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Colling Media - Advanced Advertising Solutions

  1. 1. Advertising Solutions PRESENTED BY
  2. 2. About UsColling Media specializes in connecting our clients with the most effective media strategies. OUR MISSION Our mission is to increase client revenue through custom marketing solutions.
  3. 3. TelevisionTelevision and Cable networks represent an enormous potential in advertising if you canproperly navigate the variety of programming. At Colling Media, we maximize the value of your advertising campaign by identifying the niche markets that will help you thrive.
  4. 4. Radio Radio Broadcasting sources continue to change and evolve but its versatilityremains constant. The ability to advertise to large, specific audiences can be great for building product and service recognition.
  5. 5. OutdoorOutdoor advertising has always been a great method for establishing your brand. There are a variety of outdoor advertising options such as static billboards, electronic billboards, vehicles, and even projections onto buildings.
  6. 6. Driving New Traffic With Display AdsDisplay Advertising offers track able, interactive, rich media ads that can be delivered at scale tohighly targeted audiences. Colling Media uses some of the world’s best designers, most effective targeting solutions, and the most advanced media buying platforms to deliver our clients’ value propositions to their ideal customers across all of their online devices.Find the right person, at the right timeand the right place Your Value Proposition Your Ad Reminder Notification
  7. 7. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Colling Media helps increase client revenue through PPC by finding and managing 5 to 10 certified optimizers who compete to develop the best possible campaigns for our clients. Colling Media’s process of “Optimizer Matching” utilizes technology that ensures only the most qualified paid search experts are working on your campaign.Optimizers are paid only forperformance to ensure that theirgoals are aligned with the clients CPC CPATarget $2.00 $15.00Achieved $1.90 $14.00Difference $0.10 $1.00 Save time and money while your team of Google Certified OptimizersOptimizer $0.075 $0.75 find the best strategies for driving new business to your companyColling Media $0.025 $0.25
  8. 8. Display Network ReachUsing virtually every ad network, various demand side platforms, and manypublisher partnerships, Colling Media enables our clients to deliver their ads across 98% of the internet with unparalleled precision and efficiency.
  9. 9. Site Re-Marketing Most websites’ visitors will leave without making a purchase or even making it past the homepage. Colling Media’s clients can increase sales and conversion rates through Site Re-Marketing. Site Re-Marketing gives Colling Media’s clients the ability to deliver their ads directly to the people who have already expressed interest by visiting their site.“Bring Them Back” Your •  Awareness ad •  Credibility Your •  Interest ad •  Engagement •  Conversions •  Loyalty Your ad
  10. 10. Search Re-MarketingDeliver your ads to the people who have expressed interest in your product or service at the keywordlevel of intent with Search Re-Marketing. Leave your competitors behind on the Google Search page and deliver your messages and offers to your potential customers on the sites they like to visit. It’s Like Adwords… but with Branding •  Cheaper Cost Per Clicks •  Interactive Ads •  Competitor Keyword Bidding •  Extensive Reach •  Keyword level targeting
  11. 11. Content Re-Marketing Content Re-Marketing allows advertisers to place their ads on sites that have content related to your product or services. Targeting content online at the keyword level, not just broad categories, ensures that your ads are showing up in the right places while your audiences are actively engaged in the discovery/buying process. Related Content Your AdsSometimespeople skip Google, and maybe they don’t knowabout your company yet…But they don’t need to find you when you can find them!
  12. 12. Consumer Household re-MarketingTalk to your current leads and customer database through online display ads in the sameway you communicate with them through email and direct mail. Send your messaging to specific households, city blocks, zip codes, cities, states, or nation wide and make sure your audience sees your messages whether they’re offline or online. Find your customers Thank You online and keep your messaging strategy Your consistent across Message multiple channels Update Renew while reducing steps in the sales process.
  13. 13. E-mail Re-Marketing Increase sales and conversion rates by delivering ads to the people who open your email messages. Colling Media’s clients can also place their messages and offers within other publishers’ email campaigns for increased exposure. Your ad1. E-mail your subscribers 2. Serve your Display ads 3. Increase Sales
  14. 14. Mobile Websites Companies that do not have a mobile site are simply losing business to their competitors who are more accessible and easier to buy from.1.  Over 50% of your customers will search for you on a mobile device2. Increase Calls to your business3.  Increase Content Sharing4.  Make it easy for your customers to locate your store and get direction5.  Increase Reservations and other types of conversion rates
  15. 15. Mobile Search Re-Marketing In addition to leveraging Google and Publisher data, our partners power 70% of search technology and data across all mobile platforms. This allows us to hyper-target your core audience on the apps and devices that they like to use at the exact time and location that your messages are most relevant to them.95% of mobile users look up local businessesAs a result of the mobile search:61% Called the business59% Visited the business36% Made a purchase in store22% Made a purchase online
  16. 16. Mobile Network Reach Using Demand Side Platforms, Ad Networks, and Publishing partners, Colling Media can delivertargeted search and display ads across any device. Use over 30 consumer data points and search data to profile your ideal customer and deliver rich media, location-based, contextually relevant ads directly to them on the mobile websites and apps they like to use. 150 Million use Mobile Web 80 Million US consumers use apps 79% use mobile devices to shop 49% locate retailers after a search
  17. 17. Digital RadioDigital Radio combines the power of traditional media, such as radio and TV advertising, withthe tracking, targeting, and interactive capabilities of digital media. Unlike conventional radioadvertising, you can ensure your messages reach your target audience while they are listening. I Want To Target: •  80% Males •  20% Females •  Age 18-34 •  in Phoenix •  Country Music •  Mon – Fri •  6am – 8pm
  18. 18. Online Video Advertising Online advertising is no longer limited to static or animated banners. Colling Media enablesits clients to deliver video commercials at scale to their ideal customers on the sites they visit. 84% of internet users watch videos online •  Powerful Messaging •  Premium Inventory •  Engage Your Audience •  Extensive Reach •  Scalable Targeting •  Transparent Reporting
  19. 19. Social MediaSocial media is essential in today’s Marketing. We optimize and fully manage your social media channels to maximize your fan and brand engagement. ENGAGE with YOUR AUDIENCE Across all of your social channels •  Full-time Account Manager •  Increase Customer Service •  Build Trust and Loyalty •  Build Your Community •  Viral Content Distribution
  20. 20. Reputation ManagementProactively monitor the entire web for any positive or negative mentions of your company and respond immediately. Bad Reviews Can Be Good… Instantly Create: •  Trust •  Appreciation •  Credibility •  Engagement •  Approval
  21. 21. Conversion Rate Optimization One of the most critical and overlooked ways to increase bottom line revenue is through conversionrate optimization. Colling Media’s MECLABS certified optimizers can help businesses increase sales by implementing scientific “A/B Split” and “Multivariate” online testing procedures that identify and eliminate friction and anxiety throughout the entire online marketing-sales process. “There are no expert marketers. There are only experienced marketers and expert testers.” - Dr. Flint McGlaughlin 1. Define Goals 7. Learn and 2. Build 1st Adapt Page !  Increase traffic !  Increase customer engagement !  Reduce customer anxiety and bounce rates 6. Test 3. Drive !  Shorten the sales cycle Hypothesis Traffic !  Drive higher quality leads and conversions !  Maximize potential revenue 5. Create 4. Get !  Lower your CPA across all marketing channels Hypothesis Feedback
  22. 22. Contact Us 480-889-8944