Why advetisers turn to google


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Why advetisers turn to google

  1. 1. Unit 5 Individual Project 1Why Advertisers Turn To Google for Their Products and Services Victoria Rock American Intercontinental University Unit 5 Individual Project MKTG 205 – Principles of Marketing March 11, 2012
  2. 2. Unit 5 Individual Project 2 AbstractYou turn on your computer to go on the internet and if you don’t have your home page alreadyset to your favorite site you will usually see Google Search as the home page, Why?, Because itis the number one search engine on the internet today. For this and several other reasons we willdiscuss in this paper, you will see why advertisers turn to Google for their products and services.
  3. 3. Unit 5 Individual Project 3 Google’s Marketing MixIntroduction Google is the leading company in search engines and advertising on the internet. They offersoftware and telecommunication services and operates globally in many countries, catering toeach countries cultures and languages. They are always offering new and up-to-date servicesand its international and adaptable 4P’s marketing mix shows us why this company is sosuccessful on a global scale.Describe Main Line of Business of the Company Google is in the software and services industry. It maintains a number of web sites aswell as other content like the Google Chrome web browser, and provides information freely toanyone that has an internet connection. Their mission is to organize the world’s information andmake it available to everyone everywhere. (Google, Inc., 2012)Name Four Countries in which the Company Operates Although Google operates in many different countries their four main countries include;The United States, The United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Japan with each country having itsown Google websites in their language. (About Google, 2012)Implementation of Competition Google’s main competitors include search engines like Apple Safari, Microsoft’s Bing,Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves, with Safari, Bing, and Yahoo being their top competitors. Google stillmaintains its number one position and to do so they must constantly be improving their servicesand products. Google’s secret IT infrastructure is the main reason for its competitive advantage.(Google, Inc., 2012)
  4. 4. Unit 5 Individual Project 4Implementation of Target Market Google’s target markets are the global users of the internet as well as individual andorganizational advertisers. Goggle Ad Words is used by many advertisers worldwide to promotetheir services and products online. 99% of Google’s revenue comes from its advertisingprograms. (Google, Inc., 2012)Implementation of Product Strategy Google’s product strategy allows advertisers global and targeted exposure of theirproducts and services at an affordable price. Their information on the web is received fromwebmasters who provide the web pages and of which 450,000 is owned by Google. (Google,Inc., 2012)Implementation of Distribution Strategy Google’s secret IT structure, which it uses to distribute its products and services, allowsfor fast accessibility from just about any device, making it distribution the quickest, mostfunctional, and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. (About Google, 2012)Implementation of Communication Strategy Google’s communication strategy is through their website; www.google.com. As well asadvertising its products and services there. With there currently being no other substituteproducts for search engines, anyone with internet access can be communicated to throughGoogle. (About Google, 2012)Implementation of Pricing Strategy Google aims to offer advertisers the most user friendly and affordable advertisingprocess. Although their advertising services vary according to need, their prices are always
  5. 5. Unit 5 Individual Project 5affordable. Because of their ability to reach millions, it allows them to maintain cheaper prices,giving them a competitive edge over their competitors. (Google, Inc., 2012)Differences in Implementation: From One Country to Another Pricing, communication, distribution, and products are all managed according to theculture of the country that Google is in. For instance in the US, the 4P marketing mix is prettystraight forward and as stated as above while in Germany Google products refers users directlyto shopping pages due to the many online stores in Germany. The UAE, certain filters are inplace with Google to prevent users from searching adult material or sites related to crime. Andin Japan Google websites use a different language and typesetting to accommodate the Japaneselanguage. (About Google, 2012)Conclusion With the search industries slowing down advertisers are turning to social networks likeFacebook to get their products and services out to the public. Google is now moving into thisfield with Google+ and if they continue with their affordable prices they could possibly take thesocial network market as well. (HELFT, 2011)
  6. 6. Unit 5 Individual Project 6 ReferencesAbout Google. (2012, March). Retrieved from Google: http://www.google.com/about/Google, Inc. (2012). Retrieved from Hoovers: http://subscriber.hoovers.com.proxy.cecybrary.com/H/company360/overview.html?comp anyId=59101000000000Helft, M. &. Hempel, J. (2011). FACEBOOK VS. GOOGLE THE BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE OF THE WEB. Fortune vol. 164, issue 8, 114-124.