Cartes questions-5-pages-conversations-courantes


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Cartes questions-5-pages-conversations-courantes

  1. 1. Ace of spades Ace of hearts Ace of clubs Ace of diamondsDescribe your face. What did you have for What is your address If you could have a dinner last night? in English? new pet what would it be?King of spades King of hearts King of clubs King of diamondsDescribe your clothes. What did you have for What time do you If you had a million lunch today? usually get up? dollars what would you spend it on?Queen of spades Queen of hearts Queen of clubs Queen of diamondsDescribe your mother. What is your favourite Where did you go for If you could meet any sport? Why? your last holiday? person in the world who would it be and why?
  2. 2. Jack of spades Jack of hearts Jack of clubs Jack of diamondsDescribe your father. What did you do last Where were you born? If you could change night? something about your school what would it be?Ten of spades Ten of hearts Ten of clubs Ten of diamondsDescribe an apple. What type of music do Why are you studying If you had to live in you like? Why? English? another country which one would you choose , and why ?Nine of spades Nine of hearts Nine of clubs Nine of diamondsDescribe your What is your favourite Which do you prefer, If you could dobedroom. game? Why? summer or winter, and anything in the world why? what would you do?
  3. 3. Eight of spades Eight of hearts Eight of clubs Eight of diamondsDescribe your best What does your Which magazines do If you could speakfriend. mother do? you like to read? three languages well, what would they be? Seven of diamondsSeven of spades Seven of hearts Seven of clubs If you were rich, whatDescribe what you What does your father How many hours do would you do?had for breakfast do? you usually sleep attoday. night? Six of clubs Six of diamondsSix of spades Six of hearts Do you like shopping? If you had to spend aDescribe your English What is your favourite Why? day alone at home,teacher. lesson at school? what would you do? Why?
  4. 4. Five of spades Five of hearts Five of clubs Five of diamondsDescribe the What did you do last How often do you go If everyone in thedifference between a Sunday? to the cinema? world suddenlydog and a cat. disappeared, what would you do? Four of clubs Four of diamondsFour of spades Four of hearts What was the last If you could chooseDescribe a pencil. What is your favourite movie you saw? how old you were, how . television programme? What was it about ? old would you be and Why? why?Three of spades Three of hearts Three of clubs Three of diamondsDescribe your What would you do if Would you like to If you could choosefavourite hobby. you could do anything travel to other any meal you wanted, in the world? countries? Why? what would it be?
  5. 5. Two of diamondsTwo of spades Two of hearts Two of clubs If you found $100,000Describe this game What is the one thing How many friends what would you do? you would change have you got and who about yourself? are they? Materials required: One or two packs of playing cards and the questions sheet. Objectives: To get the student used to answering general questions at a level that resembles normal speech. To give the students conversational confidence. How to play: You distribute the cards among your students. If you have a large class use two packs of cards. The student answers the corresponding question to that card. The student is awarded 4 points for a complete answer, 3 points for a reasonable answer, 2 points for an incomplete answer, and 1 point for any answer at all. If your class is up to it, you can get them to award the points.