offer a one-off service.
  26. 26. SUMMARY WE CAN HELP YOU:  Generate new business opportunities from a new channel that works in parallel with the existing one.   Improve your sales efficiency in both new and traditional channels. Reinforce your brand identity, authority & status and make potential clients trust you with their business.  Break your boundaries and successfully target clientele that you cannot physically reach  Attract Potential Clients while in their purchasing mode: The greatest thing about internet marketing is that you do not go looking for clients, but clients in need of your products and services find you.  Shorten the gap with your larger rivals and compete in more equal terms.  Prepare for the future. The internet is dominating the business word and any company not following, will find it very difficult to remain competitive,
  28. 28. THE END – THANK YOU ONLINE SUCCES IS NOT A COINCIDENCE; IT’S A CONSEQUENCE So make sure you have A winning strategy Powerful infrastructure A dynamic process The right people