Aspects of modern APM solutions


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Talk given at SIDN Netherlands about trends and aspects in Application Performance Management.

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Aspects of modern APM solutions

  1. 1. ASPECTS OF MODERN APM SOLUTIONSFabian Lange, Head of Competence Center Performancecodecentric AG
  2. 2. TODAYS CHALLENGES IN APM− Complex IT architecture− Technology mix− Large amount of IT infrastructure− Legacy does not go away− High rate of change− Multiple distributed development teams− Operations has little insightcodecentric AG
  3. 3. TYPICAL(?) APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE Amazon EC2 Public Cloud Tomca t Jboss MQ VMware Sprin Private Cloud g  Weblogi ccodecentric AG
  4. 4. APM NEEDS TO PROVIDE− Single point for application health monitoring − APM solution has to support most existing and future technologies − Including End User Monitoring   − High grade of automation − Deployment of the APM solution − Discovery of application architecture and code execution paths − Auto Configuration without expert knowledge − Change Adoption − Behavior learning− Meaningful data presentation − User view of transactions − How does the end user notice problems − Different views for various stakeholdercodecentric AG
  5. 5. APM NEEDS TO PROVIDE− Scalable solution that can monitor − Tenths, hundreds, thousands of machines − Millions and Billions of transactions per minute − Thousands of users− Tools to narrow down root causes − Operations needs to find the needle in the haystack − Provide detail level information to responsible development team− Tools to monitor the application − Health − Load and Trends − Aggregation and Reportingcodecentric AG
  6. 6. MAIN ASPECTcodecentric AG
  7. 7. MTTR – MEAN TIME TO REPAIR− Is there a problem? − Baselines provide realistic thresholds− Where is the problem? − Distributed transaction tracing helps locating the root cause − Often connected to responsible dev team− What is the problem? − Drill Down allows finding details − Code Execution − Environment Metrics − User Data− Improving MTTR is the main reason for APMcodecentric AG
  8. 8. SIDE ASPECTScodecentric AG
  9. 9. LOAD AND PERFORMANCE TESTS− Monitoring is more important than test − Reality is different from test environment − Not reproducable problems happen in reality− Testing allows early feedback − No real customers harmed − Early tests are an integral part of agile methodologies− APM Solutions should support Production as well as Test environmentscodecentric AG
  10. 10. EASE OF USE− No time for complex tool − Time savers cannot require extra time− Not everybody is a performance expert − Collect enough data to troubleshoot problems without knowledge − Provide certain degree of automatic problem resolution − Still some problems require performance know how− Apple raised the bar for everybodycodecentric AG
  11. 11. CHANGE− Business wants new functionality …− … and agile finally delivers− Application changes frequently …− … and with it its performance characteristics− Successful products create demand …− … which is often solved by adding resourcescodecentric AG
  12. 12. DEVOPS1. Application Complexity cannot be handled by Operations2. Operational Complexity is unknown to Developers− DevOps lets development and operations teams cooperate more closely − Developers learn how servers are set up and configured − Operations learn how applications are supposed to work − Developers learn the pain to be called during night − Operations learn development practices like test and version control− Major improvement for application− Development and Operations share responsibility for Applications − They need shared toolingcodecentric AG
  13. 13. CLOUD− Cloud aka Virtualization is nothing new− APM Solutions can provide extra value − Determining the correct sizing at any time − Automatically reconfigure the application by load pattern− APMaaS − APM solutions can leverage SaaS models − Low cost of ownership − Pay Per usecodecentric AG
  14. 14. SUMMARYcodecentric AG
  15. 15. SUMMARY− IT Applications change fast − APM Solution needs to adapt automatically − Support for multiple languages, frameworks and protocols− Operations need wide overview, but Developers need deep insight − An APM Solution has to provide both− Alerts need to be actionable − False alarms disturb − No red light should be ever ignored − APM solution should be able to alert the right thingcodecentric AG