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Digital Manufacturing Services & Capabilities

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  • Requirements gathering & analysis Design, Development & Testing of software applications for the specific project requirement
  • The UGS vision is to bridge these gaps by facilitating PLM integration via the Teamcenter Manufacturing Backbone. The backbone will act as a bridge in the current PLM gaps by enabling a collaborative environment with other PLM applications along with enterprise integration with business applications, such as ERP. By taking this path, the shop floor becomes an integral part of the PLM process and removes the barriers to achieving greater levels of innovation.
  • Digital Manufacturing

    1. 1. © Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    2. 2. Axcend is… “a global business entity focusing on enterprise manufacturing IT solutions…”  Global Business Entity Focusing on Manufacturing IT Domain  JV with a Leading North American IT Business Group - Acrodex  Amongst the first few globally, to have been benchmarked with CMMI Level 3 & ISO 9001:2000 for Industrial Automation, IT & their converging hybrid processes  Serving Clients Since 2001: 40+ Customers, 100+ Projects & 120+ Employees  Value Added Resellers for Leading Vendors  QAD - ERP Solutions  Siemens PLM - PLM, PDM & DM Solutions© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    3. 3. Global Delivery Model Axcend’s core competency in Industrial Automation & Software Solutions for the Manufacturing domain enable us to have a customized business delivery model Off-Shore On-Site Multi-Site Development Off-Shore Centre Customer Customer/Axcend Dedicated Shared Axcend Location Premises Premises Axcend Facility Facility Customer/AxcendProject Customer/Axcend Axcend Axcend Off-Site/AxcendTeam Dedicated to Dedicated to Dedicated to Multiple Allocation Customer Customer Customers Customer© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    4. 4. Industry Focus  Discrete Manufacturing • Automotive • FMCG • Engineering  Batch Processing • Food & Beverage • Pharmaceuticals  Continuous Processing • Petrochemicals • Oil & Gas  Utilities • Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution • Water & Waste Water  Independent Services Providers© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    5. 5. Automation Systems PLC / SCADA • Siemens • Allen Bradley • Rockwell PLM Technologies • GE Fanuc • NX, Solid Edge • ABB •Teamcenter Programming • CiTect • Plant Simulation Languages • Mitsubishi • FCAD • Ladder Logic • Honeywell • FFlow • SFC Databases • VIPA • mEngineering • FBD • Oracle • LabView • MS SQL Server • Schneider MES Integrated • MS Access • Wonderware • Tecnomatix Development Environment (IDE) Configuration • Visual Basic Management Tools • C, C++ • MS Visual SourceSafe • MS Visio© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    6. 6. Axcend Value Offerings We can support you in providing solutions in the following areas; PLM Solutions OEE & MES Solutions Development Support for Product Development Support Automation Systems Testing & Validation Services© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    7. 7. PLM Solutions OPEN Software Tools Mid-Market Portfolio© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    8. 8. PLM Solutions Teamcenter is the core enabler of a PLM centric solution that reconciles shop-floor events with business execution process.© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    9. 9. PLM Solutions  Factory Planning  Capacity Expansion & Validation  Capacity & Process Optimization  Improved Resources Utilization  Manufacturing Planning Improvements  Manufacturing Time & Cost Reductions  Process & Work Cell Simulation© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    10. 10. OEE & MES Solutions  AxOEE Solutions • Manual / Automated Data Collection • Plant Wide Connectivity • Downtime Analysis • Enterprise Connectivity (ERP/MES) • Time Line Event Viewer • Operator Asset Dashboard • Advanced Reporting Options with Graphical Representation  MES Solutions • WIP Tracking • Performance Metrics Management • Traceability & Product Genealogy • Production, Operations & Maintenance Scheduling • Third Party Integration & Web Connectivity© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    11. 11. Development Support for Automation Systems  Engineering Services for PLC/SCADA/DCS Programming  Automation Application Integration to third party products  Field implementation support for modifications in plant control hardware / software to suit the product schema© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    12. 12. Product Development Support  New Product Development HMI / MES Modules Programming Tools FDT / DTM Configurators  Product Re-Engineering Migration & Reverse Engineering© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    13. 13. Testing & Validation Services  Functionality & Regression Testing for Automation/Software Products  Platform Compliance Testing  Device Library & DTM Testing  Testing facilities for Control System Integration© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    14. 14. OEM Experience  Strategic Partnership with leading Automation OEMs  Few of the projects executed include;  Control Language Translator  Graphic Engine Migration  Device Integration Package  Device Type Manager  Regression Testing for Field Device Integrators  Asset Monitor Package  Localization of SCADA Portal  Testing & Validation of Energy Management Software  Enhancements of Configuration Tools for Industrial Communication  In-house System Process Validation for clients  Association for more than 4 years  Completed 400 man months of service© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    15. 15. Automation Case Studies Project Title Description Client & Place 3D Simulation Development of 3D Cell Simulation for plant Engineering MNC layout Energy Development & Implementation of an Energy Engineering MNC Management Management System System PLM Teamcenter Integration of external applications & Leading Software MNC Customization customization of Teamcenter using C++ & Java platform PLC Program Re-engineering & migration services for a set of Engineering MNC Migration processors from one platform to another Dynamometer Test Consultancy & development services for a test Leading OEM who make Rig Management rig system to implement a new technology called Special Purpose Machines System “Electrical Inertia Simulation” Alarm & Event Development of an Enterprise Historian Engineering MNC in the Management Power Distribution Sector Curing System for Development of SCADA based Automation MNC in Wind Energy Wind Blades System Sector HVAC System Development of a system with Multi vendor Engineering MNC connectivity© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    16. 16. Automation Case Studies Dynamometer Test Rig Management System Client Profile Industry: Automotive OEM in Machinery for Automotive Line Issues Faced by the Client The existing mechanical fixtures in dynamometer test rigs were cumbersome due to large size. Global competitors already had more sleek & technologically superior approach. Axcend Solution  An electrical simulation model with control & software application.  Development of Algorithms for electrical simulation  Compatible control software application for electrical simulation  Engineering design for instrumentation system & upgradation of the control system Business Benefits  Reduction in production cost of dynamometer  Stable control system and better operating facilities for the dynamometer  Easy in handling market competition© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    17. 17. Automation Case Studies Alarm & Event Management Client Profile Industry: Power A Leading Power Distribution Company Issues Faced by the Client Multiple information from the substation was in isolation. Node 1 Node 2 N The client intended to have an integrated approach for alarm management. Axcend Solution Redundant network of RTU’s onFiber MB300 Link  An integrated approach to provide Alarm & Event Management solution based on ABB – Enterprise Historian was architected  Centralized alarm & events station with capability to HMI HMI view multiple information 1 2 Alarms & Event Business Benefits Enterprise Historian  Data collection from multiple networks  Automated reports distribution Clients: Data Direct &  Provision of Historical & Real time trends Display Trends  Integration of plant data to SAP© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    18. 18. Automation Case Studies Energy Management System Client Profile Industry: Power Engineering MNC Issues Faced by the Client To design, develop & implement an EMS for their end client (cement plant). Axcend Solution  Configuration of Application logic in the Proprietary system for the Maximum load demand, Grid Control, Load /PF Control Trending, etc.  Development and Configuration of database of the Client’s Proprietary application at the plant, as per the end client requirements Business Benefits  Improved monitoring of real-time Energy parameters  Better control over Circuit Breakers© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    19. 19. Automation Case Studies Curing System For Wind Blades Client Profile Industry: Utilities MNC in Wind Energy Sector Issues Faced by the Client A major wind energy company was looking for an indigenous solution that replaced the imported PC based control system with frequent failures. Axcend Solution  Distributed I/O network using Profibus  SCADA with user friendly GUIs for monitoring, control & alarm annunciation  Support recipes that also allows manual setting of temperature set points for individual loops Business Benefits  Rugged & Scalable design  Real time monitoring & control of the process through “easy to operate” SCADA system© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    20. 20. Automation Case Studies PLC Program Migration Client Profile Industry: OEM Engineering MNC, Global Centre Issues Faced by the Client With technology becoming advanced everyday, replacement of the old systems becomes inevitable. The client intended to change their existing set of processors from one platform to the other with minimal changes in associated hardware/software systems. Axcend Solution  Migration of the functionalities from one platform to the other with little  Re-engineering, which had one-to-one logic mapping from GE Fanuc 90/30 to ABB’s 800M controller Business Benefits  Avoids the expense, downtime and lost production of implementing an entire new system  Experience in multiple platforms ensures easy migration© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    21. 21. Automation Case Studies SCADA Cell Monitoring System Client Profile Industry: Chemical MNC serving the Chemical Industry Issues Faced by the Client The end–user had a challenge with frequent short circuits of the anode & cathode during the electrolysis process. This process was for a copper purification line. Axcend Solution  Monitoring the electrolysis voltages of each cell to prevent short circuit  Real time client / server architecture Business Benefits  Prevented the total blackout of the system  Unparallel systems scalability  Increased data integrity & greater operator accountability  Reduced downtime of the process© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    22. 22. Team Profile  50 member team with average experience of 3+ years  Projects executed from Axcend as well as onsite  Expertise in software development for PLC/SCADA/HMI, MES & PLM technologies  Experienced in presales support, client interaction, etc© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions
    23. 23. THANK YOU..!© Axcend Automation & Software Solutions