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Tap vs Bottled Water
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Tap vs Bottled Water


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. What you are about to discover may surprise you!
    If you don’t believe it; do your own research.
    There is plenty of information about this topic on the Internet.
  • 2. …that don’t know that truth about bottled water.
    Don’t be a fool. Learn the truth.
  • 3. What are the main concerns when comparing bottled water to filtered fountain water?
    Myth vs. Truth
  • 4. Taste
    Bottled water taste better
    When people are put in a blind taste test many can’t tell the difference and usually more people prefer the taste of tap water.
    If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.
  • 5. ISB Blind Taste Test
    We tested ISB students.
    Students had to choose which water tasted better: A or B.
    They didn’t know which was bottled water and which was ISB fountain water (filtered).
  • 6. Safety
    Some bottled water contains:
    bacterial contaminants
    industrial solvents
    chemicals from plastic (BPA)
    arsenic, a known carcinogen (cancer causing).
    Bottled water is MUCH less regulated for safety than tap water.
    Remember bottled water is made for profit; not safety.
    Bottled water is safer and healthier than tap water.
    Source: Bottled Water; Pure Drink or Pure Hype?, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • 7. True or False
    All bottled water comes from clean pristine rivers that flow down mountains.
  • 8. False
    40% of bottled water is actually tap water.
    Desani (from Coca Cola) Aquafina (from Pepsi)
    Both are tap water!!
  • 9. What about our water?
    ISB sells Crystal water.
    We called Crystal & asked a few questions.
    They use filtered tap water.
    That’s right, it is the same as ISB water, but you paid for the pretty bottle.
    So the bottle itself must be a good thing right?
  • 10. WRONG!!!
    The container (bottles) that we store the water in is actually not safe for us.
    Bisphenol A (BPA), found in many plastic bottles and water coolers contains estrogens.
    Estrogens are female hormones and has been linked to breast and ovarian cancers and childhood developmental problems.
    Phthalates, which are known to disrupt testosterone and other hormones, can leach into bottled water over time.
    ISB reusable bottles are BPA & Phthalates free.
  • 11. Environment:a nightmare from beginning to end
    Bottled water causes over 60 million plastic bottles to be produced, filled, transported and disposed of "every day" in America. That’s just in USA.
    Less than 20% of bottles get recycled.
    It takes 3 times as much water to produce the bottle as it does to fill it.
  • 12. Oil is used to make it & ship it. Most bottles never get recycled.
    Plastic takes over 300 years to degrade in nature.
    Plastic was invented 140 years ago and it is all still here, piling up in our landfills, oceans and communities.
  • 13. Cost
    1 Crystal each day
    For the year =
    3660 baht
    1 ISB bottle =
    350 baht
    183 school days / year
    20 baht/Crystal bottle
    20 x 183 = 3660
  • 14. Tap (filtered) vs. Bottle
    The price is worth it
    It’s not safer
    Not cleaner
    Has a gigantic negative environmental impact
    And doesn’t taste better.
    Yet, people spend about 500 times more for bottled water than they typically do for tap water.
  • 15. Water changes at ISB
    2 new water dispensers at the gym and cafeteria for you to refill your own water bottle.
    Bookstore sells water bag & bottles for 350 baht.
    Crystal water will double from 10 baht to 20 baht.
    Remember the fountain water is the same water, but free!
  • 16. Don’t be a fool…
    Do it for your taste buds,
    Do it for your health,
    Do it for your planet,
    Do it for your wallet…
    Say no to bottled water.
    Get a BPA free refillable bottle or bag
  • 17. Watch this movie